Build the Heart; Lift Someone’s Spirit

June 17, 2013 – 12:02 pm

A poster flooded with sugar, caffeine and processed chemicals in his veins commented, “you talk a lot about health and positivity but then publish photos of yourself without a shirt on with you gay tattoos get over yourself adn keep on lifting heavy things and puttin them down moron.”

There are many paths to personal growth. Mine is using physical exercise, nutrition and martial arts to discipline my lifestyle and give me the opportunity to make better choices in how I act, speak and think. And you’re absolutely right that we can get distracted into believing that the physical path of personal growth is an end in itself and not merely a means to an end. But it’s just a vehicle. Not the destination.

It’s not the size of our muscle, but the size of our heart, which determines our life’s quality. If we’re going to lift weights, let’s lift the weight off of others, and build our compassion, while we build our muscle.

Speak kindly to others. Act with kindness. Focus on kind thoughts. Violent language, acts and thoughts are easy, slippery and contagious. Fortunately, so our compassionate ones.

It’s not the size of the arm that counts, but its reach we use to help others that matters most. If you feel like you can’t lift even your own weight, lift someone else’s Spirit. Even with only a kind word, rather than an ugly one.

The Heart is a muscle. Make Compassion an exercise. You’ll help others feel better. And your heart will grow in the process.

To the poster: Now, settle down, go do something kind instead of disrespecting yourself with such comments. You’re better than that.

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

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  2. Well said Scott, personally you have given me the inspiration to improve the quality of my life and movement, which in turn has given me the ability to have more quality in my relationships. Please carry on being the superb Coach that you are.

    By Peter M on Jun 18, 2013

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