TACFIT26 New Generation has arrived!

April 11, 2013 – 9:25 am

My dear friends,

Eighteen months I’ve been working diligently to get you this special offer. It amounts to 14 years worth of designing, tracking, measuring, teaching, and refining the “fastest growing fitness system” in the world. Although I’ve been case studying it with the special operations units I train, the fire departments we support, and the federal law enforcement agencies which have officially adopted the system, TODAY I bring to you a public access version of the results our units have been achieving.

I will give you the most economical offer I’ve ever made available. Times are tough on everyone, and we all need a break. Distress ruins us, and we often exercise ourselves into worse situations due to improper technique, harmful randomness, excessive intensity and insufficient recovery. So, I will give you the most comprehensive, plug-and-play fitness system I have ever designed; featured in everything from Men’s Health to Men’s Fitness Magazine (Don’t worry Ladies, it’s for you too; and our training sisters are among the strongest and most empowered individuals I have had the honor of knowing.)

But if you want my special offer, you’re going to meet some basic requirements first:
—> If you’ve been dissatisfied with prior lack of results,
—> riddled by aches, pains and injuries,
—> bored with repetitive monotony,
—> overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what to do next,
—> annoyed at the time wasted driving to and from the gym,
—> and frustrated by the high costs of gym memberships….
Then, you pass the entry exam!

But before I share with you the special offer, let’s go back to how we got here, what went wrong in the fitness industry, and why we had to revisit time-tested, “old-school” methods which didn’t caused hundreds of thousands of dollars.

[If you don’t want to wait, then jump now to www.TACFIT26.com]

Born into a modest, steel-working family, my grandfather told the tale of John Henry whose mighty prowess as a steel-driver was measured in a race against a steam-powered hammer. Henry won with only his hammer in his hand, though his death speaks to us of the tragedy of many aspects of modernization. I grew up idolizing John Henry, and that early childhood influence sparked my humble, working-class gumption to create a low-tech solution to the problems I encountered overcoming obesity, becoming a world-champion fighter, and delivering my simple formula to others like myself who need to fight tooth and nail to get things accomplished without the benefit of genetics, or high-tech machinery.


The epoch of massive fields of cardio equipment and warehouses of strength training machines may still be dominant in extreme-fee globo-gyms, but people have been rapidly discovering the problems inherent in these membership-driven agendas.

Machines offer you increased security by dictating your range of motion. By removing your potential freedom to move, they isolate individual muscles and control you through small motions. We have found with painful awareness, our health is greater than the sum of their over-priced machines. Healthy movement cannot be compartmentalized. Some may have short-term gains, but with devastating long term problems: aches and pains from isolation overuse. If you don’t move it (as a whole motion, under voluntary control), you WILL lose it FASTER!

The freedom of movement that you sacrifice, in the name of the machine-controlled security, does not return; it disappears. In the past decade since weʼve been qualifying professionals worldwide and consulting for government standards agencies, we’ve participated in the eruption of a massive grass-roots resurrection of oldschool, low-tech, low-cost classics: clubbells, kettlebells, monkey bars, gymnastic rings and straps, sandbags, parallel bars, medicine balls, and the oldest school of them all – human movement often called calisthenics or bodyweight conditioning. These tried-and-true tools survived, not because theyʼre merely inexpensive, and require NO maintenance, but because they restore our freedom: something we have been reclaiming in many aspects of society.

Moving freely and powerfully like the mythical John Henry, without machine control, we develop true functional fitness through movement, not merely muscles. This is how I ELIMINATED injuries in federal agencies, where injuries are usually high, and where physical conditioning is an absolute job requirement. Old school retro tools have hidden since hundred thousand dollar gerbil-wheels dull our wits and distract us from the beauty of our movement. These methods have been proven on the mat, in the field and on the streets, so we KNOW that they can return back into our homes, where they belong, to you.

We were once, every one of us, gracefully powerful. And we can be again. We can choose freedom of movement over the inevitable painful tyranny of machines. We can return to inexpensive, retro-tech homesteading, totally-green fitness, and reclaim our infinite potential for true functionality in strength and agility.

We only need to remember how.


Not only does your nervous system CRAVE variety, but scientists have identified aging as “the process of LOSING variety.” If you want to accelerate rapid aging, stop moving, and let machines control you. Neuroscientists recently discovered that our brain evolved for one specific purpose: to increase variety of movement potential. Is it any wonder why the conventional machine-driven approach has failed us? Itʼs counter to our very nature!

A return to the ancient tools which have survived millennia of testing, coupled with a modern scientific understanding of “the fascial web” of human movement, allows us to always have variety. If you had over a hundred workouts, which would only ever have simple steps, never confusing, always easy to understand because they’re the NEXT step that your body craves, then you would have enough variety to last a lifetime.

Iʼd like to share with you the “lifetime of fitness” I created, validated and proliferated over the past 14 years. I assembled this in a step-by-step, turn-key fashion so that you’ll never feel lost or overwhelmed, and yet you always feel perfectly stimulated to have continued progress and results. Nothing in the entire fitness world has ever been created for this purpose with such front-loaded preparation that you only need to turn the page and discover exactly what to do next.


You should never need more than one half of an hour. Many days are less than this; and they’re all only 20 minutes of exercise. The rest specifically restores your movement and compensates for any tension you hold in your body.

