Getting OFF your Nerves! How Mobility Generates Power.

February 2, 2009 – 8:22 am

Mobility offers the direct benefits of anti-aging and pain-freedom, but what does mobility offer to those of you interested in functional fitness? Well, primarily, it lets things get OFF your nerves! And that’s when you unleash your power. Take the time to read these astonishing lateral benefits of mobility two of my students achieved, and then I’ll share why this happens from a neuro-physiological perspective.

[quote=Atl;152906]Both my wife and I have been doing Intu-Flow® for a couple of months. I just went to the intermediate program. I workout with kettlebells. Both my wife and I had been stuck in a plateau for a bit. She could not press the 32 kg but once or maybe twice when the stars were right, and I was in a similar situation with the 32kg. I could clean and press it maybe 5 times.

In the past I had noticed in the past that when she did an overhead lock out with a press that she was not in a proper lock out position. Her arm would be holding the bell off center, and slightly crooked at the elbow. Today during her workout it was like a limit had been removed on the weight. She pressed the 16kg in 6 rep sets with little difficulty several times. I also noticed that she was now using a properly centered lock out. I have also noticed that my ability to handle the 32kg has increased a lot lately, after having been plateaued for a couple of months.

Today I was able to finish a 75 clean and press workout with it in 23 minutes. That is a lot of weight moved quickly. I also am not getting the post workout elbow pain from using the 32kg. I am thinking that this is the result of increased efficiency through increased range of motion. My technique seems much more zeroed in lately. Is this a reasonable assumption? I can see how limited mobility could cause one to lift off-center, and actually increase the difficulty of the lift.  Thanks for the info. At first I was lazy about the practice, but over that last 5 or 6 weeks I have actually become a fascist about performing my mobility training….lol.

Once thing about your stuff that I like is the detailed info into the mechanisms involved. Before using Intu-Flow®, I had started using another currently popular mobility program. On their site they gave no hint as to how this was supposed to be a benefit. I supposed that I was to treat it like magic…with superstitious faith. This was alright for a couple of weeks, but then I started asking (in web forums) the certified practitioners of the system how it worked. None of the people I spoke with could tell me. They said that it was too complex to discuss it.

After hearing your name on the Dragon Door site many times and seeing reference to you in one of Pavel’s books I did a Google search and located this site. I was impressed at the wealth of info I found. It started to become very apparent to me that even if strength is the ultimate goal, that without mobility the strength won’t be there. The effect is subtle and not immediately noticeable, but it is cumulative and noticeable over just a couple of months in a tangible way. Thanks![/quote]

One of the benefits of a mobility system which is specific (to the imposed demands) and scalable (incrementally increasing sophistication) is that it reignites mechanoreception - the trinity of:

  1. spiderman_small.JPGkinesthetic sense - the most well known of the 3, which can be described as “movement” sense; your awareness of how your body moves through space. In my book, Body-Flow Freedom From Fear-Reactivity, I describe these 3 senses as the “Sixth Sense” but it’s this one in particular that stuns people, because when developed, you can extrapolate movement even before it happens.
  2. positional sense - this sense allows you to know where all of your body is located, which is why it’s also referred to as “locational sense.” When you close your eyes, you can touch your nose with your fingers, or even fingers to far toes. It’s your bat-like radar.
  3. force/tension sense - this sense communicates how much effort and tone you have throughout any position or movement, whether you move lightly or heavily. Those who, for instance, plod their feet, striking their heels heavily on the ground, often have an interrupted force/tension awareness of their gait which is why they pound the floor like elephants.

When you “get off your nerves” with the Intu-Flow® Longevity System, the following 3 benefits correspond respectively to the above 3 mechanoreceptive senses.

  1. Your will perform with greater tracking accuracy, which means that as you move, you’ll deviate significantly less from proper form, so your energy can be used for power, rather than recovery from poor technique.
  2. You will have tighter positional precision, which means that your structure will drive behind your skills rather than using superfluous tension to substitute.
  3. You will have greater “nerve force” (neural drive), which means that with your nerves unencumbered by other distractions and directions, you’ll have a dramatically increased reserve of force for the actual skill performance.

You’ll be wasting less extraneous effort outside the scope of the technique, firstly. Think of this as all of the struggle you exert to attempt to establish and maintain technique. Now imagine all of that effort singularly focused into exclusively the performance of the skill: an enormous multiplier to the adaptive force you apply, and as a result the benefits you reap. This is like removing the restrictive forces which hemorrhage your total effort focus.

Secondly, because you’ve switched on the force/tension sense, you actually have more driving force. If you’ve ever had a nerve impinged, and then suddenly released, it feels like out of nowhere you could plow through what was before impenetrable. I’ve experienced this on many occasions.

The above “uncommon sense” has allowed someone from my end of the gene pool to gain enormous physical and athletic successes far beyond what my more “genetically gifted but lazy” opponents dreamed possible. It still takes dedication. You still have to do the work EVERY morning, each day of the year, but if you do… you’ll remain injury free, and continue progressing where others retire to watching sports rather than playing them.

Due to my athletic aspirations combined with my genetic background, mobility wasn’t a luxury; it was a prime requisite. I couldn’t do jack without it, certainly not to the level I did. Due to mobility, I won against those who I had no business defeating in competition - genetically gifted athletes who (fortunately) did not want it as badly as I did. much more importantly than this, the Intu-Flow® Longevity System has allowed me to explore the depths of my abilities as a creature of grace. Motor sophistication remains our most precious gift. Despite obsolete Darwinian theoretical models of our nervous system, our movement capacity evolves not at the Paleolithic crawl of our genetics, but at the digital speed of our memetics.

We move with the level of grace and poise we CHOOSE, not at what our social strate dictates. How you move determines your place in society as much as how you speak! Knowing this, you can choose to improve your station in life - your upward mobility, if you will - by changing how you carry yourself, and how efficiently, how regal you move.

This is no idle metaphor. I recognized this actually in junior high school. I knew that the only way “out” of my situation, having just been released from the psychiatric hospital into mainstream population with treacherous impact - the violence and abuse was visited upon me 10-fold due to the humiliation of being forced into an institution because teachers and doctors did not understand my “disabilities”. I realized that my “disabilities” were GIFTS which allowed me to move, think and even feel in a wonderfully unique way…

I knew that if I changed my movement, and my speech, that I could change not only myself, but how the world views potential of every individual, including the “shallow end of the gene pool” like myself.

I hope that I’ve been able to do that for you, my students I’ve met and not yet met, even in the most remote corners from me around this globe. Even if no one else may seem like it, I GIVE A DAMN about what happens to you.

We can change ourselves and the world, through our movement.

Flow Thyself™,

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  2. hello,

    coach sonnon, it was really motivating to see atl post that info! happy for him and his wife. amazing that such drastic improvement could be attributed to such a simple prehab/posthab/movement/longevity routine!!!!

    intu-flow rules!!!

    certainly hope atl, and everyone doing intu-flow, continue to experience improvement and success!!


    By lorenzodamarith on Feb 2, 2009

  3. “She could not press the 32 kg but once or maybe twice”

    That was my error in my posting…lol. She was working with the 16kg not the 32…the 32 is me. Awesome article. It addresses many of the things I have been wondering about!

    By Atl on Feb 3, 2009

  4. Thank you for helping us to better ourself and the world we live in.

    Body by body, mind by mind, we move forward ;c)

    Thank you again!

    Metod Horjak

    By Metod Horjak on Feb 4, 2009

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