Compassion starts within

July 17, 2014 – 3:05 am
Shaming poured onto my page when I began addressing issues from the perspective of someone who has actually faced the physical challenges of obesity, the social pressures which bombard us and the psychological hate we internalize. Unfortunately most "motivational" coaching involves photos of how we're told we "ought" to appear, with slogans implying that we're just not disciplined enough to look like the photoshopped models depicted. Self-loathing creates volatile chemistry which hardens the hormonal environment against health. Cells can't heal where the toxic biochemistry of shame, humiliation and hate abide. That's simple science, not speculative theory. To actually recover from obesity, we need self-acceptance, not self-rejection, because only in a state of loving self-care can we take the necessary steps to heal our biochemistry in a sustainable progression. Even one wobbling step of shame puts us three steps chemically backwards. Become immune to the opinions of others, and you not only unfetter needless suffering, ...

My free talk on dyslexia in Michigan, 8/11/14!

July 16, 2014 – 3:37 am
 Here it is, my friends!! The beginning of what will become a national (and international) tour: FREE ADMISSION! Michigan is our christening event, so even if you're not within convenient travel distance, PLEASE SHARE our event and help promote it so we can reach everyone who would like to attend or would attend in their own State! Our "1 in 5" kids face the challenges of dyslexia. Traditional education does not tap into the advantages of our processing style, and so we all suffer the "disabling" trade-offs  which manifest in that type of classroom. We can, however, through congressional co-sponsorship on current legislation, tap into the unique wiring of our "otherwise thinking" kids, and mitigate any of their hardships compressed by traditional education. DECODING DYSLEXIA is leading the way here so contact your State chapter today and get involved! Though these interactive "town hall" presentations will address these global, objective issues (and ...

Love your haters. You’ve been there.

July 16, 2014 – 3:29 am
  "Scott, why do you keep on things like obesity, PTSD, disabilities and bullies. We get it. You had a tough time, but let it go already. Others don't harp on causes like you. Ever think that's why your not part of their networks? no offense but maybe you should let it go?" Posted last night to my timeline. I've attempted to follow the paths of others even when my own should have been leading me in a different direction. Now, I realize that only by being unapologetically myself, can I serve others with my highest and best use... even (perhaps especially) if some don't like it.  When you're truly authentic, many will reject you. But if you keep your courage and conviction, and rapidly recover when they periodically waver, the right people will appear walking their own path parallel to yours. When they're not appearing, you're going to need to be your badass, ...

Your Dyslexic Advantage

July 15, 2014 – 3:40 am
  Please share any questions about dyslexia, issues you'd enjoy hearing me speak about, or stories you'd like me to retell live. I will select several for the focus of my presentation next month for the Michigan Chapter of Decoding Dyslexia. This will be a free admission "town hall" presentation. Although told from my own story, my aim with these public speaking engagements is a new outreach to promote the positive advantages of the dyslexic processing style and personal strategies for mitigating the neurological trade-offs of our learning styles. Although there will be morsels of value for educators and administrators, this isn't a "dyslexia conference." Through the sponsorship of RMAX International and the support of Decoding Dyslexia, I'll be traveling State to State, beginning next month in Michigan, to inspire our 60 million kids in USA and encourage them to embrace their dyslexia as their neurological advantage... as a invisible superpower. Our amazing organizers ...

Transformation not information.

July 15, 2014 – 3:37 am
  I sought too much information, and yet hadn't practiced enough transformation, and I offered too much education and not enough inspiration to apply it. Finding the right balance holds the key to sustainable personal growth and the effective ignition of those you touch by your positive example. I remember disagreeing with a presentation by Zig Ziglar at a training camp, or rather, I thought the inverse of what he had said to also be true. He said, "Positive thinking let's you use the abilities, skills and experience you have," but I had discovered that positivity also gives you access to abilities, skills and experience you DON'T have! When we seek information, we try to grab a river; surging floods of knowledge that slip through our grasp when we try to collect it. When we aspire to be transformed by even a single drink instead, we release inner capabilities to apply that knowledge ...

