New York City’s 1st FLOW Coach Certification

August 27, 2014 – 1:51 pm
New York City's 1st Ever FLOW Certification November 14-15, 9:30-4:30PM The Om Factory Come to this first ever event in the Northeast, and learn: NEW Teaching Cues, Techniques and Strategies NEW Flows for your classes, clients and personal practice NEW Modifications, Regressions and Variations I feel very honored to be able to bring 20 years of studying and teaching Flow around the world, now to the Big Apple! Perfect opportunity for fitness pros, yoga teachers and exercise enthusiasts, accessible for beginners, yet challenging for experts. Time to KNOW FLOW!     Registration page to enroll: Events page for info: — at Om Factory NYC. a2a_linkname="New York City's 1st FLOW Coach Certification";a2a_linkurl="";

One child at a time, we can write a new story

August 27, 2014 – 10:31 am
a2a_linkname="One child at a time, we can write a new story";a2a_linkurl="";

Find the Time or Make it

August 27, 2014 – 10:30 am
The sad thing is: we think we have time, yet we squander it being busy. We rush from appointment to errand, one after another, believing that they're all very important, and we pay the cost of cutting out the very activities which vitalize us... Until, earlier than any one of us expects or prays, we run out of time. We are told to exercise and eat well in order to look a certain way and so we will be able to do more. We skip them, because we have enough to do, and we don't have the time. Yet, if we find or make the time to exercise and eat a good breakfast, you will FEEL better, less rushed, and more in love with your life. Remember that feeling, of time stopping? If not, there's a simple way or recollecting... Make a ...

Don’t Let (Stressful) Moments Take Your Breath Away

August 27, 2014 – 10:23 am
Maya Angelou said, "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." Normally, that can be taken as a quote of positivity. It also has a dark side. Tragic crises and traumatic events take our breath away as well. We gasp and hold it for fear of loss, and against it, we brace. Unfortunately, we chemically and neurologically lose those moments we attempt to "hold" and against which we hope to brace. Breath controls attitude and awareness. Placing a readiness drill in the recovery period between sets actually makes a hard workout easier, because you MUST recover; whereas, when left to your own devices, without an imposed drills, you MAY recover, or you may choose not to. By inserting a drill, whether typing your numbers, or tracking your heart rate, you demand that your nervous ...

Remove to Improve

August 26, 2014 – 9:54 am
  With Stronger, it was easier for me to believe I had to become it, but it wasn't until I focused on becoming Healthier than I realized I had been working backwards. You can't add health. You can only allow it. Remove what impedes your natural state of health (and strength), and you allow it. As Michelangelo described in how he created his masterpiece, "I looked at the slab of rock, and I just began chipping away all that wasn't David." The more years that I train, the more I re-discover there are two forces in the world: driving forces - the accelerators, and restrictive forces - the emergency brakes. We waste time adding larger engines, while our tires smoke and our engine heats up, wears out and breaks down. Instead, we can disengage the emergency brake, and run free, strong and healthily. Today repeated yesterday's WOD. It should have naturally become high ...

Farmer’s Walks to Help the Neck Relax

August 25, 2014 – 9:13 am
"It is a shame for a woman or man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which her or his body is capable," said Socrates to Plato as they circled the Parthenon in the teacher's daily exercise. Moderate intensity double WOD with a lower body (though not exclusive) concentration and repeated effort explosiveness as the tempo. 30 seconds continuous work / 30 seconds of recovery, in circuit format: 1. 8 kettlebell clean and press 32kg 2. 8 kettlebell clean and press 32kg 3. 24/24 jump lunge 4. 12 Clubbell barbarian squat 45lbs 5. 14 burpee 6. 10/10 side lunge (Elapsed time: 24 minutes) During 30 sec recovery: alternating carbine grip changes Ending with: 20 minute Progressive Yoga to compensate. Thoughts: one of the agents had an over activated levator scapula, so, first, he warmed up with a "tacked" length myofascial roll, and then in hone WOD switched out the Kettlebell C&P for farmer's walk, and replaced the cast ...

Exhale Challenge for our #1 Greatest Health Threat

August 25, 2014 – 6:22 am
  The "ice bucket challenge" phenomenon swept the world: a wonderful meme which has lifted awareness, and generated funding and international support! Though some attack it as silly and others discredit its method, any linking of hands in support of any crisis is 100% beneficial! It's also useful for us to look at a comparison of the issues attacking our health, and contrast our relief efforts with their severity. Stress related heart disease is the number one killer. Stress killed my father. "Stress doesn't only make us feel awful emotionally," says Dr. Jay Winner, MD, Director of the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic, "It can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of." We are committing daily, slow, suicide with its horrific pace taking over our life. My father's self-cannibalizing (and family-infiltrating) stress caused me to dedicate my life to creating programs for de-stressing our lives. I've written book ...

Kettlebell Presses to Improve Pull-ups

August 24, 2014 – 10:09 am
"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it," Plato observed while having to walk around the Parthenon recording the work of his dyslexic teacher, Socrates. Repeat of yesterday's moderate intensity WOD, at high intensity today. With the skills grooved, I improved my reps/time while maintaining strict form. 30 seconds continuous work / 30 seconds of recovery, in circuit format: 1. 12 kettlebell push press 32kg 2. 12 kettlebell push press 32kg 3. 10 hollow body pull-up 4. 35/35 mountain climber 5. 30 sec handstand (cartwheel to position, and halt in position) 6. 12/12 low lunge (Elapsed time: 24 minutes) During 30 sec recovery: handgun draw and turns with exhale; alternating with 30 sec shadow boxing (strike through spinning Olympic Rings to practice accuracy, speed and follow through on changing target) Ending with: 20 minute progressive yoga to compensate. Thoughts: preceding the ...

Make stress your ally to defeat anxiety

August 24, 2014 – 6:34 am
  "You're just not good enough," I'd say to myself on the mat, in a project, or in a relationship. Worrying I wasn't good enough, made it so. Anxiety worries what might be. Stress responds to what is. Who we ARE isn't holding us back; who we worry we are not, is. Worry about who you're not, and you avoid challenges, you give up early, you see your effort as a waste of time, you ignore criticism, and you feel threatened by the success of others. But concentrate on who you ARE and you embrace challenges, you keep going when things get tough, you understand effort as the path to mastery, you learn from criticism and you find inspiration and growth from the success of others. "I am everything I need to face this challenge and find the opportunity in it." My teaching told me to repeat it until it became my default ...

Sonnon Strength Flow August 2014

August 23, 2014 – 7:07 pm
  Sonnon Strength Flow August 2014 1. Parry Cast Dragon Step 2. Standing Muscle Out 3. Overhead Side Bend 4. Big Wheel Drop Step 5. Reverse Guard Rear Lunge 6. Cross Swipe Flag Lock 7. Deck Squat Bridge Press 8. *switch sides* ** Each repetition of both sides takes approximately one minute. ** Perform 20 repetitions per side continuously for 20 minutes. ** Maintain slow, smooth continuous motion. ** Use lighter weight for maintaining flow, but not too light that you are not challenged to constantly hold technique in your awareness. ** Perform as a light/low conditioning session 12-24hrs after a heavy/high intensity session to restore flow. #Clubbell #Clubbells #ClubbellAthletics a2a_linkname="Sonnon Strength Flow August 2014";a2a_linkurl="";