Become Free of Pain, Negative Thoughts and Feelings

February 15, 2009 – 10:07 am

For many years, I lived with incredible pain due to a connective tissue condition which left me brittle and tentative. It required traveling around the world and learning at the feet of many great masters to discover simple (but not easy) steps to becoming free to move without pain.

In helping a dear client of mine, I recorded a few of the highlight points of the reality of dealing with pain and pain medications, and how that relates to your meal timing and content. These act as very general recommendations which you should discuss with your physician and in no way acts as medical prescription or substitutes for your physician’s guidance.

I focus on getting your energy to hold at a higher calibration all day long, so that you have the opportunity to fully heal without the tincture of pain coloring your awareness, output and life. Actually, the change will be dramatic, but it will require some effort to change potentially addictive habits.

First and foremost, these suggestions depend upon how much you truly want change in your physical life. You most likely will encounter very convincing specters attempting to convince you that change is impossible (at least where these phantoms are concerned.) But you need to keep reminding yourself, as we remind you, that who you are not those specters. You have to steel yourself and resist the temptation of identifying with pain, low energy, any “lack” of coordination, sorrow, and negative internal dialogue. You are not those things. They are not you. They “networks” of emotions and thoughts which coalesce from invading biochemistry from your current nutritional / chemical intake and timing.

Pain competes for performance. With the level of pain you’re experiencing, you should know that the “gate” where pain enters your spine “bottlenecks” other information from the outside world: your balance, movement and positional awareness of your environment, the temperature, chemicals and smells, electrical charges and magnetic attractions and repulsions (which constitute most of our harmonious experience of being in the world). The more and longer you experience pain, the more you can feel disconnected with the ‘external’ world, and the more you associate with the smoggy patina that pain colors your life. If you’ve been in pain for awhile, you may take “convincing” that life is not that way, only the pain is.

That said, pain is not the enemy. It’s a gift we must embrace. It is our last line of defense. Without it, we would be naked and vulnerable. We must learn why we have created the pain to draw our attention. Once we do, we are on the road to healing.

Pain killers frazzle your nervous system… because they block receptors indiscriminately causing you to feel wobbly, off-balance, sometimes slightly and pervasive, sometimes dramatically and acute. But your nervous system “interprets” that data and filters it in your forebrain as a lack of confidence, certainty, or courage. This can be further discouraging, and cause us to feel rage, sorrow and/or hopelessness. Again, you are not those things. They are pharmaceutical phantoms.

Now, these two points made, if you understand your pain, you do not need to live with it. If you take pain medications, then it becomes even more important to load your nutrition so that you can ground out the adverse impact of the meds. This means I strongly suggest the following:

The coffee must go… at least for a couple years. Not only is the caffeine contributing to the burden on your nervous system, but it is acting as an appetite suppressant interfering with your meal timing. The stimulant makes you skip your hunger in exchange for a temporary burst… and crash. The crash can open the gate to the above feelings from pain and pain killers… setting you up for a roller-coaster of craving more stimulants and sugars.

ADD hot teas rather than just subtracting the coffee. If you feel like you absolutely cannot perform without the caffeine, then start by adding a cup of black tea. You will drink less coffee if you drink a cup (completely) of black tea first. Don’t add sugar or milk to the tea. Here’s my list of recommended teas: - and if the temperature outside becomes too hot for hot tea (then, firstly you shouldn’t be drinking hot coffee), you can add cold kombucha tea:

In addition to this - and with bi-directional impact - you’ll need to change the structure of your meal timing, as well as their content.

Eat your breakfast first, then take your meds (unless the doctor specifically tells you otherwise.) This will help ground out the adverse chemical impact upon your nervous system (and as a result your emotions and thoughts.) Eat your breakfast within an hour of waking. Get in the habit. The appetite will come.

Invert the pyramid of your food timing, like the Russian proverb goes - eat your breakfast alone; share your lunch with your friends; and give your dinner to your enemies. In other words, breakfast should be your most substantive meal, lunch second and dinner the smallest. Once you invert the pyramid, you may have cravings throughout the day. To stabilize the inverted pyramid, use hot teas (like the link I offered above), raw almonds or walnuts unsalted, and dates, prunes, goji berries, unsugared crystallized ginger, tiny portions of 90+% cocoa. Just remember that you’re weening the portions on these “snacks” while you’re increasing the portions on your meals… until you’re no longer (or very infrequently) taking these snacks.

