Who I am is so much bigger…

September 24, 2012 – 7:56 am

“still remember you from jr high school, sonnon. you havent changed. still pretending your bigger than you are. no matter how rich you got by your fancy word your nothing but the fat four eyed retard we all kicked the sht outta.”

This poster today may or may not have been someone I knew in school. Unnamed fake accounts leave zero verifiability. However, the veracity of his claims remain irrelevant; only the rare gift of being able to learn from him matters.

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to revisit old associates through the modern marvels of the Internet. Imagine being given the chance to return to your past and rewrite old patterns, heal old wounds, and create new possibilities for growth.

I have had to reinvent myself many times from the known definitions I had accepted of myself by others, by teachers, doctors, peers and family. Each reinvention comes with great resistance, for to grow, you must proclaim to be more than you’ve past displayed.

Uttering the words, “I AM…” emerges a before-unseen depth of your potential, and that emergence creates a wake from the uplifting. It can be very frightening to others, who do not realize the fathomless reaches of their untapped potential. They may think we are the tiny tips of ice floating the waters, when we are the massive mountains lurking under the surface.

You may encounter great resistance from those from your past, even those closest to you, as you commit to expanding your current definitions of who you are. But you do them, a wonderful service by insisting upon your new growth over contentment with past limitations. For as you evolve, as you powerfully proclaim a new, “I AM…” you remind us that most of our potential remains unexcavated.

To the original poster, I reply: stay awhile. Let us remind you of how much more you are than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

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  2. Scott, the comments at the beginning of the blog are startling. The words that follow though are very insightful. It’s a reminder to me that if we’re not growing, we’re simply remaining the same.

    By Sonny on Sep 30, 2012

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