A True Life Champion

July 5, 2013 – 2:42 pm


This young man had severe bleeding within his vertebral cord a year ago. By good fortune the localization of the compression he had suffered “only” resulted in total paralysis from his chest down, but he survived.

Two weeks ago - after he learned how Niten Magyarország had revovered from paralysis with exercise and nutrition, becoming as healthy and strong as before his own injury, he phoned Clubbell Budapest (http://www.facebook.com/ClubbellYogaBudapest) asking to help him. Niten (a medical doctor) checked the medical history, and discussed exercise to do.

As seen in this photo, the young champion has nearly, impossibly, performed a sit up, while holding a 2.5 kg Clubbell in his hands.

Miracles do happen… If you have the heart of a champion, a will of steel (and a great support team.)

Very respectfully,

Scott Sonnon


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