"All I can say is this: Bingo. After your clinic, I remember thinking that I wished I'd taken more notes on some of the more tailor-made prehab/mobility exercises that you had us doing after we gave you that brief demo on how our working conditions are set up. This program is exactly what I was looking for, not only to shore up my deficiencies, but also to pass on to some of the guys I was working with in the month after the seminar.

Thanks for not just preaching fitness dogma, but passing on accessible, adjustable concepts that we're already tweaking to fit our skill development needs, and that I'm using to structure a train-up in a way that, to my knowledge, hasn't been tried before. Thanks for listening to our feedback and not just delivering a pre-packaged presentation. Most of all, thanks for your generosity in providing your time and resources to us in a country where "We support our troops," is used more often to sell used cars than it is put into real practice.

I look forward to working with you in the future. As soon as we pay you back for what you've done in the past, that is. "

Joey H.
NREMT-P, FP-C, Advanced Tactical Practitioner
U.S. Army

"Coach Sonnon is a true friend and mentor. I've had the pleasure of observing Scott teaching at several law enforcement agencies that have implemented his program(s) into their training curriculum. Recuper8 was born from Coach Sonnon's body of work over the years. The law enforcement profession can have devastating physiological effects. Coach Sonnon understands that and continues to provide us with programs engineered to keep us in service."

Det. M. Rivera
NYC Police Dept.

"It has been nearly 8 years since I had the great fortune of meeting Scott Sonnon. The knowledge I have gained through his coaching and mentorship has changed my life. I have learned how to “listen to my body”, and I now realize that the single most important component of any physical training program is recovery. Without proper recovery, we will never reach our full performance potential, we will constantly feel beat up and broken down, and we will succumb to injuries that will keep us from reaching our health and performance goals. I no longer feel compelled to “power through” pain and injury and I am in the best shape of my life at age 40.

I recently received Coach Sonnon’s “RECUPER8” program that he created specifically for Emergency Responders. This is a comprehensive mobility and recovery session that will provide tremendous benefit to all firefighters no matter what physical training program you are following right now. There are so many ways to incorporate this program into your daily life. You might use it as a self-assessment tool to find limitations in your movement, it can be used each day as a comprehensive warm-up, or you might spend a little more time with it on a dedicated recovery day. Take advantage of this program that is available to you. Make proper recovery a priority in your training and you will be amazed at the improvements in your health and performance."

Ryan Provencher
Fire Captain

"Recuper8 is exactly what we need. Some of our units have very high rates of non-deployable solders due to orthopedic issues from multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks so much. While you were in South Africa I have been working on getting a tactical fitness conference organized to bring together our State Surgeon, Behavioral Health Officer, Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Specialist, Senior Combatives Instructors, senior NCOs from the field units, representatives from our Army and Air Special Operations units, and the joint WMD Civil Support Teams. I tell you this in thanks for all you have inspired for me these last two years, and to keep me accountable in pulling this off!"

LTC Daniel Markert

"By virtue of his limitless dedication, years of research and vast experience, Scott Sonnon has created a system like none other that is targeted on the specific occupational requirements of tactical operators. His programs perfectly address the real physical training needs for soldiers to be fully mission capable both in garrison and deployed. This is cutting edge exercise technology that will enhance the performance level of any unit to its maximum potential."

Jeffry C. Larson, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army

"Our agency has had the pleasure of hosting Scott Sonnon for a training seminar for SWAT Operators, Master Defensive Tactics Instructors, Firearms Instructors and Tactical Trackers. Every specialty present was amazed at the depth of understanding Coach Sonnon displayed regarding what is required of a modern law enforcement professional.

His Recuper8 program is further proof of his knowledge regarding what our officers need. He's not trying to kick our ass, or kiss our ass. This program is about saving our asses, and shows his depth of understanding of what really takes our officers out of action; back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and bad ankles. In short, lack of mobility.

