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"The Flow Coach, Scott Sonnon, Answers Frequently Asked Questions On His World-Famous Circular Strength Training System!"

What is Circular Strength Training® and what benefits can it give to the user?

"CST involves a 3 "winged" process for health-first fitness. By wings, I don't mean steps, but rather like a three-member team each acting synergistically toward your personal development."

"Firstly, we move each joint individually to restore the lubrication and nutrition to the compressed joint. Basic movements appear like standard joint flexion, extension and rotation, but sophisticate to circles, infinities, clovers and finally waves through vibration drills and breathing patterns."

"Without this critical step all exercise is harmful and counter-productive. If you’re not doing this program, you live in a state of daily suicide, a slow decay “slowly boiling the frog” because the good nutrition you may or may not be ingesting cannot be transported to the tissues which live in a state of starvation – their joints – because of the lack of this specific program."

"For certain, this step – called “Intu-Flow®” – is the real “fountain of youth” since we are as old as our connective tissue, and this is the only way to halt and reverse the aging process, and guarantee pain-free longevity. While restoring essential joint lubrication and nutrition, this wing of CST restores lost function, strength, range of motion, coordination and agility. In anatomy and physiology, I coined this step “washing the inner bag” of the myofascial matrix – the animating force of the human form."

"Secondly, move the body through multi-dimensional, not merely multi-planar yoga flows and breathing drills. Conventional fitness moves only multi-planar at best: up and down like squatting, front and back like lunging, and right left like side-lunging. However, the body moves in 6 “degrees of freedom” not merely 3. It does heave up and down, surge front and back and sway right and left, but it also pitches bending forward and backward, yaws twisting right and left, and rolls bending right and left. Combined the “6 degrees of freedom” create the magical grace of human movement which we all deserve to keep throughout our long lives."

"Habitual breathing patterns literally “freeze” our motor complexity shackling us to robotic movement at best and pathological immobility as an eventual guarantee. These stress, trauma, fear and anger based breathing patterns are hard-wired reflexes which you must specifically over-write or you will guarantee eventual disease."

"Yoga was meant to have 3 modalities: asana – for structural integrity of postures, vinyasa – or linking breath, and prasara – “flow without thought” the graceful carriage and poise that is your birthright."

"This second wing of CST, called “Prasara Body-Flow Yoga” releases the adhesions of the “outer bag” of the myofascial matrix. Through immobility, and lack of motor quality, fascia and the muscle it contains lays down against the inner bag (periosteum, joint capsule and the bone, synovial fluid, ground substance and cartilage) and forms thick leathery straps of fibers to further prevent mobility."

"Prasara Body-Flow is much more than a mere athletic exercise program. It is how you regain your natural grace and poise, and all of the emotional abundance and mental clarity which accompanies it."

"The third wing of CST takes that “double bag” system of the myofascial matrix and instead of compressing out the critical nutrition and lubrication like conventional fitness and sports do, adds “traction” to cause positive adaptation eliciting connective tissue strengthening by swinging weight.”

"Swinging weight, originally developed as a method for maintaining sufficient stress to the myofascial matrix when facing zero gravity, pulls the connective tissue outwards, rather than compressing it inward. The optimal tool for this job is the club, used for millennia by different cultures such as ancient Persia, India and Russia, for strength conditioning of their warriors."

"My patented Clubbell® has made multi-dimensional strength, even at extreme ranges inaccessible by conventional free-weights and machines. Due to the displaced center of mass, the Clubbell can be very light weight compared to the force production it generates, making it highly portable and efficient, as well as preventing the deleterious effects that heavy weight lifting causes due to connective tissue strain."

How would athletes benefit from this training system?

"Injury prevention and prehabilitation, pain reduction and elimination, rehabilitation, post-rehabilitation reconditioning, enhanced sports performance, significantly accelerated recovery, maximizes restorative capabilities, improved coordination and agility, greater emotional control, improved mental awareness and attentional stamina, optimizes the body-mind connection."

