“Creator of the World’s Smartest Workout”

“One of the World’s Top 25 Trainers”

“One of the 7 Most Influential Martial Artists of the Century”

“The Original Pioneer of Tactical Fitness”

“Scott Sonnon prepares you to be ready for anything without ruining your health.” 

Scott Sonnon overcame dyslexia so severe that he was hospitalized in a children’s psychiatric institution for his “disruptive classroom behavior.” Despite being advised that he should not set his expectations very high, he went on to become a five-time world martial arts champion, award-winning producer, prolific author, patent-holding inventor and fitness industry magnate with his books, DVDs and equipment now in 68 countries worldwide.

Scott, ironically, became a keynote speaker for the genius organization Mensa, and his acclaimed TEDx talk challenges the notion of “learning disabilities” through the creative genius of alternative learning styles.
Using his “unique neurological wiring” to create innovative health programs, he was named one of the Top 25 Trainers in the world by Men’s Fitness Magazine, “World’s Smartest Workout” Coach by Men’s Health Magazine, and one of the seven most influential martial art teachers of the 21st century by Black Belt Magazine.

He was named an adjunct instructor for the U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and lecturer for the State and Local Law Enforcement Training Symposium. His training systems have been used by more than 50,000 federal agents through the US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center and the US Marshals Service Academy.

Scott has been a featured speaker at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival,  the National Strength Conditioning Association and many more.

Scott has now taken his success in martial art, fitness and yoga off the mat and into the classrooms, as an international speaker advocating for children and adults facing labels of learning difficulties, facing the ravages of obesity, the trials of post-traumatic stress, the dangers of bullyism and the challenges of accelerated aging in joints and soft tissue.

He lives in the Bellingham, Washington, area with his wife, Jodie, and their two children.
Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/ScottSonnon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/flowcoach