Sometimes, you just have to wait.

July 7, 2013 – 3:32 am


As a man of action, I have preferred to “do.” Waiting for others, accepting situations, patiently awaiting the proper times and effects, often felt like submission. I couldn’t surrender. I had to change my circumstances, like many of you. So, I’d push, force, struggle, and rush, like we all do; resulting in calamity.


I’d exercise with no immediate result, so I’d push harder and longer, and get injured. I’d change my nutrition, expecting immediate results, so I’d get stricter and tighter, only to result in fatigue and illness. I’d cram my studies, push my relationships, and stretch my finances beyond their capacity, resulting in disaster. Although sometimes I was so impatient that I wanted them immediately to change; other times, I felt like I had waited quite long enough for ANY change to happen. When there was none, I pushed.


Sometimes, matter how much you want things to happen, all you can do is wait. Every response has a time required from its stimulus, and sometimes, we cannot know how long that will take. Sometimes, it even takes much longer with ourselves than we see it requiring others.


No matter how painfully long it takes, an arrow can only be shot on target by pulling it backwards, and holding for your hand, breath and heart to steady. But, it also means that if you feel your food, exercise, relationship, finances, career, or growth slowly trudging along, even stuck in a holding pattern, if you keep strong on your discipline while paradoxically surrendering to the indefinite duration of a response, you are about to launch into something great.


Hang on. You’re almost there.

Very Respectfully,

Scott Sonnon

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