How did you come up with the idea for this workout?

"I'll give you the short version. For the longer version, check out my bio. Due to suffering Osteochondrosis Disease as a child, I grew 8 inches in 3 months, shredding my connective tissue and preventing the proper growth plate development. Conventional weight-lifting and conditioning methods as a result were not possible for me."

"With my motor acquisition skills hampered by dyslexia, and my sight nearly destroyed due to Ptosis, Thygeson’s disease and being legally blind, I’ve had to adopt a surgically precise approach to developing movements."

"This and other hurdles I faced as a child led me to begin my research into alternative health modalities, taking me to University where I eventually became a professor of physical education for Penn State University."

"Simultaneous to my academic studies, I dove 100% into martial art, as it’s philosophy of internal strength generation, primarily through energetic and myofascial development, accelerated my intrinsic understanding of the fringe sciences I studied."

"After years of requests, I was admitted to be the first foreigner to study behind the “Iron Curtain”, learning from the former Soviet Olympic and National coaches and trainers. For those 6 years, I learned their approach to “biomechanical exercise” and respiratory science."

"With my study of yoga with my teacher, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (or "Amma" for short), over the past decade, I’ve come to blend the cutting edge science I’ve learned across the globe with the ancient health practices which have survived millennia of true functional application. The result is what you see now in what I have named Circular Strength Training®”.

What can people expect from a Circular Strength Training® workout?

"You can expect all of the usual suspects: fat loss, strength gain, muscular development. However, with CST that’s only the superficial physique. The real reason, if you ask enough of the right questions, as to why people want to become fit is because they want to feel good in their skin.”

"Your fitness is your emotions represented by your body. You can be very fit but totally unhealthy. Unfortunately, this is typical for conventional gyms who prey on the emotions of fat burn and muscle/strength gain with their superficiality. I’ve had many of my students burst into tears when I tell them that their fat is not some excess but stored emotion, what I call “bound flow”, which cannot be “burned off”. Instead it must be “moved” – the blockage cleared through mobility, so that the emotional insulation of adipose tissue merely melts away."

"Even for sports performance, as a sport psychology coach for many world champions and professional athletes, I can tell you that conditioning is only a trick to convince the mind that it’s capable of performing much better than it believes. When conditioning is inappropriate, the emotions flood the body with hormones – and their resulting basal reflexes - which compete and interfere with access to sports skills which are stored in the higher function brain centres."

"CST isn’t merely a matrix of scientific theory, nor is it just a pool of alternative exercises. It’s a health technique which has made rationally systematic and efficiently expeditious all of the benefits of ancient martial arts and health practices from around the world. And it’s been proven at all levels from the average person wanting to regain their innate beauty and grace, to the elite athlete wanting to enhance their performance in a sustainable way which guarantees their career longevity."

"If ever there was a fountain of youth, it’s CST."

Is the workout something you can do from home?

"CST can be performed at home, at the office, at the gym, in a hotel, at a park, in a garage, anywhere you are. CST isn’t something you merely do, it’s an improved functional capacity you become. People training at home should "blog" their practice and ask questions on my forum, so they get the benefit of FREE feedback from qualified instructors and coaches 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, and to receive monthly FREE goodies, tips, exercises and other goodies, become a member of my world-renowned Scott Sonnon's Core Cadre!"

Do you have any particular success stories that you would like to tell us about?

"People who credit CST for their return to wellness have recovered from spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, disc herniation, asthma, even cancer. Although such recoveries are supreme triumphs, I do admit that each story remains just as dear to my heart as any other."

"One young man who began CST a year ago had never exercised in his life, had terrible self-esteem and rapidly approaching disease where his doctors told him that not exercising would soon mean death. He chose one exercise, just one, and without even changing his diet lost 100lbs. so far. But the weight isn’t the thing. The change in his personal empowerment, his self-confidence, shot through the roof. He now feels he has the courage to accomplish anything he sets his mind to."

