Fear in any part of your body Immobilizes it

October 5, 2015 – 10:01 am
Fear in any part of your body immobilizes it. The opposite frees it: faith. Your body evolved to become sympathetically alarmed, chemically charged and mechanically tense to protect anything you perceive is endangered. Unfortunately, the antidote to immobility is a poison to the fear. Moving an area you fear will be hurt again causes bracing and reactivity; inhaling and holding your breath and reflexively resisting the motion to avoid pain. It is the fear-reactivity which causes the injury. So, to move an area, you must begin with faith in your innate healing process: the intelligence of your parasympathetic nervous system to release the chemistry to "tend and mend" trauma. You have to use language - internal dialogue - to express gratitude to the tissues for protecting the prior injury, and advise them it is now time to release so that you can heal them. You body can only respond to the mind's primary ...

Add Before You Subtract

October 5, 2015 – 9:59 am
Removing toxic behaviors is the 2nd step in optimizing your wellness; adding a healthy one is the 1st. Because of the nature of addiction, going "cold turkey" to remove harmful activities can feel overwhelming because they've created a fortress of negative attitudes at a cellular level. And a negative attitude can never give you positive wellbeing. Practice addition before subtraction. Add more good and you displace the bad. Add more good food, and you push out cravings for unhealthy substances. Add more recovery drills and you displace the chronic pain of overuse and misuse. Add more positive self-dialogue about your individual process and positive imagery of your target goals, and you create neurological and chemical patterns which override the prior negative ones. Fact. As Dr. Roy Baumeister details on the neuroscience of "Willpower" - once your body has added more of the good, the cells down-regulate the bad, so you hurt less, and ...

Your Brain Corporation

October 5, 2015 – 9:58 am
Move with mobility not motion. Don't try to reproduce what you think you see. Break down the micro-steps in between the movement origin and destination. Practice the mobility components, and only then sequence them into a complete movement. This requires greater time investment but not only prevents injuries, it eventually overtakes and exceeds the ability of others who merely try to copy what they think they saw. (Stop reading if you're not ready for a knowledge bomb, or if you're an "expert" who believes students should reproduce what they see you do. By the way, though, if you're the latter, you suck as a teacher.) Your brain biases motion to accomplish destinations, because your movement is controlled by what I call a "Brain Corporation" with different but overlapping jobs: 1. Your primary motor cortex is the chief executive (CEO) controlling the execution of all motion. The more important for survival, the larger the ...

Ab Exercises Unnecessary?

October 2, 2015 – 10:16 am
Are distinct abdominal exercises necessary? Yes and no. Yes, individual muscles can shut-down from: 1. MISUSE: movement that excludes core activation; 2. DISUSE: postural and mechanical disengagement of the core; and 3. OVERUSE: fatigue from concentrated isolation of the core. Muscle activation can re-fire those switched-off tissues. However, once reactivated, if you perform full-body mechanics (the 7 key structural components in every exercise) through all of the core’s degrees of freedom (let’s call this “tactical” movement), you don’t need individual “ab” exercises. Tactical movement creates an athletic physique as a natural byproduct of being genetically optimized for primal function. Only proper nutrition reveals that physique; uncovers it. Your body prefers to store fat in case of emergency. It prefers to burn sugars so that it can build greater long term storage of fat. It acts against you when you don’t endure emergencies requiring you to extinguish your reserves. In today’s sugar abundance, your body need never switch ...

Strong Enough for Two

September 30, 2015 – 11:09 am
You're only strongest when you have a weakness for others. The  insensitive man never lasts long in a fight and eventually crumbles under lifted weight. While they muster rage against what's in front of them and feign impenitent hearts, a vulnerable love for what's behind you and gentle self-care for what's within you genetically generates greater strength and capacity than any other. It is a measurable science predictive of potential. Those whose calling to serve - nurses, firefighters, doctors, soldiers, teachers and police - demonstrate an inherent strength beyond the boundaries of their individual capacity. But as research repeatedly shows, every single person has this potential when the body is toughened, the mind -sharpened, and the heart - softened for others. Uncaring times don't last; but caring people do. You are always limited by exclusively self-oriented goals. If you truly want to be strong ask yourself: are you strong enough for two? #ScottSonnon #TACFIT ...

Through Discipline Comes Freedom

September 29, 2015 – 9:50 am
Fitness is a $72 billion industry which feeds off you quitting. Experts advise you to go with the flow, while they profit from your frustrating lack of results. Aristotle told his most unruly student, a dyslexic boy named Alexander, who wanted to run amok exploring his ideas, that "only through discipline comes freedom." Alexander through a daily practice, organized his ideas and released them from head to hand. Honing this practice, Aristotle told his pupil he no longer needed his teacher, for his practice had made him free to learn from everything and everyone. The little dervish became immortalized as Alexander the Great for implementing his grand ideas. Don't try to do everything. Do just one thing. One short practice each morning, even of the lightest exercise and simplest meal, sets the tone for your entire day for abundant energy for all of your goals. It's not the exercise or even the ...

Readies my Hands for Battle

September 29, 2015 – 9:49 am
I am a very peaceful man because I am always ready to protect that peace. That offends some. As a public figure and business owner, you are advised to not speak of your opinions to avoid "offending" those who differ from your lifestyle. I have no enmity for, enjoy learning from, and respect the plurality of, other lifestyles. But I too have choices and a path. It offends certain people that I always will be a fighter and a martial artist. It offends some that I teach law enforcement and military. It offends some that I love my country. It offends some that I cite Christian references. It offends some that I credit God for all the blessings which have been bestowed upon me. Psalm 144:1-2 exclaims, "You're my rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war. You're my safeguard and my fortress." Si vis pacem, para bellum It offends ...

Avoiding Pain Makes Your Body a Prison

September 29, 2015 – 9:48 am
If you avoid movement to remain pain-free, you create a prison cell of your body. Freedom from pain isn't free; it's released with good behavior. #TACFIT #511Tactical #Clubbell #ScottSonnon a2a_linkname="Avoiding Pain Makes Your Body a Prison";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2732";

Don’t Let Tolerance become Indifference

September 29, 2015 – 9:48 am
We live in an era preaching tolerance to the endangerment of our bodies. The pendulum has swung so far to the opposite of rigidity that we are told to practice "acceptance" when we encounter difficultly. We feel pain, weakness and instability and experts advise us to be more tolerant of our condition. Remain intolerant of situations which harm you. Find the private space where you can turn and face them. Your awareness, attention and action solves most problems. If you become so tolerant that your indifference to pain, weakness and instability prevents you from changing it, acceptance has become a liability. Often, saying "yes" to that which harms you is the unhealthiest action you can take. Often, saying "no" and taking action against it - the most empowering of change. No. #ScottSonnon #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Don't Let Tolerance become Indifference";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2731";

Upgrade your software without damaging your hardware

September 22, 2015 – 11:29 am
Light intensity exercise upgrades your software without damaging your hardware. You can't train heavy, if you didn't compensate for the prior, and prepare for the subsequent. Test the ranges, find the restrictions, build the fundamentals, practice the skills, and only then train them at high intensity. Sharpen the blade before you try to cut through performance limits on your heavy days. #ScottSonnon #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Upgrade your software without damaging your hardware";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2730";