From Braces to Races: 33 Miles for 33 Years!

August 30, 2008 – 5:44 am

This amazing story from one of the most exuberant members of my faculty, Joseph Wilson, Ph.D.

33 Years - 33 Miles

“On August 26, 2008 I turned 33 years old. On August 26, 2008 I ran 33 years miles.

Many people have either heard or read about my passion for running. Just in case you have missed it, I love to run. My favorite type of running is LSD (long Slow Distance). I thoroughly enjoy getting out and hitting the road for 45 min to an hour and just enjoying a nice long run. I especially love it when I am traveling because it is a great way to see the city where I am, from a different point of view.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about running is that I was born with a torsial deformity that put me in leg braces for the first part of my life. I wore the braces until I was 9-10 and corrective shoes until I was about 12. Because of this condition I was told that I could not run, so I never did. I did not decide that I could run until I was 21 (for more on this story check out RMAX Powered Running).

IntuFlowI credit Coach Sonnon and Intu-Flow® with many of my running successes because in the 12 years I have been running I have never suffered a pulled muscle, shin splints, plantar pain or any of the many ailments that runners get. I ALWAYS do 5-15 min of Intu-Flow® and joint mobility before a run and I ALWAYS do 10-15 minutes of static work or Prasara after a run. This recipe has allowed me to do things I never would have thought possible.

Several months ago I was talking to Faculty Head Coach Ryan Hurst, and he told me that he had run 33 miles on his 33rd birthday (with his beautiful wife Chika riding a bike next to him cursing at him to hurry up.) Since I had never even thought about running that far it sounded like a good idea. So right then and there I decided to run 33 miles on my 33rd.

My 33 mile prep

To prep for this 33 mile journey I did… absolutely nothing different. That’s right I did absolutely nothing different. I did not alter my daily and weekly training a bit and I completed the task with no injuries or problems whatsoever. How can this be? I credit Intu-Flow®, Prasara, Clubbell® strength training, and good nutrition before the run. I also have to give Dean Karnasez a nod for his inspiration in his book, Ultra-marathon Man.

My weekly training varied depending on my goals, and schedule. In general I run 3 to 4 days a week. For the last cycle prior to the 33 miler I was running for 35-40 min. 3 days a week at a leisurely pace and then maybe a 20-25 minute cadence run with my recruits in the afternoons. Many times the afternoon runs were on the same day as the other runs. It just works out like that with my schedule sometimes. On the Cadence runs, I would say that my RPE is never over that of a 3. I would also do strength training with Clubbells and bodyweight circuits 3 days a week and some form of yoga (prasara or Taoist) everyday.

For 2-3 days before my run I made sure that my diet was pretty clean (no sugars or super processed food) and I woke up the morning of the run and super-hydrated. That was it. I simply went out, and in the spirit of Forest Gump just started running.

After the run I spent about 45 min to an hour really focusing on tension release stretching and yoga poses. I made sure to get in plenty of water and food, and that was all. I wish there were more of a secret formula to sell but there really wasn’t. I took the following 2 days off and just focused on yoga and Intu-Flow® and I will run again on Saturday morning for a bout 30 minutes or so. I had no negative side effect or even DOMS from my trek.

large product photoIn my opinion, what I did was not magic or even the product of super genetics. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not naturally athletic. Hell, I did not start running until I was 21. I think that most long distance runners and marathoners that get injured are doing so because their training runs are too long. I think with a good stride, good shoes, good food, proper gate and proper preparation anyone could easily double their normal mileage just by doing it. Of course you have to pay attention to recovery after that long of a run and as always be intuitive, but if I can do it, I have to believe that anyone can.”

You remain an inspiration to everyone at RMAX, Joe, and embody the CST Message!

Flow Thyself™,

  1. 3 Responses to “From Braces to Races: 33 Miles for 33 Years!”

  2. Great inspiring story, but if anyone can do it, Coach/Sensei Wilson is the man. To this day, his Flowmotion and Freedom of Movement (and Intu-Flow)has been the prescribed warm-up in my martial arts academy when I’m in charge of class. Now, I have to seriously think of 51 on my 51st (I have six months to think….and train).

    By Kevin Dougherty on Aug 30, 2008

  3. Kevin and Coach Wilson,

    Don’t do this to me! My 49th is coming up on September 11. (I know, I know. Don’t remind me of that, either!)

    Powered Running DVD has got me back to running this past year after many years of absence. Oh, and injury-free, too!

    By Keith on Aug 31, 2008

  4. a truly inspiring account of life and overcoming challeges , very touching

    By Yoga For Me on Jul 7, 2009

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