Don’t think that 20 minutes can make a difference? Believe this: less is more. If you’re exercising more than 20 minutes, you’re probably hurting your growth potential! 20 minutes is always just on the outside of what you need. When you study the science behind why this works so elegantly, as I was compelled to as the US National Team Coach, you discover how freedom of movement sets you up for an “anabolic window.” 20 minutes is not only what you need; it’s all you need!


(And I teach you how to use that membership-FREE gym.)

One specific formula I found avoids redundant movements. Variety must be meticulously programmed, so I’ve spent the past 14 years developing this system that you now see, and in the past 7 years, we’ve been extremely busy implementing it into federal agencies, military units and martial art gyms in 22 countries. I’ve fully programmed it so that you if you don’t have any of these low-cost, old-school tools yet, you receive a supplementary library of bodyweight-only exercises to support you until you can get your hands on, or make a do-it-yourself homemade version of these classics.


As a government consultant, no one has heard more of these problems than I have, and I’ve had most of them all myself. Moreover, I’ve had to address them at a governmental level in providing all of the RECOVERY focused drills, and the fundamental basics necessary for entering exercise safely, for progressing consistently and for ELIMINATING injury.

This system isn’t for the “hardcore” masochists, despite that some of the toughest warriors on the planet have officially adopted it. They have adopted it because this method focuses on developing RESILIENCY-FIRST and then as a result of that, your true inner TOUGHNESS comes out. Where juvenile, under-educated bootcamp instructors scream for you to just “tough it out” and stop being a pansy, they don’t realize that true toughness is not born, but trained. If they understood the science of resilience – which is the ability to recover – then they’d learn that toughness is actually the ability to resist failing, because of first having become resilient.


That’s what I am going to give you: The most widely adopted tactical fitness system on the planet. The most successful approach of its kind backed by government tracked hard data, and approved to be taught in departments across the country and around the world. Nothing of its kind existed before this integrated approach to ancient tools, and nothing since has woven in the cutting-edge scientific discoveries which have ELIMINATED INJURIES WHILE EXCEEDING PERFORMANCE of prior approaches.

Cancel that membership to the Borg cube, and no longer accept sacrificing your freedom of movement for the illusion of security in limited movement and results. Develop your own garage, office or home collection, and save yourself many hours just in travel and traffic time, not to mention thousands of dollars in annual membership fees. Get everything you need with greater results than you’ve gotten, and GAIN time!

It’s here, my friends. It’s time for you to reclaim all of the results you’ve wanted, without having to pay a “pound of flesh” in injuries, expensive membership, long hours of driving and parking and waiting for millions of dollars of equipment which regularly breaks down.

It’s time to become the John Henry of your fitness goals, with “only a hammer in your hand.”

Click here to find out what my special offer is: www.TACFIT26.com

Very Respectfully,
Scott Sonnon
Master of Sport

PS: Don’t miss out on all of the bonuses I’ve included during the limited-time launch window!!!

  1. 12 Responses to “TACFIT26 New Generation has arrived!”

  2. Hi there! Good news indeed coach! One question, is this tacfit26 different from the one I have been seeing on the rmax store since forever? Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

    By Diogo on Apr 11, 2013

  3. Woooooooohoooo!!!!! This is awesome news. I cannot wait. Thank you sooooo much Scott!!

    By Brandon Dutton on Apr 11, 2013

  4. Diogo, no, it’s a new product.

    By Scott Sonnon on Apr 11, 2013

  5. Ok, thanks for the quick reply coach, you are the best :)

    By Diogo on Apr 11, 2013

  6. While we’re having difficulty with homonyms, is the primal stress manual related to the primal stress manual in the primal stress package?

    By Samtop on Apr 11, 2013

  7. Samtop, it contains the same techniques but I updated it to included specific warmup and cooldown drills for each exercise

    By Scott Sonnon on Apr 11, 2013

  8. Hi Scott,
    having bought the primal Stress package, the into flow, ageless mobility, big book of clubbell and the encyclopedia, will it make sense to buy T26 as well, or will it contain most of the same information?
    Thanks for your awesome and inspiring work!

    By Claude on Apr 12, 2013

  9. Claude, it is not the same info at all. TACFIT26 stands alone. It’s a must have, especially at this huge discount.

    By Scott Sonnon on Apr 12, 2013

  10. Ok thanks Scott, just bought it!
    Btw the downthemall plugin works great, it’s really a must for this download. It sums up to 2.68 gig total.

    By Claude on Apr 13, 2013

  11. Hi Scott
    Can you please post a link for direct purchase? My iPhone wont let me access the link on here or FB.

    By Emma on Apr 15, 2013

  12. Anyone here can recommend a good sandbag system. Some are out of my price range.I notice Scott using Xenios, but are they available stateside?

    By Kevin Dougherty on Apr 20, 2013

  13. Hey Kevin! I love the Brute Force Bags. They are expensive, but there are contests on their Facebook all the time. Cheap way to do it is….get a GI Rucksack, the tubelike ones. Get Big ziplock freezer bags, play sand, and fill the bags. Close them up, duck tape them all around for extra padding, and stuff your rucksack with a mix of old clothing, bedding, etc, and the sand bags, easy to adjust weight this way too.

    By Matthew Harris on May 22, 2013

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