Old Problems need New Consciousness

December 29, 2012 – 9:34 am

Internally conflicting beliefs spin our wheels like flooring the accelerator with the emergency brake engaged; unfortunately, the smoke from the burning rubber takes the form of inward stress, and outward failure.

One poster remarked that he sought the tools to make his start-up personal training business a success, but believed that, “Rich people always act so entitled to free services or discounted rates.”

What do you think will be the impact of holding a paradoxical view of the psychological place that you want to economically achieve? Cognitive dissonance (the mental disharmony which results from encountering an ill-fitting viewpoint to your own perspective) and self-sabotage (actions, behaviors and attitudes which surreptitiously scuttle your ability to succeed) result. If you believe that you will need to become less moral to achieve a goal, your virtue will cause you internal anguish and prevent you from externally succeeding. Or worse, you could succeed at the cost of your virtue.

But you need not pay such a heavy toll, for success isn’t antithetical to your virtue. Success is just the first step on your path, like a black belt; you only truly start training, once you arrive at black belt with all of the tools to begin practicing properly. And like martial art, you can become successful without immoral brutality; your skills can be a tool for serving others: for giving back, paying forward, and helping up.

Challenge your beliefs. If you believe others are lesser morally, yet seek to achieve their accomplishments, you will either prevent your success keeping your virtue, or you will succeed and sacrifice it. But it was only a belief judging the intentions of others that caused this self-sabotage.

Perhaps this is why “success” became the dirty word of 2012. With the corruption we see outwardly, to keep ourselves protected, we assumed that those with economic powers “beyond” ours must have achieved their success by sacrificing their integrity. But even if that belief is valid, it is not a sentence to which you are doomed; as each individual gets to choose how to apply the fruits of their labor in the service to one’s own ego or in the service of others.

See the good you want to achieve beyond the mere means to increase doing good. Success is just the first step on your road to helping others: the greater your ability to generate resources, the wider your reach in helping others. If you want to solve your economic problem, you can adopt a higher, not a lesser, moral compass; for when strengthened and enlivened, abundance magnetizes to Higher Purpose. As C. Clinton Sidle writes, “With higher vision, self-interest falls away, and your passion is transformed into a compassion that magnetizes the greater purpose you serve.”

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

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  2. Very thought provoking Scott. Be interesting to see if politicians adopt the higher mindset when tackling the fiscal cliff. Also interesting to see a parallel path being undertaken by another well known individual in the s&c world using a strong first mindset. While not ‘health first’, he is clearly driven by his own beliefs which is good to see. Also interesting to see your innovations increasingly permeating others work. Very import message in your text. Don’t assume success was the result of a reduction in morality.

    V/R Stuart

    By Stuart on Dec 29, 2012

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