Nobody cares how much an officer can bench or deadlift, if he's out injured on the day we really needed him with us. Many programs are trying to rush us into 60 or 90 days of excessive training. For what? We don't have a "Season" we need to "peak" for; we have a career that requires we be fit to serve every hour of every day. Coach Sonnon is one of the very few trainers who not only understands that, but has pioneered programs that allow us to train forever, making constant progress while retaining our health as we age. As a 47 year old cop with 25 years on the street, and a few decades left in me, training smart has become critical to remain ready to serve, and to undo decades worth of damage from training "Hard".

Coach Sonnon correctly notes that we have a duty not only to make sure our officers stay alive, but that they have quality lives. When my officers retire, I want them to be able to move, and enjoy their retirements; not sit in a nursing home. My officers deserve that, and this program is a gift for all of us, from someone who actually cares."

Chief Mike Lasnier, Suquamish Police Department



Hello, my name is Scott Sonnon, and welcome to Recuper8.

Ten years ago the US Government requested that I travel the country providing training for state and local law enforcement personal sent to our tactical fitness workshops. At these workshops, there was a consistent array of pains and injuries that were prohibiting their access to performing one repetition of the exercise skill with good form.

A consistent set of pains and injuries that would not allow them to create safe structural platforms to deliver and absorb force.

This also translates over to the occupational skills of tactical response. If you have pains and injuries that don’t allow you to express the physical skills or access the tools and communication of your occupation - then you have a severe detriment.

Recuper8 inadvertently developed from collecting the biggest bank for your buck, exercises that would restore mobility to the frozen section that pain and injury had pulled away from your access.

This seems like a wellness program, but it’s much more than that.

As mobility is lost in a particular area of the body, it forces stabilized areas to destabilize, such as your lower back, such as your shoulder, such as your knee, and your elbow, high-problem areas for tactical response.

I had to restore mobility to all our participants, so that the pains and injuries would not be exacerbated, and that’s what most fitness programs are currently doing. It’s reinforcing dysfunction; they’re reinforcing mal-adaptation from occupational overuse. Not just misuse, not abuse, but overuse.

If you were wearing body armor, heavy vest, if you’re in 60 pounds of gear with a backpack and helmet, boots, restrictive clothing, and then are forced to sit for several hours, and then suddenly have to move at a 100 miles an hour. You will become shaped by what you do the most, and when you are needed for fast response.

Then that shape will restrict you from accessing the skills that you have come to rely upon so greatly. So if you are sitting in a car, and you are wearing armor, and you are driving, so that head, which is 1/7 of your bodyweight starts to slant forward, your shoulder start to roll forward, your tailbone start to tuck, your knees start to rotate outward. All of that creates structural dysfunction, which will lead to pains and injuries. And here is why.

That's because all of those stiff areas that had become immobilized force other areas to destabilize, and those areas we don't want to move. Those are the ones that cause us aches, and pains. Recuperating means we are restricting mobility to the areas that are stiff, so that the areas that are supposed to stabilize can return to their nature stabilized function. And that gives us the platform. Not just for tactical fitness, not just for being able to perform exercises, it's for being able to perform any skill. Occupational skills require areas to be mobile. Otherwise, it forces us to move areas intended to be stable, like our lower back.

That's why we have such a rush of common injuries that are expressed throughout tactical response, regardless of whether it's law enforcement, military, or fire rescue.

So Recuper8 naturally evolved from me trying to give to all my participants, to all my students at every workshop, regardless of their occupational background as tactical responders, access to the skills in the workshops, and access to the skills on the job,

I wanted to give this, naturally evolved program, organically evolved from me traveling the country, providing these workshops, access to everyone, aces to You. You do too much for us already, and frankly, you need to start expressing the duty that you commit to us to yourself. The reason that I want to give this program away for free, and the reason RMAX is so committed to our tactical responders, is we recognize how much you sacrifice, we recognize how much your families have to sacrifice in your quality of life. And there is the way for us to give back to you. I feel a great moral imperative to provide this program to as many people as you can reach. I want you to feel free to share it with whomever you can. I know for a fact, this will work. I also know you don't need to live in pain. You don't need to accept that it's going to feel like this forever, and it won't. You can suck it up, and I get it.

I honor you for being willing to push through it.