How stress fights stress

July 14, 2014 – 5:05 pm
  Prolonged stress causes degeneration in the area of the brain responsible for self-control which is why people who are too relaxed or too stressed make poor decisions, as well as why stress related disease is the number one killer of soldiers, police and firefighters (with a lifespan average of 54!!) Coming from a home ravaged by the violence of prolonged stress, my career was charted to devise a method to "wave" (or modulate) stress exposure to inoculate its adverse effects upon you. You need stress to fight stress because our bodies only adapt and grow by it; without stress with whither and die from accelerated aging (as we discovered in our NASA space program - zero gravity rapidly destroys your skeleton, tissues and organs from the absence of stress.) So in TACFIT, I created a data tracking method to measure recovery and ensure that we are training with positive stress ("eustress") and ...

Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

July 14, 2014 – 5:48 am
  Last night, a confused poster wrote: "Your just another milquetoast hypocrite. You give us alternatives for plant-based nutrition but you didn't stay a vegan. If you were a vegan for 5 years and quit, then you obviously did it wrong. Either you are a vegan or you lack the spiritual growth to know the damage you do to everyone you claim to teach with your hypocracy! Your really quite worse than the animal murdering warmongers you train cause you lead others to think that their lifestyle is a healthy option." Let's unpack this, and take a clear look at these hateful remarks, for hate is ignorance inflamed by fear. If we can look at our ignorance clearly, our fear of it will not make us burn with hate. My goal as a professional isn't to promote MY way of doing anything, but to hold a mirror so that those who come to ...

You walked by me, and I stopped breathing

July 13, 2014 – 9:36 am
You walked by me, and I stopped breathing. Only when I caught my breath, did I realize that I was about to change everything in my life for the better, find you, and never let you go again. I look back on the twenty years since we had met, and it stretches across a timeline of breathless moments caught by you.We've had difficulties as all couples do, but for our ongoing recommitment to one another, each hardship has woven us into a more knit union. Each challenge was like a song sung together to find greater harmony. When we were sad, we have listened to the lyrics, and when we were happy, we have just enjoyed the melody. But it has always been our mutual song we perfect each year. Listen to the symphony we've composed, my love. There are far better things ahead than behind. The father back I look ...

Where can vegetarians get protein?

July 13, 2014 – 9:33 am
I am no longer a vegetarian after five years of attempting a plant-based nutrition approach. Although I may one day return to it again as my life continues, I hope to share what I've discovered for those who find themselves at different points along the spiral of their changing needs.  Solely plant-based protein is a challenge for non-creature eaters is a major if not primary challenge. This may help, but remember that you also need a sufficient amount of plant-based fats.  Once at the beginning and once 3-4 months into your vegetarian exploration, have a full blood panel drawn to determine any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you're already veg, then go get it now. No matter how you steer the boat (regardless of your eating approach), if you've got hidden holes (deficiencies), it doesn't matter: you'll eventually sink.   a2a_linkname="Where can vegetarians get protein?";a2a_linkurl="";

You’re 100% on your own. And you’ll be just fine.

July 13, 2014 – 5:34 am
  When I realized no one was coming to save me, that I couldn't depend upon anyone for my protection, my health, my happiness, or my career, I started to strive alone. Yet, as soon as I began to protect my own self from harm, take care of my own health, make my own happiness with what I was and had, and worked alone to make my ideas into a career, miraculously, opportunities began to appear. My mom can be thought to be stubborn, but seeing that as a vice is a misunderstanding of the virtue of her intense self-reliance. As a father, business owner, and a person now in a position to reach out to others, I realize that the best gift I could give others is what my mother gave me: the belief in myself to do it all alone if I had to. She once kissed me and whispered, "The dedicated ...