Shut-Down Routines for Your Brain

January 10, 2017 – 6:15 am


If you want to do an exceptional job: set your perspective that you’re starting work when you’re going to sleep, for your brain readiness the following day depends upon your sleep the prior night. 

Much like growth doesn’t happen when you exercise but when you recover, Quality of Work doesn’t begin when you wake, but when you go to bed. 

Clause Debussy said: Music is the space between the notes. Brain readiness happens during the space between waking consciousness. 

So PREPARE to go to sleep. Establish shut-down rituals: 

  • gentle mobility, 
  • long exhales, 
  • prayer 
  • and after 9PM: 
  • no artificial light, screens or devices, 
  • no food, snacks, or sugars,
  • no fluids or alcohol; 
  • supplement with L-Theanine and slow-release 5HTP only before bed.

And create what I call a “Mind Fortress” - only allow thoughts on enjoyable memories. Build walls around your thoughts and let no unsolved problem intrude. Reflect - don’t think. (This is a skill and requires practice.)

With practice of your shut-down routine, your brain will drain toxic proteins, your dreams will defrag your memories,  and you will awaken lucid and optimized.

Very Respectfully,

Scott B. Sonnon



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