Gwint Fisher
RMAX International Head Coach,
TACFIT Director for North America.

Alaina Sawaya
TACFIT Team Leader,
Fitness Coach & Movement Specialist


FlowFit Workshop

FlowFit® is an approach of low impact and dynamic yoga based movements done in a fluid sequence with the goal of building muscle density with equal suppleness, while releasing tension and stimulating the central nervous system. Applicable to all fitness levels, experience, and vocational or athletic performance goals. In this workshop we will be conducting a rare and in depth look at why this approach is so beneficial to our physical fitness and its’ added benefits to the immune and lymphatic system and how it can add a new depth to one’s self care routine. Whether you are a martial artist, a student athlete, military or law enforcement, EMS, Firefighter, labor worker, or work in an office, this approach can be an asset to your quality of movement and quality of life. Our Body Is An Adaptive Organism… We adapt to all that we do AND what we do not do.
This includes habits, foods, work, and movement. The FlowFit system allows us a guideline of mapping out our individual tensions and movement restrictions, then how to release those movement locks. When this happens we can recover from the restrictions our muscles have adapted to from our hobbies, work, and day to day lives have manifested on to us. As we learn to move better we then proceed to live and express ourselves better. As TACFIT/CST creator, Scott B. Sonnon, always says,
“Only better is better.”

TACFIT Bodyweight Workshop

TACFIT® was originally released as a portable bodyweight exercise program that uses intense, fast paced circuits, tactically-specific movements, and a training wave that synchs up with the body’s natural energy and recovery patterns. It only takes 20 minutes to complete a workout, yet each session is packed with an intensity level most athletes don’t tap in an hour. It’s the ideal portable fitness solution for busy people on the go. The TACFIT Bodyweight Workshop is a unique opportunity to study deeper the intricacies that make the TACFIT system of training so effective. Using just your bodyweight, we will demonstrate in application how to build explosive 3 dimensional power. Mainstream exercise likes to promote linear movement and isolated muscle training; TACFIT breaks those norms by training all 6 Degrees of Freedom. Over the years, TACFIT has distinguished itself due to its intelligent design. Progressions and Regressions are built into each exercise, so you are always ready to train at your appropriate level. The TACFIT bodyweight workshop will show you how to craft your very own TACFIT bodyweight workout depending on your own physical capabilities and current restrictions. And as always, TACFIT’s ultimate purpose is to help you recover from stress, (physical, occupational, or mental) and be better prepared than the challenges you face. You do not want to miss this event! Build Strength and ballistic in 3 dimension with your own bodyweight!

TACFIT Tools Workshop

TACFIT utilizes a range of different tools such as Clubbells®, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, sandbags, parallettes, & medicine balls. One of the core principles of ‘tactical,’ objective based, training is developing and refining skills that can translate to whatever the person chooses. To build these skills a person must become adept in their own body movement and control, only then can these skills can be translated to a tool. For if a skill cannot be translated at the will of the operator or athlete then what is its function? The goal of the TACFIT system is to develop a full command of the body in all 6 of the bodies’ ranges of motion, developing power through all these ranges, building endurance to maintain through the workout, and – MOST IMPORTANTLY – teach the person how to recover throughout the workout itself as to greater increase their performance output and recovery time. TACFIT truly is a beautiful design of performance, stress recovery, self-improvement, and movement enhancement. Attendees will be taken through an in depth experience of the genius of TACFIT workout protocol principles as they are applied to fitness tools (specifically the clubbell and the parallettes) and how they can expand one’s health and physical fitness potential. The whole workout and experience will be broken down for anyone at ANY level of fitness! At the end of the workshop participants will be well versed in body movement patterns, with and without a tool, that both enrich their range of motion control, increase strength, and make new self-discoveries on how to greater deepen their physical fitness practice. Athletes will experience, that with improved technique & greater recovery, they will uncover greater performance results; AS WE MOVE BETTER – WE LIVE BETTER.

July 28-29, 2018

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

September 14-15, 2018

Greenville, South Carolina, USA

October 26-27, 2018

Paducah, Kentucky, USA