You ARE not fat. You HAVE fat. We all do.

January 23, 2013 – 7:15 pm

A highly offensive person posted asking, “Talking with fat people is a real drag on my energy. Why can’t they just practice some restraint and stop being so lazy?”

Let us address the ignorance here.

1. There are no fat people. There are people with fat. Everyone has it. It’s purely conjecture what qualifies a person with dangerously high levels, and it varies with individuals so we cannot even establish a standard. Only a norm - which is always inaccurate.

2. You obviously have never been obese because it takes an enormous amount of effort every single hour. It causes us to suffer in our organs, joints, bones, sinew, muscle and mind. There’s nothing lazy about our condition when we are fat. If you had ever been in our situation, then you would not write such a false impression.

3. The problem with extreme abundance of fat percentage doesn’t have to do with restraining from eating. It has to do with the chemical impact WHEN we restrain from eating, and all of the associated psychological symptoms which accompany that volatile biochemistry. Even when we do begin to burn fat stores, the toxic burden to our body catapults like the dark smoke of burning tires causing us a host of mental and physical anguish.

4. I am HONORED to work with folks of all shapes and sizes but the most difficult and challenging individuals for me, to be quite candid, are folks like yourself who hold such apathetically insensitive attitudes toward others.

The stronger your apathy, the deeper we must go to find the real you buried far beneath your defensive layers, to the bare, inflamed nerve which you are concealing through your externalized disgust for others.

I strive to hold my own anger at your comments for I realize you are actually calling out for help, for someone to actually rip off the bandage covering the festering wound of ignorance.

So, I exhale because I am no guru. I am merely a martial artist. Sometimes I ponder choking such insensitivity unconscious and shaving off his eyebrows for penance. But I must evolve.

Let me say this. The best course of action for you is to go volunteer in an obesity clinic. They will change your lives for the better.

Then take a basic course in endocrinology. You don’t need a degree. But until you start to understand the super system comprised by the immune, endocrine and nervous systems, you’ll remain paralyzed by the insensitivity of your question.

Very respectfully,

Scott Sonnon

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