A Monk on the Path to CST Mastery

November 5, 2008 – 4:35 am

This beautiful story from one of Australia’s newest Certified Circular Strength Training Instructors, Damien Quick:


CST from Day one!

“In 2004 my life changed dramatically. From a couch dweller spending my time watching tv, drinking homebrew beer, smoking cigarettes, eating pizza & other garbage, to a Health nut on the verge of the path to mastery. Just 4 years ago a light switched on from somewhere within the Tangled web of darkness which was my life, and illuminated the causeway now traveled. For this I thank my now wife Emma, for it was in 2004 that She said ‘I want to learn Taekwondo’, so we joined our local Martial Arts Club and it was here My Journey began.

Taekwondo was a huge part of my daily practice, training 2 to 4 nights a week and soon after began training in Hapkido as well. I didn’t have the energy or stamina to handle this kind of intense training at first so I began to read though all the martial arts, health & Fitness magazines I could get my hands on, searching for dietary tips for energy and workouts for strength.

I started implementing weight training and running, into my daily practice, plus Riding my pushbike to and from work, Always looking for a better way to train for optimal results.

But something was missing. I was progressing through the martial arts ranks, yes, but the rush of endorphins after a thorough workout was soon to be replaced by fatigue. But how can this be? I followed all the magazine articles that promised a finely chiseled physique & the strength of a thousand men, yet i find my self exhausted, body fat levels fluctuating and unable to complete intensive training sessions.

Not only was I over training, but setting myself up for serious injury, pushing through the pain barriers for that little extra gain.

Damo of the Apes

And so It happened. A sprained ankle, led to knee problems to partial herniation, pelvis alignment problems, back pain and so on. But I didn’t stop there. Large lengths of strapping tape and I was right back into it. Training harder then ever. I started reading medical journals trying to work out where the pain was coming from and how I could possibly Cull the debilitating injuries and continue on my quest for the Bruce Lee image.

It was at this time while reading articles by Matt Jones about alternative training methods, that  I First discovered a joint mobility system called ‘Warrior Wellness’ created by some guy by the name of Scott Sonnon.

The four corner balance drill helped improve my balance and kicking skill at an incredible rate. However as I was still training as hard as ever on top of painful injuries there came a time where I had to stop training altogether. I was devastated, hardly able walk let alone execute high kicks or lift weights.

The Healing Phase.

Unable to train and seeing a Kinesiolgist and Chiropractor, I continued to study Scott Sonnons alternative training methods, Ordering books and DVDs and joining the RMAX International Website Forum. I found Systems such as ‘Be Breathed’ & ‘Body flow’ intriguing however still unable to put it into practice due to injury.

Scott being a legend CST Seminar Sydney Day one! Gary with 10lb Club

I was out of action for 2 entire years, only just becoming mobile again as of the beginning of 2008. I started practicing ‘Intu-Flow’ Joint mobility program which I had purchased through 2007, to help prime my connective tissue for day to day activities. I had also spent the past year tweaking my Diet to provide optimal nutrients for my body type.

Scott Sonnon & Damien.

I was well on the way to full healthy recovery, thanks to road to self discovery sparked by the CST Wellness systemScott Sonnon, and soon found that the CST book and DVD’s were readily available in Australia via a new company named Flow Academy in Sydney. Shortly After a brief email enquiry I received a call from Flow Academy’s Founder Brad Crawford. Brad informed me that Scott had just been out to Australia in April and will be returning for a CST instructor / Coaching certification Seminar in October 2008.


A new Beginning.

CST Seminar Group Shot

The past four years led to this one turning moment in time, meeting with, and being trained by Scott Sonnon himself. Along with the enlightening stories of Coach Joe Wilson, I am now focused on the path to mastery, and on a journey to help others reach their goals, to live healthy lives free from fear reactivity and  free to move. Go with the Flow.” - Damien Quick, CST

Damien, you’re an inspirational student, and I LOVE the first photo in your letter! I’m proud to have you as a member of the CST Instructor Cadre Down-Under. You’re JUST the right spirit to bring this message to the world, mate! Keep flowin’!


Flow Thyself™,


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  2. Thank you so much Coach!
    Lovin’ Life!

    By Damien K Quick on Nov 5, 2008

  3. Congrats Damien , a great story and more than enough to keep me inspired.

    By Trent Singleton on Nov 5, 2008

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