Your Heart is the Real Brain

May 2, 2012 – 8:13 am

Recent research documents the heart as the most powerful electrical and magnetic field generator int he human body; despite that the brain continues to be held as our primary power potential. Although the brain does indeed hold its own electromagnetic field, it pales in comparison to the field strength of the heart. Facts: the heart is 100,000 times electrically stronger and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain.

If breath controls the heart, and heart produces our most powerful field generator, then breath becomes our catalyst for changing our field. Physics demonstrates that a change in our electromagnetic field, produces atomic level transformation: as we change our energy, we change our state (of matter), and moreover, everyone we encounter.

In martial art, yoga, bodywork, counseling and coaching, we use a tool called entrainment: a technique for synchronizing and controlling of cardiac rhythm by an external stimulus, in most cases to our own breath. As we breath, so too does the entrained individual or group. As we change breath, and entrain others to do so, we change the heart rhythm - the most powerful force in the human body.

There is much more going on than we realize, even with our most current, cutting edge science. Breathe.


Scott Sonnon

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