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Original Mobility Ring

The Original Mobility Ring

is for basic level use, and for preventative measures; choose it if you’re a beginner, so the smooth surface can be gentle on dense tissue, and so you can also regularly stay ahead of the development of issues. If you regularly use the Mobility Ring, you can use it’s smooth surface as a self-diagnostic to make certain you’ve released excess tone before it becomes leathery.

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Weighted Mobility Ring

Weighted Mobility Ring (10lbs)

The Weighted Mobility Ring is an intermediate level ring designed for improving the structural integration of restores range of motion through resistance training. The beginning model weighs 10lbs and comes in the same dimensions as the Original Mobility Ring.

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The Rumble Ring

The Rumble Ring&trade

is for intermediate use. The knobs allow you to navigate uneven parts of your arms without grinding bones or sensitive areas. It will give you deeper tissue kneading, so choose it if you have experience with the Mobility Ring movements, and you’re ready to be able to use the knobs like thumbs in self-massage.

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The Thera Ring

The Thera Ring&trade

is for more advanced use. You need to know the movements in the Mobility Ring, and be aware of how to properly apply pressure to specific areas called trigger points. The hard, rope-like or knotted bands of muscle on your arms can be targeted with the “beads” of the Thera Ring, but require that you know how to move into and out of the position, that you know how to properly exhale, and you know how to apply appropriate pressure.

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