Lance Armstrong New Workout Revolution: Swinging Weight!

January 2, 2009 – 8:53 am

Men’s Health reports on Lance Armstrong, what has been sweeping the nation: the revolution of not merely lifting, but swinging weight. Swinging weight, as opposed to the “compressive” hazards of lifting weights, adds the element of traction (pulling away) and torque (swinging twice as fast produces four times the force.)

Clubbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, even stationary elements such as parallettes, plyo-boxes, monkey bars and specialized biomechanical exercises (all of the components of the only tactical specific conditioning system ever created TACFIT) create resistance in two and three dimensions through this torque and traction.

Traction, like when healing bone after a break, stimulates the osteoclastic/osteoblastic effect increasing bone density (fighting off osteoporosis) and stimulates bone barrow (bolstering your immune system, as well as muscle growth.)

Torque distracts the joints, creating space, which washed the joint capsules with nutrition and lubrication - unlike the compression of lifting weights which removes space and as a result squeezes out the joints starving them of nutrition and lubrication. Torque also requires only light relative weight, since the action of swinging, increases force production through increased speed, rather than increased weight. This preserves joints while producing an exponentially (rather than adding weight geometrically) increasing force.

And most importantly, swinging weight allows you to move through the body’s true functional range of motion, rather than binding muscle into isolation. Unlike a tinman trapped in his own armored shell, swinging weight frees your movement and makes you feel great as well as increasing your strength and fitness.

The most effective, injury-preventative method of swinging weight with a kettlebell can be found in The Official Scott Sonnon Kettlebell Foundation:

More and more professionals are getting involved, such as Lance Armstrong…

Lance Armstrong reveals his killer workouts in comeback attempt


“Bicycling legend Lance Armstrong during workout in his home gym as he prepares to resume career.

Here’s looking at Lance!

The buff cycling superstar is offering fans a sneak peek at his training regimen in the new issue of Men’s Health magazine as he prepares for a dramatic comeback in next year’s Tour de France.

Armstrong, 37, who retired from cycling under a cloud three years ago, says working out has gone totally high-tech since he first started pounding the pedals.

“Back in the day, people trained on just their feelings,” Armstrong, who plans to compete in an Australian race next month, told the magazine. “Now you have heart rate, altitude, lactic acid all measured on one unit.”

Armstrong, a cancer survivor, has won the tour a record seven times.

He retired in 2005 after being accused of evading anti-doping rules.

The cycling legend said his workout results made him certain that he would finish on top.

“I knew I was ready to win the tour,” he said. “If I stepped on the scale in the morning and it said a certain weight and the power output was where it was supposed to be when I tested at the end of the day, it was over. Nobody close.”

Armstrong plans to compete on the team of longtime colleague Johan Bruyneel, even though he might not be the clear-cut favorite on his powerful squad.

“I’m so loyal to Johan, there’s no way I’d cross him or race against him,” Armstrong said.

He has pledged to be open with the media, a big change for an athlete who went to extraordinary lengths to protect his image, including snooping on journalists.

Armstrong also vowed to submit to a program of rigorous blood testing to try to disprove stubborn but unproven allegations he has used performance-enhancing drugs.” - Dave Goldiner

  Swinging weight is the return to an ancient wisdom, but now explained by modern science.

Now Get Swinging!

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  2. hello,

    coach sonnon, mr. armstrong is certainly a man of focus, and drive. such determination demonstrates that really, anything can be accomplished.

    it will be interesting to see him race again, neh?


    By lorenzo damarith on Jan 2, 2009

  3. What is the best swingin weight/kettle bells workout routine? I learn best from books. Which books/book would you recommend?
    Thanks…an ex martial artist fifty eight year old who just wants to stay in top shape into the “golden” years…

    By Rico on Dec 8, 2010

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