NEARLY HERE: My Kettlebell Special Operations Secrets Declassified

September 28, 2010 – 3:56 pm

Hey gang,

Having just returned from the 2010 World Martial Arts Games proudly wearing 4 gold medals for the US Team (in submission grappling, sport jiujitsu and mixed martial arts), I’m able to finally share some of the methods that I used to get into world-class fighting shape. The first is almost here, about 1-2 weeks away.

I feel very excited for this release of my specops kettlebell system: TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz.

What I learned traveling Russia with their specops instructors required years of crafting regressions so everyone could access elite skills and chisel commando physiques. That art, of creating motor development steps that everyone including people like myself swimming upstream from the shallow end of the gene pool, is the only way that I’ve been able to stay in amazing shrink-wrapped shape at 40 years old, and still step on the mat with world-class fighters heavier than me and half my age and still win.

I’ve never released SPETSKB publicly before because I’ve restricted this to myself and my special operators but fitness pros have been demanding applications beyond the traditional kettlebell sport lifts, so I “declassified” some of the apps I’ve kept hidden in the RMAX HQ vault.

News is coming, my friends… and starting with a free gift. I’ll post an advance notification regarding the free gift here, so keep your eyes open and don’t forget to check your folders to make sure words like “free” don’t dump my present to you where you won’t find it.

Stay safe and strong,,

Scott Sonnon

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  1. 4 Responses to “NEARLY HERE: My Kettlebell Special Operations Secrets Declassified”

  2. I cannot wait for this be released! This version of TACFIT will be especially useful to us operators deployed with minimum kit, i.e. 1x 24kg KB

    By Mitch on Sep 28, 2010

  3. Coach Sonnon, do you have video of your matches you could share with us? Maybe they’re already on YouTube?


    By Shaun on Sep 29, 2010

  4. Shaun, it should be up within a day or two.

    By Scott Sonnon on Sep 29, 2010

  5. Thank you, sir!

    By Shaun on Sep 30, 2010

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