Grappler’s Toolbox™ (Original Edition)

"Scott's knowledge of biomechanical exercise along with his demonstration of how to incorporate his training methodology is, without question, second to none." - Wayne Fisher, US Navy Diver (4 years working support for US Navy SEALs)

“…The principles presented regarding the bio-mechanics of transitional movement would be of interest to all SERIOUS practitioners of sport grappling REGARDLESS of style. I was very impressed with the amount of thought which must have went into producing such a tape. There is no question in my mind that the tape addresses an issue in sport grappling which has never been addressed previously in the U.S…” - Professor Frank E. Sanchez, 10th dan grandmaster, Soke (Headfounder), Honorary Ambassador-At-Large for Guam, An Honorary member and Advisor to 23 International martial arts organizations, Founder of the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP (the largest and most elite of the martial arts grandmasters councils now in existence today), USA

“…The Biomechanical exercises in the Grappler's Toolbox are crucial to the success of any athlete wishing for better mobility, increased power in their motions, and a higher success in their already learned base of techniques. Biomechanical Exercises are methods of training that require no equipment but yourself and can be done anywhere, yet have the capability to improve your game whatever it may be, by teaching your body to move smoother, cleaner, more efficiently, which could also lead to an increase of speed, power and endurance, as well as improved balance…" - Todd Milhoan -World Youth Games Sambo Champion, 2X Espoir World Sambo Champion, 12x USA National Sambo champion, Olympic Training Center Resident

“…The Grapplers Toolbox is the missing link for grappling instructional tapes. It allows one to progress with or without the benefit of a training partner..”. - B. Byrd - Obake Team and Obake Fight School, USA

“...The exercises are designed for practice at home and no equipment or partner is needed... Recommended as worthwhile viewing, especially for coaches…” - Neil Ohlenkamp, Head Instructor of the Encino Judo Club, former USA Judo Team Coach, Judo 5th degree black belt, Jujitsu 6th degree black belt, 31 years of martial art training, trained coaches and athletes at the US Olympic Training Center

“Yes, even though we've never met in person, through your writings and videos I have begun to experience levels performance I did not think I had in me. I didn't expect such a dramatic change when I first began to experiment with exercises from the Grappler's Toolbox.” - David Pilkinton

“I've had the Grappler's Toolbox set for a while, and have incorporated some of the exercises and concepts into my training. It's great stuff. I've practiced hapkido and aikido for years and am fairly good at rolling and falling, but working with the tapes has helped me analyze some of the "square corners" in my falls and figure out how to make them rounder.” - Neil Zagorin

I just recently got the 'Grappler's Toolbox/Solo Grappling Drills' by Scott Sonnon and am very happy with it. It's not about grappling technique, its about learning to use stored elastic energy loaded into your tendons and ligaments to seemingly 'fly' effortlessly around the floor. By the last third of volume 1, Sonnon is already demonstrating how to effortlessly roll onto your back and into a handstand with no apparent exertion. I showed it to a friend who is developing a national reputation in stage combat choreography (and who practices fencing and street fighting on the side) and he was very impressed...almost mugged me for my copy before I could tell him how to get it ;-).” - Jim

“I just received my copy of GTB in the mail today. I was not exactly sure what to expect because it seemed to hold a unique position in the crowded constellation of tapes on the market. First of all there are a lot more techniques on the tape then I thought, and all of them are either new to me or explained in a way as to give me a new, more enlightened, view of the technique. As a matter of fact there is so much material that (this is my only criticism)it would have been nice to have a sheet of paper with the techniques organized as they appear on the tape. Contrary to some comments that I have read Scott Sonnon did not use hyper-technical terminology and only used unfamiliar terms where necessary to introduce new concepts - and these were all explained clearly and efficiently. What strikes me is how fundamentally important this material seems yet how it is neglected in the majority of most grappling instruction. Ideally one would master the concepts and movements in GTB and only THEN move on to particular martial arts techniques.… Thanks to Scott Sonnon for sharing this material, I feel that I have gotten far more than what I paid for in GTB.” -Ark Grappler

“Scott, thank you. I went Snowboarding today first time ever. My irresponsible friends decided to take me to an intermediate/advanced hill/slope & left me to fend for myself. Before hand, the only instruction they would give was "steer with your front foot" and the ominous "if you fall, try not to fall hard; you do martial arts, you know how to fall right?". Anyway the last quote made me think about ways of falling & I realized I knew how to fall well due to a little some'n some'n called "Ground engagement". I must have fallen 70 times. I'm not hurt. Why? Seriously, by exhaling EVERY time I fell, and by biomechanically distributing the force as I did. I even managed a shoulder roll or two. I literally used some of the techniques from GTB, without planning to, even though my behind took a severe beating. I was still able to roll back & allow myself to lie flat instead of falling hard on the um...behind. So...anyone who wants to snowboard, pick up a copy of Grappler's toolbox, and your first time will be less unpleasant than you'd expect.” -Dhira

“I’m working my way through vol. 1 now - after years of training (mostly improper technique) I have a number of long term nagging injuries. Programs like the GTB and Sonnon's Warrior Wellness are great for recovering range of motion and fluidity.” - Kelly, Canada