What’s Wrong with our Food System?

September 28, 2010 – 8:23 pm

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  2. Smart kid!

    By Dean McCormick on Sep 29, 2010

  3. Have to embrace the bright side of knowledge/experience sharing and kid power these days!!!

    Started researching about how human ‘polluted’ life 30 years ago, after watching a documentary film about what happened in animal farms processing the meat sold in supermarket. I was in my teen, didn’t tell anyone as no adult would listen to such ‘non-sense’. Couldn’t stand polluted air and eat poisonous food, kept vomitting… and was slowly dying. Was sent to the ER on my bday, then ended up tied in hospital bed mistreated as ‘mental’ patient (anorexia was too new in HK among chinese people back then … was born slim & got nothing to do with diet… people rather believed I was ‘haunted’!).

    Takes a long hard journey to aware and become aligned with our own body and our core of being… but kids simply know naturally how to listen to their bodies better than grown-ups!

    It’s a true blessing to have people like Scott Sonnon in this world… showing us how great to born different!

    By karene on Oct 5, 2010

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