Don’t eat after 7PM, even the snacks.

Yogurt for breakfast isn’t sufficient. With berries, it’s just sugar. For breakfast, you need protein and complex carbs (greens and browns; simple carbs are basically whites.) Traditional breakfasts can work, since you’re not a vegetarian. I can offer recipe sources if you want, but honestly, whatever you have been making for dinner you can reheat to break your overnight fast. If you’re family doesn’t want to participate in this restructuring (right now; they may after they see the incredible changes which happen to you), then just have a small portion yourself, and cover a full helping overnight to reheat in the morning for yourself. This alone will make a monumental difference in how you process your meds, and how you hold your high vibrational calibration all day long.

Try to keep your meal time distance around 4 hours. If you’re pushing 6 hours, you’ll notice that right before you eat, is where you’re crashing emotionally. Read your journals to see for yourself… which brings up the next point:

Chronicle your meal, meds and behavior (feelings, thoughts, energy), and keep doing it everyday as your primary task. It will be highly instrumental for modifying your habits to maximize your high vibrational levels… you cannot change what you are not aware of.

Unless your doctor specifically says otherwise about your prescriptions, take your afternoon meds with your lunch, and your evening meds after your dinner; same as breakfast.

The cheese, pasta and breads - like almost all “whites” - spell trouble. Add more complex carbs (veggies) and proteins, and if you need help, I can direct you to resources: A good reference book you may want to consider was written by a colleague of mine, Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons, called “Potatoes Not Prozac”; and a further read would be Dr. Candace Pert’s book “Molecules of Emotion.” My colleague and endocrinologist, Dr. Kathryn Woodall will be publishing her book soon, which will be the primary go-to nutritional source for interweaving the biochemistry of exercise with nutrition for WELL-BEING rather than merely for performance or physique - which is where most nutrition approaches focus - athletics or bodybuilding - neither of which are “healthy” in and of themselves.

Consider no matter how creaky and cruddy you feel, to perform a light Intu-Flow session after each meal, about 15 minutes afterward for 3 weeks. You’ll feel dramatically less pain, more grounded and more energetic as a result, since mobility is the means of sourcing out the nutrition that you’re ingesting. You can have the greatest nutrition in the world, but if you’re not moving, it’s not being shipped to the tissues which are desperately starving for it.

Lastly, you are not the pain. The pain is a gift. But it can be misunderstood… and as a result you feel like crap.

You are not the negative feelings and thoughts. They’re merely errors in planning. You can be free of them. Hopefully, this will act as a bridge for you to become free to move again.

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  2. This morning I’m having a long chat regarding my giving up coffee (30 years of drinking two, three and more cups a day) while at the same time I’m having a nice breakfast which I always skip during my work-week days. Then, lo and behold, you come out with this blog post. I eat too many crackers at night, etc. I do have the positive of a large, productive vegetable garden which helps, but if you’re going to go forward, then the backtracking steps must be halted. Thank you Coach for this gem.

    By Kevin Dougherty on Feb 15, 2009

  3. hello,

    coach sonnon, this is a useful article. guess it is time to change the diet. big breakfast will take some getting used to.

    hmmm. breakfast is in about 10 hours…


    By lorenzodamarith on Feb 15, 2009

  4. Hello,

    What is Scott’s opinion on the importance of carbon dioxide in human health ?

    Much Russian research seems to stress the importance of maintaining\increasing the level of carbon dioxide within the body due to it is posited this is absolutely critical to human health; if this is correct can a kettlebell\exercise program be designed that:

    (a) recognises the primacy of breath ?

    (b) designed in such a way that it would almost guarantee an increase in carbon dioxide reserves in the human organism ?

    (c) If this were possible is there a way to measure whether each workout had increased
    Co2 reserves ?

    Thanks for your time


    By Terry on Feb 19, 2009

  5. Terry,

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I’ve covered this thoroughly in:My Rapid Energy Sports Enhancement Technique

    Flow Thyself™,

    By Scott Sonnon on Feb 19, 2009

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