With the rising international proliferation and popularity of the Circular Strength Training (CST) System, many have joined the Legion of practitioners in its most famous programming application: the TACFIT Tactical Fitness System.

TACFIT was instigated in the 1990s during my time as the USA National Team Coach for the sport of SAMBO Grappling. As both the amateur team coach and the police team coach, I saw the police performing better under pressure, but with greater adverse consequences due to occupational adaptations.

With my athletes being spread across the country, I was compelled to develop a training approach that addressed the changes in the body from experiencing high stress. As a result, TACFIT evolved as a system of restoring mobility, progressive and regressive steps to re-establish access to exercise skills and compensate for occupational and recreational adaptations.

After a decade of refinement, the first official TACFIT Gym launched in 2005. Another ten years later, today there are gyms in 33 countries worldwide… and growing monthly with certifications seminars around the globe. It is highly regarded as one of the fastest-growing system in the industry.

As TACFIT was designed to consider the entire landscape of functional wellness, the primary focus of the system is to rapidly and fully recover from stress. Down to the basics of exercise science, the benefits of exercise do not come from the work, but from the recovery between.

Therefore, the main strategy in TACFIT is to Restore the Unrecovered and the Unrecoverable. The percentage of benefit you receive from your exercise directly correlates to how fully and quickly you recover from the effort you expend, and how completely you compensate from your occupational, recreational and lifestyle patterns and activities.

The benefits as a result include the comprehensive physique by-products of lean bio-mass, with functional power, endurance and agility - as well as the conventional wellness attributes of cardio-vascular health, coordination, balance, pain-free mobility and real-world flexibility. But these are only the outward, external environment.

What makes TACFIT different from other exercise approaches is how it’s intelligently organized to address the internal, hormonal environment, through exercise endocrinology. Most workouts don’t consider your natural biorhythm, and your total stress levels throughout the day. You can have the best diet in the world, the most intense workout, but if they’re done at the wrong time in the wrong combination, you just won’t get results. In fact, you can even worsen your pain, injuries and body composition.

The main group for whom TACFIT was originally devised - the members of the tactical community - have a national mortality rate of age 57. The number one killer isn’t guns, knives, fires or bombs, but stress-related disease. My father, a veteran, died early, as a victim of that stress; and his father as well: a problem I aimed to remedy.

The average mortality rate for the average civilian is 77. Their number one killer? The same. Stress.

Dying from stress is only the conclusion. Living with stress, and all the problems, pains and illnesses it creates up until you die is additionally insufferable.

TACFIT was created to help restore the loss of 20 years of life to those in high-stress occupations. But not just the quantity of life. Also, it’s quality. Quality of life is arguably more, but is at least equally, important. Living a full, fulfilling life is the goal of this precision fitness system.

It is for this reason that Men’s Health Magazine named TACFIT, “The World’s Smartest Workout.” And it is for this reason, the ability to help those in the worst of external and internal environments, that TACFIT can help anyone, anywhere, in any state.

As the proliferation of our legion of practitioners continues, so does our research. Each member represents a data point, how to customize the system to each unique set of conditions. With each individual and unit helped, we gain deeper understanding and refinement for agency application and university studies.

The depth and breadth of this system can sound highly detailed. You don’t need to know one bit of it. You only need the next, simple, easy to follow step in front of you. Just know that it has been meticulously mapped out, calculated and considered for your application. We’ve invested an inordinate amount of time into the gears and cogs inside the machine, so that you only need to flip the switch for your benefits.

As the system founder and academy director, I wish you the very best experience possible; and as a fellow teammate in the legion, I look forward to your results, for as you deepen your betterment, we all benefit.

- Scott B. Sonnon