From Herbavore to Omnivore

December 9, 2012 – 11:43 am

Nutrition is highly individualized and contextual. After a near-fatal attack of MRSA, I had to go back on a vegan diet, mostly raw with several sessions of yoga per day to excrete the aggressive antibiotic treatment required and restore my intestinal flora. The RECOVERY wrought more havoc on my body than the MRSA, and I dropped a dangerous 36lbs in only a few weeks.

The photo on the left is me at the beginning of my restrengthening phase, and on the right - me, now. I’m back on a varied, whole, local, organic, fresh / raw, simple, frequent meals (but not grazing) of meat, fish, eggs and veggies. Food is medicine, and sometimes the medicine isn’t what you prefer, but - and this is the critical part - just because it’s medicine, doesn’t mean you should be taking it all the time. As you change, your nutritional needs change.

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

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