Are You Breaking the 3 Laws of Functional Fitness?

November 20, 2014 – 4:08 pm
At one point or another in our lives we ask the question, "What are we fit FOR?" Are we fit for our job, our recreation, our families: the "ness" of fit-ness? So, many of us have turned to the fitness world in hope of receiving aid. Hopes turn sour as we encounter a font of conflicting information, with different camps embattled by a schism of "us versus them" or in industry language: functional versus dysfunctional. Fighting over the phrase "functional fitness" happens because it contains redundant words: to be able to function means: you ARE fit for what you're doing. If you can't function, then by definition, you're un-fit. To prove this true when I must qualify a new class of instructors, I ask each to demonstrate "dysfunctional fitness" or "unfit functionality." No one ever has, nor ever will, because like jumbo-shrimp and a permanent guest-host, dysfunctional fitness and unfit functionality ...

You Also Adapt To The Movement You Don’t Do!

November 20, 2014 – 4:07 pm
Your body adapts to the movement you don't make. It efficiently grows shorter to help you do less of what you don't do. When you train to move through that movement your body has shortened, nerve endings in your tissue will send signals (pain, called nociception) reminding you that you haven't been moving that way. But your body has only changed shape, not potential. The ability to move through that range is always there. You can retrain the nervous system to move in ways you haven't. Unfortunately, we are told to stretch: to pull against shortened tissue to make them change shape. But you can't change tissue flexibility. In fact, because of our erroneous belief, this pulling acts as a resistance training exercise and makes the shortness stronger. We can use neurological tools to retrain a deactivated movement: 1. Exhale into the shortened movement to switch to the parasympathetic side of the nervous system and ...

Thank you: Berkeley SWAT, ACSO and 5.11 Tactical!

November 20, 2014 – 4:06 pm
Thank you to the Berkeley University SWAT Team and to Almeda County Sheriffs Office for last weekend's incredible filming of Tactics and TACFIT with 5.11 Tactical! a2a_linkname="Thank you: Berkeley SWAT, ACSO and 5.11 Tactical!";a2a_linkurl="";

Plantar Fasciitis Fix

November 20, 2014 – 4:06 pm
A "trainer" commented that the reason a person's plantar fasciitis had started in the other foot was due to a "viral spread across the myofascial web infecting the other leg." Dear Lord, it only took ten years before myofascial matrices became the new magical voodoo. The cause of plantar fasciitis beginning in the second leg is typically merely biomechanical, due to our compensatory reaction to pain. When weight bearing on one foot causes pain, you tend deliberately or subconsciously change your gait to reduce the pressure on the painful area. This often means putting more pressure on the other foot and stressing the fascia on that side, resulting in a bilateral case of plantar fasciitis. With a pain you shorten your stride when the foot is in the rear, causing the hip flexor to mute (stay short) and the glutes to deactivate since the leg doesn't extend far back, which leads to ...

Align All Elements to Your Success (”Tactical” Fitness)

November 20, 2014 – 4:05 pm
I was never a great fighter, but because I fixated on movement as exercise, I was able to give the illusion of speed, power and focus through smoothness (biomechanically efficiency), precision (the essential synergy of coordination), and stress inoculation (recovery through biofeedback), respectively. They are the "tricks" of mundane, repetitive practice. And because of that, I got to step on the mat with truly great fighters and occasionally even win. This is the true definition of "tactical" in TACFIT: to align all elements of training to achieve a strategic objective. Theres a very specific reason TACFIT has been named the "World's Smartest Workout!" Very Respectfully, Scott Sonnon Chief Operations Officer #TACFIT #511Tactical a2a_linkname="Align All Elements to Your Success (\"Tactical\" Fitness)";a2a_linkurl="";

A Little of Everything = Whole Lot of Nothing

November 20, 2014 – 10:17 am
More training isn't better. Heavier training isn't better. Longer training isn't better. Only Better Training is Better. #TACFIT #Clubbell #ClubbellAthletics #CircularStrengthTraining #ClubbellYoga a2a_linkname="A Little of Everything = Whole Lot of Nothing";a2a_linkurl="";

Exercise - Immunity: Close the Infection Window

November 20, 2014 – 9:39 am
You can use rapid recovery from exercise-induced intensity to make your immunity stronger. You cannot by doing nothing. Exercise has anti-inflammatory effects, which means that moderate amounts of exercise may enhance immune function above sedentary levels. This shows the pathogen window and yes exercise above low intensity opens the window greater than sedentary. The research however shows: 1. Sedentary absence of exercise induced stress cannot grow immune strength, and results in chronic stress. The pathogen window opens. 2. Low intensity exercise does slightly increase the immune system, and slightly shut the pathogen window, but it does not grow the immune system stronger. 2. Extremely high intensity is not recoverable for the immune system; suppressing and impairing it; throwing the pathogen window wide open. 3. Training rapid recovery from high intensity to moderate intensity bolsters the immune system, and shuts the pathogen window. A sedentary life is a slow suicide which eventually keeps the "pathogen window" open, ...

Knee Strain? Hip / Ankle Tightness Fix!

November 12, 2014 – 4:41 pm
Complaints of knee pain before, during, and after walking and running. Knee strain is one of the top three injuries in law enforcement, military and firefighting / EMT. An average academy class has a 31% injury rate and of those, 65% are running related. With a SIMPLE FIX, classes have become 100% injury free! Poorly educated trainers assign knee "strengthening" exercises as a remedy. But the "knee" isn't weak (it's a joint, not a muscle). Instead, the knee is very often being forced to supply mobility because the hips and ankles are not supplying the mobility they're designed to give. Your body compensates by adding knee movement, but since your knee was designed to be stable structure in those movements, your nervous system sends your warning signals of the vulnerability to injury (and eventually if you ignore the signals, becomes injured.) Walking or running, you transfer weight laterally as you step, partly due ...

How to Prevent Exercise from Imbalancing You

November 6, 2014 – 10:56 am
Stress echoes like ripples across a pond, since the body is a fluid web. Unfortunately, we only associate this phenomenon with trauma, like collision, injury or fear. We don't realize this EQUALLY applies to randomized training. An exercise program which does not deliberately balance itself across a training cycle creates adaptations in the body which change it's shape in a negative way. Think of tuning a guitar with one string very tight and another very loose. But where the analogy would be more accurate, imagine that the guitar neck would bend and fold if the strings weren't perfectly balanced in tension. This is your body on an imbalanced program of random workouts and arbitrarily selected exercises. Every exercise will create tension in one direction which must be balanced eventually across the cycle with another exercise which balances it in the functional opposite ...

Continuing TACFIT Research using SIRT Laser Technology

November 6, 2014 – 10:55 am
Great factory tour this morning at the manufacturing of SIRT laser technology with founder Mike Hughes. Uber cool TACFIT research coming on the transferability of our heart rate biofeedback and tactical fitness platform to increased fine motor accuracy, precision and pattern recognition using the most innovative technology in the industry! a2a_linkname="Continuing TACFIT Research using SIRT Laser Technology";a2a_linkurl="";