Every Brick You Throw Lessens You.

July 7, 2013 – 3:34 am


“Think your so great. Big tough fighter. Yeah I remember you curled up crying like a baby while everyone got a boot on you. I know where all you’re bones are buried. Better be careful cause someones going to dig them up and show all your fans how much of a nothing you really are.” 

Before any more people defended me against this individual’s comments, I had it removed. Please imagine how difficult his life must be that on this beautiful morning, the last time he will ever have this day, that among his first thoughts were, “I’m going to tear this person down.” As difficult as my life had been when he had known me, his has not improved, and sounds as if he is even in a much worse situation now.

Tragically, no one has ever made themselves great by making everyone else appear small. It would seem easier, but every block that you pick up to throw at another person you steal from your own foundation; every brick thrown, lessens you. You must pity his perspective, and lend him your magnanimity.

He doesn’t realize yet that when we focus, we can even accept the bricks thrown at us and use those to build ourselves stronger!

We can build, too. Masonry appears to be a harder and lengthier process than demolition of the other. Making your foundation solid, strong and building skyward requires you to focus on your own self, which is hard when you can become so distracted by other architecture.

You create negative ripples in the world every time you utter an unkind deed, word or even thought, but not to others. Those ripples carry, intermingle and multiply, cascading back upon us eventually. We suffer when we set negativity in motion.

Fortunately, positive ripples are the same, require just as much work, but result in our own growth, as well as for others. Sometimes, we can even think it better to focus on others, when the best contribution we can give to others is to build ourselves; making ourselves great so that we can become of great use to others. During these times when we focus on our own growth, some can be distracted and believe we only care about ourselves. But to be of use, build, make yourself better, stronger and taller.

The poster is correct in a way. We should ALL think that we are great, and as a result, be of great use. And yes, we were - each of us - once small. But we can and do and must grow into our greatness.

Don’t be frightened by the smallness you once were or still feel. Don’t be distracted by others’ work, or covet their architecture. Just build. Just that next brick. Just keep going, and if possible, wish each other well along the way.

Very Respectfully,

Scott Sonnon


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