The 28 Day Carb Addition Challenge

March 20, 2017 – 8:54 am

Bottom Line Up Front: The reality is that you will have to avoid simple carbohydrates for the rest of your life. Avoiding carbs, means taking in less than 100g / day every day.Your brain will perceive it as painful. Your body will go in to withdrawal symptoms. Everyone (yes, everyone) will try to persuade you to restart, like taking advice from fellow occupants of an opium den.

The food industry (even disease care professionals) will seek to convince you that health and medical professionals like myself are conspiracy theorists. Meanwhile, their “bottom line” annual profits increase in direct proportion to your increased addiction and dosage tolerance. Those are publicly accessible boardroom decisions written into readable documents. They AGREE to add more simple carbohydrates knowing they do you harm, and knowing that the more you consume, the less you can resist.

It is absolutely as nefarious as the cigarette industry in the 80s agreeing to increase substance marketing despite the studies showing the disease it produces.

They are the food industry equivalent of Holocaust deniers.

So, I, like other health and medical professionals, have a moral responsibility to call out a lucid public service announcement against the fog of the most addictive drug in the history of humankind: simple carbohydrates.

You probably believe that you’re fine, you most assuredly think you’re in control and and you convince yourself you’d be able to stop if you wish. You tell others that it’s your preference to eat the way you do.

But just look at yourself. Do you feel and look like you did as an unaddicted teen. No, AGE doesn’t produce this state of fat gain, muscle and bone loss. Age is not a death sentence.

Those are only the messages with which you’ve allowed your brain to be bombarded, uncontrollably reinforced by internal chemistry, telling you that if it tastes good, it’s good, or at least “Okay, in moderation.”

You’re not okay. Listening to the food industry, who profits from your volume of consumption of simple carbs, is like taking healthy sex advice from the pimp of a prostitute, or taking relationship advice from a pornographer. They profit from your increasing tolerance and addiction and as a result, decreasing levels of pleasure.

The more you consume, the more your brain needs for the same hit, the more you’re willing to sacrifice for the diminishing pleasure, the greater the casualty of your metabolism for the same effect. Your body dies, and your addicted brain convinces you that you’re okay, in control, can still stop anytime you want, and so you ignore your new enormously higher level of “moderation” until disease kills you.

Moderation is impossible. For the rest of your life, you must avoid an addictive substance completely, if you’re to avoid metabolic syndrome. “I am X and I am addicted to carbs.” Sound silly? The three most prolific diseases - obesity, diabetes and cancer - are all triggered by that addiction.

As you ingest simple carbs, you permanently change your brain, and trigger lifelong addiction.

A single dose produces dopamine - the “reward” neurotransmitter - in your brain. Evolutionarily, you’re only supposed to receive that “reward” from having exerted yourself with moderate intensity, after having successfully stalked and killed prey. But because you dosed this abundant instant-energy food source, it releases dopamine to turn off your brain and body activity because there is no reason to move, no call to exert yourself, no need to learn or be active. You’re under the fig tree and can just lay down and devour the sugary sweet fruit. Until you die. You’re in that process now.

The more that you ingest, the more you create permanent plastic changes in your brain and eventually you trigger addiction at a genetic level. With each dose you produce a protein (ΔFosB, pronounced “Delta Fos B”), that accumulates in neurons. With every dose, more accumulates, until it throws a genetic switch, causing changes that remain even after you stop dosing the drug; which irreversibly damages your brain’s dopamine channel and renders you prone to greater addiction. You are caught, and for life, in the clutches of the drug.

We are doing this earlier and earlier to subsequent generations through exposure to their brains at critical periods of brain plasticity in their childhood development, creating a planet full of future adults incapable of resisting the ability to moderate the drug. They must stop for the rest of their lives, monitor intake, resist purveyors, and adopt avoidance behaviors to all permissive environments. We won’t be around to help them. We will be dead through our own accord. You can forget about saving the planet, because human society will be a worldwide wasteland of a failed rehab clinic.

If you cannot eat less than 100g of carbs per day for 28 days, yes, you are literally (by the definition of the word): a drug addict of the most socially acceptable, most cannibalistic drug on the planet.

After tens of thousands of clients, I can tell you a candid reality:

You’re not safe and you’re going to die, earlier, faster and more painfully than you know. If you believe you’re able to moderate it, you’re either early or late in entering the addiction. That is a fact exposed by rigorous research from medical professionals across all specialty domains.

EVERY human is addicted to simple carbohydrates upon repeated exposure.

You’ve become addicted, and although it may the food industry’s fault, it’s your responsibility. If you don’t do anything about it, you will remain, and worsen, as part of the largest epidemic in the history of our species: a self-induced victim of metabolic diseases, including but not limited to obesity, diabetes and cancer.

You must protect yourself against purveyors of the drug, against even family, friends and associates seducing you to dose it with them. You must be a leader FOR your family, friends and associates by being the sole voice against the drug.

You can’t exercise your way out. You can’t supplement your way out. You can’t medicate your way out. You can’t tip-toe around the severity. You can’t negotiate with the drug, which is changing or has changed your brain for the remainder of your too short life.

But you can stop it from progressing. Studies show you may reverse most if not all of the adverse effects, even obesity, diabetes and cancer.

But, no. Tomorrow may be the tipping point where it’s too late and irreversible.

Your life can be so much better. You’ll have to be stronger than you have ever been, and probably tougher than you currently are. You’ll want to quit quitting. And then you’ll know.

No one will help you. And your very own brain will try to negotiate you to compromise “just a little bit.”

I know. I went through it myself and have worked with so many thousands of clients over the decades that at best I can say to you: Good luck and God Bless. It’s going to suck.

But a couple years from now, you’re going to have an effortlessly healthy physique, powerfully growing and learning brain, and abundantly energetic and vital life free of disease, although never again free of addiction.

I can’t make one penny from telling you this. Those who are addicted or who profit from obstreperously objecting to this message, and the hundreds of health and medical professionals reiterating it, should be held suspect. Follow the money.

Or better yet, take the 28 day addiction test (above). At worst, you’ll get in great shape in the fastest time possible. At best, you’ll save your own life and those around you by your example.

Very Respectfully,
Scott B. Sonnon

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