The Most Important Secret to Attracting Massive Wealth!

July 27, 2008 – 4:43 am

I train politicians, celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes and Fortune 500 execs, and I found the following to be The Most Important Secret to Attracting Massive Wealth. Before I had clients of this financial solvency, it would have been impossible for me to understand how to do so.

There’s a certain egotistic belief in being the ascetic or the pauper, a kind of arrogant nobility. But that attitude is as much hubris as that of the elitist uber-riche.

Money is nothing. It’s just an exchange note for services rendered. That energetic exchange can be used to enrich the world or deplete it.

TIME, not money, is our most precious commodity… which many people realize but neglect to prioritize in their lives. So they work more and more, with diminishing returns on their most limited and sacred resource: time.

I will attract as much abundance as I can redistribute. Some people cannot redistribute much wealth at all, and either cling stingily to it, or pine endlessly for it (both of which leads to suffering). But attracting wealth is a skill that can be refined and expanded, much like progressive resistance training. You must have the appropriate image, voice, organization to match your purpose, vision and audience.

How do you redistribute abundance?

  • The Free Market.
  • And Selfless Service.

People often confuse selfless service with self-sacrifice. This is one of the greatest myths in existence. Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money (etc.) is.

Financial, like wellness abundance is a social obligation (from the world view that I ascribe to). The more that you generate, the more that you can “spin-off” to those in need. The tragic irony of the self-righteous pauper is that his impoverishment only serves his own ego.

Unfortunately, most people mis-associate the attraction of wealth with the accumulation of wealth. Stockpiled surplus does no one any good; and neither do empty coffers.

FLOW in finance is not about damming the waters, but in fostering the current and creating irrigation channels to dry lands (those in need.)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.I donate my time, effort, knowledge and resources to those struggling to restore flow to stagnant pools in their lives. This fiscal tributary it creates, call it “networking”, transforms us collectively into a turgid river capable of eroding even the most stalwart obstacles. In other words, the more money we attract, the more people we can help (or the greater intensification of help we can surgically apply at the appropriate point and time), the more they in turn contribute to the flow, the more money we attract…

I haven’t mastered it yet. I still let my ego get in the way, cuz it’s a sneaky bastard. But when I do, the universe opens up, pushes behind me and I stand in awe at the opportunities simply, gently, placed in my lap.

For those that have been paying attention to the grand events of the past year, look at the amazing adventures men like Joe Wilson has had.

In the past year, my life has just catapulted… and we’re reaching millions literally now.

I hear many people saying that they’re concerned with money as an end in itself driving people into being miserable, lack-luster and uninspired. I’ve seen it happen to many people. However, I also hear that they hope that they can be happy and wealthy simultaneously.

You can!

The problem you allude to is chasing money as an end, rather than pursuing pivotal relationships, strategic service to maximize impact and the wealth it attracts instantly to further the proliferation of the aid it generates. This is money as a means.

If you want to be “rich” you must first define what that specifically means as a target, and WHY you want to be rich. Is it to have more things, better things? Is it to go places? Is it to learn and experience new, higher quality things? Is it to reach out and help others who struggled like you did?

Once you’re specific on the why and the what, then the how is elementary. But more importantly, when you perform this exercise, you stop screwing around and become serious. People like you won’t work harder or smarter just because a bigger television or a red convertible would be fun. People of your caliber are typically only motivated by increased gratification of a worthwhile cause.

And you need to attract wealth in order to fund causes. If you’ve ever organized an event, you know what I mean. You must fund your energy, drive, passionate zeal, care for your recovery time, your family and your finances. Otherwise, you become a broke, broken pauper incapable of even helping yourself… and then others must spin off energy to you in order to keep you from disappearing.

Be Big… by allowing yourself to dare to pursue the Big Dreams within, and the universe will make it happen for you, as long as you have self-effort, good timing (which comes with persistence and attention), and Grace.

Flow Thyself™,

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  2. I learned more from the this masterfully worded share than in a dozen self help books. Thank you Coach!!

    By Quentin on Jul 28, 2008

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