Diet “Crazes” aren’t Sane by definition

August 27, 2013 – 12:22 pm

This good question just in from one of our legion: “Scott, what do you think of a coffee, butter and MCT oil mix taken as part of a intermittent fast? It is a craze I have seen appearing as a bullet proof diet. I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. You are looking amazing and I am hanging out for your big announcements. Take care and keep up your inspirational work.”

R., thanks for your question.

1. If it is a true, natural fast that your body requires (which happens once every 2-5 weeks when your nutrition is balanced), then you won’t need anything to endure it. It’ll just happen, and you’ll only want water until you clear out and reboot. If it’s a physician recommended detoxification, then there will be included blood test batteries to determine the exact nutrient profile to supplement the fast.

2. “Crazes” by definition are not logical, rational or sane. Anything marketed as “bullet-proof” has never experienced a bullet. Any “diet” which claims to be “fool-proof” is usually infested by people fooled by its purveyors.

3. Don’t ever fast (starve) as a form of “dieting.” What you’ll be losing will be body mass, but unfortunately mostly muscle tissue, endangering your bones, connective tissue and fluid, and even your organs due to the nutrient deficiency. You’ll also be damaging your metabolism, forcing it to slow down, and to expect to stay slowed due to the perception that at any time, you may suddenly not have food for another long period of time.

very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

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