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The Most Important Loss of my Career: 1993 World Games Gold Medal Match

Monday, February 21st, 2011

This was my first world championships, the 1993 World Games gold medal match vs their team captain, USSR Judo Champion, Georgian Greco-Roman Champion, Master of Sport in Sambo, Zurab Bekochvili. I had two years of Sambo training at this point, not yet a black belt. So to face such a ...

Proving my World Record - VIDEO INSIDE!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

My world record performance, submitted to Guiness Book of World Records: Most Club Swinging Repetitions in under an hour with regulation weight: 1,433 NON-STOP Repetition of 25lbs Clubbell Mills in 59 minutes 55 seconds (without placing the Clubbell down.) Still "unofficial" until verified by the officials. The price my hands paid ...