But this program will make this unnecessary. Initially it's going to be uncomfortable, and I want you to push into the pain, and I want you to be uncomfortable, to fight that pain. Take your time with the program. In 2 to 3 weeks, of practicing this just once every morning for a few minutes you will restore the quality of life that you deserve. You will unburden your nervous system, so that your joints that are intended to be mobile restore their mobility; that joints that are intended to be stable no longer hurt, and become injured.

Give yourself the same patience and compassion that you would all of us whom you've served. Thank you for everything that you've been doing for us.

I hope that we can do more for you in the future. Please stay in touch. Share this program as widely as possible.

Thank you.

Scott, Sonnon,
Chief Operations Officer

"Master Scott Sonnon, thank you for the honor of an amazing and unforgettable seminar for all of the fighters in our unit."

Major Bashan, Senior Instructor of Hand to Hand Combat, LOTAR Israeli Counter-Terrorism School, Tel Aviv, Israel

Over 20 years of growth, RMAX International has attracted an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life, and 68 countries around the world. Each day, we co-create this community of "give support - get support", where all members actively participate in our collective evolution and individual empowerment, led by our health-first fitness flagships : TACFIT® (Tactical Fitness) and The Circular Strength Training System®. RMAX International evolved from this tribal "give and let give" mentality. 

Scott Sonnon was voted one of The Six Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century by Black Belt Magazine in 2010. Men’s Fitness Magazine featured Scott, in its November 2011 issue, amongst the World’s Top 25 trainers. 

Scott Sonnon’s world-famous Circular Strength Training® System was voted the 
#1 Best Fitness System of 2008 by Cleo Magazine, and “Most Challenging Workout of 2007″ by the New York Post and TACFIT® was named “World's Smartest Workout″ by Men's Health Magazine!

Besides thousands of his students, Scott Sonnon has taught his courses to:

* US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine

* US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

* US 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

* New York Police Department NYPD Academy

*United States Marshals Service Basic Academy

*US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center

* LOTAR Counter-Terrorism School, Mitkan Adam IDF, Israel

*Italian Gruppo Intervento Speciale (GIS) Training Academy

*Italian 1st Regiment Carabinieri "Tuscania" Special Forces Unit


Recuper8 developed organically from Scott Sonnon teaching fire rescue departments, law enforcement agencies and military units. He found a consistent pattern of injuries, pains and immobilities that restricted each of them from "entering" exercise safely, from improving their intensity, and from recovering quickly from occupational demands.

After two years of teaching for the US federal government, Scott had distilled this program down to a precise target on how to restore mobility and prevent pains and injuries that high stress jobs, which firefighting, police and military obviously incur.

Not only does this address the 3% of combative and traumatic damage of their vocations, and help absorb the 17% of the time when the hormonal system remains vigilant of impending crises, but more importantly the 80% of the job when they are forced into confined positions, such as chairs, cars, trucks, and planes, while carrying ergonomically inefficient loads of equipment, causing postural distortions and restrictions which cause most pains and injuries.

Pain Free Mobility Ebook and RESET video program are not parts of the Recuper8 program. However, we decided to offer these programs to you as very effective, and time-proved training tools to complement the Recuper8 program. Study and use them well!

Get Free to Move in only 8 minutes! In this 21 pages ebook you will find photos and descriptions of special mobility drills and exercises from the Intu-Flow® Longevity System to make your neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, mid-back, ribcage, pelvis, lower back, heeps, knees, and ankles free to move.

The Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement Technique (RESET) produces immediate, proven results, and with 2-4 months of consistent practice those results appear to be ongoing and permanent.

Through Coach Sonnon’s signature blend of performance breathing exercises, solo vibration drills and low-tech biofeedback, RESET improves athletic:
• Economy: less total energy expended
• Efficiency: more utility from total energy expended
• Energy: by releasing unnecessary expenditures
Coach Sonnon has such confidence in this trademarked “RESET Button” that he created for his athletes because they have had a 100% success rate in applying it in the real-world. In this program, he’s making this Amazing Technique available to the public for the first time.

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