What’re Your Fitness Process Goals? 100 Day Challenge

April 10, 2009 – 6:17 am

In the first installment of this series (Who’s Your Fitness Advocate?), I advised that you find a fitness advocate to provide specific support and accountability in your 100 Day Challenge. In this follow-up, I talk about the biggest mistake people make when goal setting and why they, as a result, don’t achieve their goals.

What’re Your Fitness Process Goals?

When you set goals, sure, set them big. But then you have to go back and chunk them into digestible forkfuls. In a 100 Day Challenge, you’ll need to divide that however you want, let’s say 10. Take those 10 chunks and tag them with 1/10th of your overall product goal - the end result you want.

Now, here’s where people make the biggest mistake which scuttles their success almost universally. Don’t set product goals, such as X amount of pounds weight loss, or Y amount of inches size lost. Weight and size loss for example are product goals, end results - but they’re always only by-products of the means, of the process you’re going through.

You have to set process goals for each of your “chunks” in your 100 Day Challenge. You need quantifiable plans to track your progress. For example, you removed X amount of time from your run, or gained Y amount of repetitions on your Clubbell swipes, or increased to Z heavier Clubbell weight lifted. These are process goal markers, and the success you can control.

It is inevitable that you’ll achieve your weight-loss, size-loss, muscle-gain, etc quantifiable results by focusing on their cause - the process goals. And you’ll discover that at the end of each “chunk” of days completed. However, if your process progress isn’t improving toward your product markers, it’s time to have a sit-down discussion with your fitness advocate, time for you to be honest about what you’re doing and performing and time to receive very candid tough-love feedback on what you need to do by the end of the next time-marker.

Join the RMAX International Forum if you’d like to participate online or at home, and start your Personal Fitness Blog beginning today. I look forward to helping you surpass your goals and dreams!

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  1. 4 Responses to “What’re Your Fitness Process Goals? 100 Day Challenge”

  2. That is a great piece of info. In the past I have set product goals as you stated and been disappointed.

    By Atl on Apr 10, 2009

  3. Product goals, which we’ve all tried and failed to achieve, are like trying to catch a tornado.

    We can control the process, not the product… and like you wrote, our disappointment at failed expectation gets tied to destination rather than the journey, so we’re always frustrated at the distance.

    I understand that frustration well because of the childhood limitations I had to overcome. I continually failed to surpass even normal standards, until I started to accidentally enjoy the process. And once that happened, suddenly much more product-ive results than I ever dreamed possible unfolded.

    Just like you wrote in your report today on your Intu-Flow progress. You feel the same, except that you’re capable of so much more.

    By Scott Sonnon on Apr 10, 2009

  4. Thanks for this Scott.

    By Martin on Apr 10, 2009

  5. hello,

    coach sonnon, this is (as always with you) tremendous advice. will keep this in mind. still ironing out some details on the 100 day challenge (consulting with hoggie, coach jones and coach haggard).

    still, this is going to be a GREAT 100 days!


    By lorenzodamarith on Apr 10, 2009

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