Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.

August 24, 2015 – 8:47 am
  We waste too much of life waiting for the right moment, when it's right here and right now. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Pain will find you, if you wait; or you will find discomfort, if you don't. Both are a decision, but the latter prevents the former, and only the latter unlocks your progress. If you're frustrated by your progress, good; then, it means something to you. If you didn't care, you wouldn't feel anything. There, within you, is all the motivation you need. If all you can do is crawl, then crawl. You'll be miles ahead of where you would have been if you hadn't started. #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can.";a2a_linkurl="";

Positive Thinking is Useless, if you don’t do this…

August 17, 2015 – 7:46 am
  Many have become so worried about negativity that it makes it impossible for them to create positive change. Don't confuse self-critique for self-criticism. Without an honest assessment of your current condition, you cannot create a realistic map to your goals. Positive thinking without self-critique is denial. Positive thinking without willful action is fantasy. Be positive of your starting point, be positive of your goal, and then take each incremental step. #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Positive Thinking is Useless, if you don't do this...";a2a_linkurl="";

You will never be Balanced. (And that’s fine.)

August 16, 2015 – 10:07 am
  There is no such thing as a "balanced body." Everything you do creates an imbalance in the opposite direction. The body's genius lies in its ability to compensate for its perpetual state of imbalance through an intricate web of undulating tightness and looseness. The belief in perfect balance is a mythical Paladin: a knight in shining armor who has never tested his metal. And pursuing these Paladins causes you to ignore, deny and neglect the reality of these compensations throughout your body. Real bodies are riddled with dents and dings, weaving the story of their adventures in a tapestry of tension. Every workout is a new story for which you must compensate. Stop believing in fantasies, or listening to those who try to convince you of these fairytales. You are imbalanced, and will always be imbalanced. The goal was never to ...

Make it Happen

August 16, 2015 – 10:04 am
Even the smartest exercise and nutrition programming in the world won't work, unless you do. But even the simplest movements and basic meals will work if you do. There are 3 kinds of people: Those who make it happen; those who watch it happen; and those who wonder how it happened to others. Make it happen. #Clubbell #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Make it Happen";a2a_linkurl="";

What is a Team Leader?

August 16, 2015 – 10:03 am
  Every member of the TACFIT Legion leads from the front, by example, with enthusiasm, excellence and energy. That is why the examinations are both performance and coaching, physical and mental, biomechanical and biochemical. Rafael Tonatiuh Arriaga Gonzalez​ traveled to several countries around the world to complete his Level II Team Leader Certification in TACFIT: the most difficult physical and mental challenge in fitness. He refused to quit when he was given multiple chances to give up. He persevered with intelligent strength and is now building the TACFIT Legion in Mexico to be a very strong family. Team Leaders are very rare, because passing the exam is highly unlikely, for no matter how strong you are, without perfection of technique, your strength is useless, and can even be counterproductive to passing. The test is truly an examination of how fast you can recover from high intensity, not merely how much you can perform. ...

Move Your Food!

August 14, 2015 – 1:32 pm
  Don't let immobility make you fugitive from your nutrition. You can have the best diet in the world, but if you don't move what is tight, your body literally starves to death. Movement is the delivery system for nutrition. Don't hold nutrients hostage from the tissues that need it. Move your food. #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Move Your Food!";a2a_linkurl="";

5Ms of Personal Transformation

August 14, 2015 – 1:32 pm
What results if you neglect any of the 5Ms of Personal Transformation? Not Positive Change. #TACFIT a2a_linkname="5Ms of Personal Transformation";a2a_linkurl="";

Exhausted and understaffed

August 14, 2015 – 1:31 pm
Burnout and injuries result from too much overtime, which results from workers compensation injuries under-staffing personnel, which results from lack of job-relevant physical compensation. Los Angeles city alone spends $900,000 per month on workers compensation payouts for first responder sprains and strains. The national solution to $1.8 BILLION dollars of wasted tax payer money per year on workers compensation overhead alone - NOT COUNTING overtime payouts and injuries resulting from overtime burnout - is TACFIT. Chiefs and Commissioners: if you want to save an enormous amount of your extremely strained budget as well as prevent your personnel from undue injuries, the proven solution is TACFIT. ‪#‎TACFIT‬ ‪#‎511Tactical‬ a2a_linkname="Exhausted and understaffed";a2a_linkurl="";

Doomed to Repeat the Past, if you don’t do this…

August 14, 2015 – 1:30 pm
Without a plan for the future, we only return to the past. Without mapping a destination, you do worse than going nowhere: you will circle around back to old injuries and prior, dysfunctional movement patterns and reinforce the problems. Many impacts and traumas "echo" throughout your web of myofascia for over a decade before them embed in distant location that only appear to be unrelated. Once you set upon unraveling the knots, they lead, from one site of pain and dysfunction to another, until you return to the neglected Source of the problem, and finally resolve it. The map is not the landscape, so along your path of rediscovery, you will find many unfilled potholes. Pause at each and address them before forensically chasing pain back to its source. If you don't create a deliberate path to follow, you will inevitably ...

Thicker than Blood: Team

August 14, 2015 – 1:29 pm
Surround yourself with trusted and loyal teammates. Family isn't only from the blood. #TACFIT #HonorTheLegion #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Thicker than Blood: Team";a2a_linkurl="";