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Beginner's Guide

Where to Begin?

Hello Friends,

We want to welcome you to our global peak performance community of teachers and students daring to "know, grow and flow" in our lives, individually and collectively. We are honored you have entrusted us in your fitness journey.

Over the years as a production company and as pioneers in health-first fitness, RMAX International has produced and subsequently released dozens upon dozens of top-rated fitness programs in formats ranging from Books, DVDs, digital products, and more. Did we mention that we are the official producers and distributors of our legendary “Clubbell” training tool?

With so many different product options, we have designed a brief starter guide so you can find the program right for you. From restoring mobility to building muscle mass, let one of our world-renown programs help you achieve your fitness goal today!

The information in the section below will cover just the basics on how to get started. If you would like to learn more about any of these areas of training, we encourage you to return to our homepage and click on the appropriate training icon.

Clubbell Strength Training

Unlike conventional weight-lifting, where you must increase the weight lifted, the Clubbell® is swung. Swinging weight increases torque. Increasing torque increases force production. Conventional weight lifting is restricted to linear increases of force by simply adding weight. Clubbell® training increases force exponentially: swinging them twice as fast produces four times the torque. Superior force production means superior strength conditioning in a fraction of the time and without the litany of injuries associated with conventional weight training. We call it the “Ancient Tool for the Modern Athlete”

For more information about Clubbells including history, mechanics, and the complete list of benefits from training, please visit www.Clubbell.tv

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Want to learn more about our Clubbell Training certifications? Please Visit Our Events Page

Tactical Fitness

TACFIT® is a strategically-precise fitness system designed to provide fast recovery from exercise intensity. TACFIT helps anyone access their innate fitness potential, by restoring their function in reality-based, practical movement: the way your body was designed and has evolved to freely move without pain. Instead of the conventional “boot camp” mentality, which emphasizes unnecessarily long aerobic work, TACFIT is 20 minutes of safely intense exercise (preceded by target specific warm-up exercises and followed by customized compensatory cool-down exercises).

TACFIT cascades the entire waterfall of physical attributes: functional stamina, complete range of motion strength, three-dimensional movement potential, multi-modal agility and coordination, compensation for occupational and lifestyle repetitive actions and positions, and an integrated active recovery and prehabilitation. It offers a variable, customizable, incremental path of progress, while offering mental alertness, clarity and concentration, with emotional control and the ability to restore calm chemistry after intense physical exertion.

To become more familiar with TACFIT or to join our global Legion, please visit the TACFIT Academy Home Page

We also have a complete suite of TACFIT training products specific to some of the most popular training modalities including Clubbells, Kettlebells, MedBalls and more. Did we mention we also have some of the most effective bodyweight only training programs on the market? Visit the TACFIT products page for more info.

Mobility Training

Flow measures fitness as the ability to move through multiple planes of motion with decreased total effort (called “selective tension”) and with greater ease and more imagination. Flow exemplifies “health-first” fitness. It encompasses the full range of human movement, incorporating intuitive awareness, integrating structural alignment, synchronizing breath and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom. Flow is a central component to all of our training programs and principles. We teach you how to access Flow in your fitness, and throughout your life.

To learn more about Flow, we invite you to browse our Flow Home Page

Ready to start moving pain-free in just minutes a day? Check out our best-selling Intu-Flow joint mobility program systematically designed for restoring and enhancing joint mobility.

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Prasara Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning "Flow without Thought." Man's natural state of peak performance is one of relaxation and spontaneity beyond the influence of ego and fear-reactivity. Described by some as "what yoga is supposed to be", this program moves beyond set patterns and static poses to transform the practitioner into a physical artist recreating one's self with each movement.

Want to know more about what makes Prasara Yoga so unique? Please visit the Prasara Yoga Home Page for details.

Clubbell Yoga

The Clubbell Yoga practice is a modern expression of the union of two very effective ancient systems, eastern Club swinging and Hatha Yoga. Yoga means many different things to many different people, and many ‘yogis’ follow a specific lineage that resonates with them. We recognize that Yoga can be a spiritual practice, it can be a devotional practice, and it can be a physical practice that leads to other intellectual studies. Clubbell Yoga is a practice of strength and intelligent movement. It is non dogmatic, but open to interpretations that arise from reaching the flow state. It is grounded in precision, anatomical alignment and breath. The practice itself is empowering, graceful and challenging

For more on how to get started with Clubbell Yoga, please visit the Clubbell Yoga Home Page