Who is Gwint Fisher?

My journey started in December of 1984 in the town of Kona, Hawaii. I moved to the mainland after my parents divorced when I was very young, so although island born I am California bred. My mother's family is from a small town in the Central Valley and my father's from the inner city of Los Angeles, which means I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the two. My parents' cultures were a world apart. My mother is Hispanic with a catholic background and my father African American with a Christian Baptist background. On top of that they both re-married when I was 8 years old to individuals of their same ethnic background and started new families. This dynamic required me to learn how to adapt to change at a very young age, a theme that has resonated throughout my entire life. My experience as a youth was the perfect storm to instill the resilience, persistence and discipline that has advanced me to this position as an adult

I played various sports in my youth, from boxing and gymnastics to American football and track. When I reached college all of that came to a halt, I had to work to pay for my education. I got back into training when I was 20 years old (and shortly after started working as a trainer) through the vehicle of mixed martial arts as well as applying all of the strength training methods I was learning in school. My major was Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science. We learned about how to induce an exercise bout and how the body responded to the provided stimulus, but in hindsight one major topic was not expanded upon nearly enough; how to actively recover from exercise. I did not understand this until after I graduated and my studies were more self-guided. Trial and error guided my path and I had to find out the hard way how important active recovery was after the cumulative effect of injury wreaked havoc on my body... A lesson I wish to impart upon fitness enthusiast and professionals alike.

Gwint Fisher, MS, CSCS
RMAX International Head Coach
TACFIT Director for North America


Flow involves coordination, motor control, essential synergy, proprioceptive awareness, agility, balance, accuracy, timing, rhythm and sensitivity. Flow measures fitness as the ability to recruit multi-joint efficiency to move through multiple planes of motion with decreased total effort (called “selective tension”) and with greater ease and more imagination.

Flow exemplifies “health-first” fitness. It encompasses the full range of human movement, incorporating intuitive awareness, integrating structural alignment, synchronizing breath and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom.

Flow not only opens the body in all of its potential, it challenges the entire system until you reach the pivotal internal event which unlocks flow. Using the Intuitive Training Principle, with less than an hour movement, you can create the biochemical environment to increase not only your fitness, but your health and wellness as well.

Flow takes you beyond merely building muscle and burning fat. It teaches you how to access Flow in your fitness, and throughout your life.

As a result, this is not a conventional exercise system. Our ability to move through all of the six degrees of freedom in an integrated, efficient manner is mandatory for our health.

Flow enables participation when we are new to exercise, when we are post- rehabilitation and even if we have physical and learning “disabilities.” There is an exercise option and flow sequence available for any fitness level and physical capacity.

Because Flow addresses each of the six degrees of freedom, amazing results happen physically by practicing the program. We only need to tap into our movement to unlock these benefits.

But the movements aren’t the point. It’s not being able to move, but rather how we perceive our movement, how we send our awareness to the internal experience of our breath, structure and movement.It is the internal experience of integrating breath, structure and movement which enables you to tap into this biochemical event which psychologists call the state of “Flow.”

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