Women Who Believe Other Women Are “Too Bulky”

April 11, 2015 – 12:11 pm
  Occasionally, pretty, little snowflakes delicately fall onto my page to attack the women I train with their judgements of "too muscular and bulky." They're frail, wee things, who espouse the "thin and skinny" attitude that others either are or aren't. They're not strong enough to fight off a cold, much less face a logical debate. 1. One doesn't become "too muscular." Most athletes strive their entire lives to put on muscle because even with proper exercise and nutrition, it is a game of ounces not pounds. Without injections, it's impossible to become "too bulky" through proper exercise and nutrition. It just doesn't happen. 2. These little waifs confuse being bulky with being "bound."  Becoming bound (immobile and painfully restricted) happens from improper exercise: from lacking proper mobility warm-up, from lacking sufficient exercise progressions, and from lacking proper cool-down compensation. But that's IMPROPER exercise; with proper exercise, you don't get bound (or bulky.) 3. ...

Athletes: Significantly Lower Crime Rates than Non-Athletes

April 10, 2015 – 1:16 pm
"Athletes are more likely to be criminals, especially violence ones." - False. Armchair sociology, and media-induced sensationalism, lead people to idiotic opinions. You don't get to have an "opinion" which is equal to a fact. Or rather, you MAY certainly hold your opinion, despite it being wrong and ignorant. The overall arrest rate for athletes, in this case - the NFL, is a mere 13% of the national average arrest rate for men (ages 25 to 29). When only arrests for domestic violence are considered, athletes still remain HALF the national average arrest rate. An athlete is 2-7.5X less likely to commit a crime than the non-athlete. Fact. And that's only prohibition. If we developed a way to track the GOOD that athletes vs non-athletes do, because of their self-disciplined lives, I would suspect an equally stark contrast. Non-athletes love to pontificate that they're more morally enlightened and more spiritually advanced... based upon ...

Die Young as Late in Life as Possible

April 10, 2015 – 1:15 pm
  Proper exercise will help you die young as late in life as possible. ‪#‎TACFIT‬ ‪#‎511Tactical‬ a2a_linkname="Die Young as Late in Life as Possible";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2527";

Can’t Move The Way You’re Coached?

April 9, 2015 – 8:51 am
Be 100% accountable for your own growth! If you can't move the way you get coached, get coached the way you are moved. The best approach is the one that moves you. #ClubbellAthletics #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Can't Move The Way You're Coached?";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2526";

This is NOT Inner Peace

April 9, 2015 – 8:50 am
With some people attacking others as suffering some sort of mental illness for their aggressiveness, I have to comment since I've trained athletes from many other combat sports. They are highly intelligent, comprehensively athletic and icily calm. Many cannot comprehend the difference between aggressiveness and aggression, because it's beyond the capacity of those who do not train to distinguish controlled performance from uncontrolled emotion. Society suffers from a far-swung pendulum into a passivity so incapacitating that most attack success (in any endeavor) as a mental illness; because no one succeeds (especially in the physical realm) without aggressive pursuit of goals and tenacious practice of skills. Others indict success as a deranged goal altogether, claiming that the world doesn't need more successful people, but more peaceful people. I'm not a fan. As someone who works as lead security coordinator for religious and spiritual conventions by very peaceful people, it requires a consolidated effort to ...

Never Easier - Only Better

April 8, 2015 – 11:01 am
It never gets easier. You just get better. #ClubbellAthletics #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Never Easier - Only Better";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2524";

One Type of Learning: Slow

April 8, 2015 – 11:00 am
Only one type of learning: Slow. The more we grow, the slower we go, because learning to be better becomes more important than merely repeating what we are currently capable of. #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="One Type of Learning: Slow";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2523";

So Good No One Can Deny You

April 6, 2015 – 9:58 am
A student who had not passed his exams at my certification stated his partner had coached him incorrectly. I reminded him that he has 3 months to retest and re-submit the exams with no fees, and I explained precisely what he needed to practice to pass. He demanded that I pass him regardless because he didn't think he needed to retest, and that he would "bad-mouth" me online if I didn't pass him. For six years, I didn't receive my certification. Each year I didn't pass; every year, I returned to do it again. I could have blamed any number of situations for my repetitious failure: from my learning difficulties, to the repeated 11,000 mile commute, to the political pressures for being the first American. But I kept going. I didn't care what anyone threw at me. I had become 100% determined to become so good that it would be impossible for ...

Step into your Power through Discomfort

April 6, 2015 – 9:30 am
  To talk comfortably of change is a self-justifying way of avoiding it. Step into your power: through discomfort. #ClubbellAthletics #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Step into your Power through Discomfort";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2521";

Rivers Cut Through Rock by Flow not by Force

April 3, 2015 – 8:57 am
  Rivers Cut Through Rock: not by impacting force but by restoring flow. Compensate for your work to unblock the stagnation of plateaus and pains. #TACFIT #Prehab #CST #ClubbellAthletics #511Tactical  a2a_linkname="Rivers Cut Through Rock by Flow not by Force";a2a_linkurl="http://www.rmaxinternational.com/flowcoach/?p=2520";