"Success stories like this one impact me greatly, because I was the kid in dead last. I was the one at the back of the pack who was the final child to be chosen in every sport and academic activity because of my so-called physical and mental disabilities. For me, sharing CST is a moral imperative; I feel an intense social obligation to make sure that none of our youth are left behind. Sure, it’s great to tinker with the top 2% of elite athletes when I train the professionals. But my greatest fulfilment comes when I have the chance to help the 85% of the population who suffer daily limitations, and give them the opportunity through the “Sonnon Method” to tap into their innate, unlimited potential as a natural athlete and learner."

Is Circular Strength Training® available at fitness centres?

"Yes, CST can now be found in 58 countries around the world and counting! You can check out the CST locations, and you can become a qualified representative of CST by registering for one of my seminars."

Scott Sonnon after teaching the NHL New Jersey Devils.

Are there any professional sport teams using this training?

"There are more and more professional teams using CST. Some of the teams including CST over the years include the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils, the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns, Major League Baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies, Premier League’s Chelsea Football Club."

What level of fitness do you need to be able to do the workout?

"The level you are right now. CST takes you from where you are right now to where you want to go through a technique I developed called “incremental sophistication.” Unlike conventional fitness gyms which “scale” workouts, they do not make systematic motor complexity to the level of detail I have. You will always feel challenged but never overwhelmed."

Can you explain the type of moves involved in the training?

"The moves in CST are not linear obviously, not two-dimensional like you would see in a conventional fitness gym. Typical gyms are oriented on bodybuilding. That “sport” no more represents health and fitness than a beauty pageant. And I work with many models recovering from bodybuilding and pageantry because of how specifically unhealthy and unfit they become as a result."

"CST movements can look like a very joint specific Tai Chi; where instead of elaborate and highly technical motions to memorize, each joint is moved through simple motions until it naturally sophisticates itself. This wing of CST – called Intu-Flow® – appears as if the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz were suddenly given a can of oil lubricating each joint until he could wiggle, dance and spin with the un-containable exuberance we each once had as a child, and can have again RIGHT NOW! Coordination is hard-wired into you; only un-coordination is learned. And practice of Intu-Flow® wipes clean the slate allowing you to regain your natural grace through these very simple to learn, but ever-sophisticating movements."

"CST movements in Prasara Body-Flow look very much like physical yoga but with elements of dance, gymnastics, and martial arts. However, because of the learning and physical disabilities I suffered as a child, I had to learn to break every movement down into its most basic components; like the old saying of how to ever eat an elephant, you begin one forkful at a time. So, the real key to Prasara Body-Flow isn’t how overwhelming the advanced movements can appear, but how instantly accessible the beginning components are. If you begin, you will continue to progress to ever more challenging movements always experience success and always relishing each new challenge."

"CST movements in swinging weights such as the Clubbell® - but also with gymnastic rings, sandbags, medicine balls, swing balls, parallettes and monkey bars - feel incredibly feral and instinctive, because they are how we are hard-wired to move. Learning to move in the robotic, disjointed movements typical of conventional fitness gyms is hard for the body, which is why most people need loud music, books, television, anything to distract their nervous system from the insane tedium of the monotony. Instead, swinging weights like my Clubbell® allow you to express your strength in 3 dimensions, and create real usable strength not just for enhanced sports performance but for functional applications in all fields of life. You don’t have to spend years learning how to swing an axe, sledgehammer, shovel or club because the template is written into our very DNA. Swinging weights is absolutely the most genetically connected, and fun way you can maintain and grow your fitness."

Where do I start?

"Honestly, anywhere. What interests you most? Mobility, Yoga, Athleticism, all of them? If mobility start with Intu-Flow Starter Package; if yoga, then start with the Prasara Instructional DVD and Book; if Athleticism, begin with a pair of 10lbs Clubbells if you're a gal, or a pair of 15lbs Clubbells if you're a guy and get the Big Book and the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training. If you don't know where to begin, then start with the Intu-Flow Starter Package."

Your's Truly,

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