Intu-Flow® 2-DVD set

Warrior Wellness™ program was the Foundation for the Intu-Flow® program

(Below are some of the testimonials we've received from our customers over the years...)

“Warrior Wellness creates "real-world" flexibility = dynamic mobility and agility.” - Coach Scott Sonnon

"An affective fitness methodology that gets results!" - Marty Gallaher, US Powerlifter and author of the Washington Post's Personal Health column

"I've been following the mixed skills warrior wellness tape with great satisfaction! I improved greatly in a relatively short period of time. I have been using an abridged version of the program before strength (lifting) workouts" - Chip Morton, strength and conditioning coach of NFL team

"Zdorovye represents a system basic enough to be helpful to anyone interested in bodily fitness yet challenging enough for even the elite athlete." - Dr. Steve Graf, Professor of Psychology, Youngstown State University

"I find they are tremendous value for athletes of all levels and can be used within many sport disciplines." - Coach John Davies, Renegade Training International

"… exceeded my expectations..." - Dr. Brian Carlin, MD, Luftin, TX

"Out of all of Scott Sonnon's work, I really think Warrior Wellness is his most sparkling gem. It is God-like for it can restore life!" - Robert Verdell, yoga instructor

“The idea of Warrior Wellness is first to “recover” range of motion, then “coordinate” then “refine”. I wont go into details on the exercises, but they are all joint mobility drills that are suitable for anyone young or old, in shape or out of shape. None of the drills require any equipment, can be done anywhere and only take about 30 minutes to complete. “ - Andy

“I'm not exactly pushing 60 (when does that happen anyway? 57, 58, 59 & 3/4?) but I've been in a Warrior Wellness class/get-together for over a year with many people who may be pushing 70 or beyond, and this is some of what I've seen: A woman whose hands were so crippled with arthritis she could barely open doors, now uses one hand to pull open heavy doors, has been able to put her wedding rings back on, and comfortably rides her bike again. Older people who were clutching the wall doing the Balance Drill moving away to just one finger touching, to freestanding for most of the drill. People who could barely get themselves down to the floor and up again now doing so more easily AND working on Shin Box.

A lovely, striking older couple who were already fit and agile talking about how much their tennis games have improved. A woman of 50 who had a major stroke at 25. For 25 years, she walked with a leg brace and a cane, was told to expect no improvement. After a couple years of steady attendance, she doesn't come to class much anymore - she's too busy motating around town without those devices. She appears to have better use of her left hand also, just since I've been attending. And so on. I think many of these people attend only the class and don't do much else with it during the week, but even once a week seems to make a difference.” - Jean

“…motion in my 53 year old body, and after only a few weeks I am feeling a definite improvement in my shoulders and lower back. Thank you so much for producing such a great series of tapes!” - Jack

“I've used Warrior Wellness with some of my own clients (and myself when my back was feeling lousy). It's amazing how restricted your movement can become over time but with these exercises my clients can actually FEEL how tight they've gotten. This motivates them to shrug off that "well, I'm almost 40! Everything's supposed to crack and pop!" mentality and actually put some intensity into their training. As they get stronger and movement becomes easier for them they find they can do more things. Makes for a happier client and that makes for a happier me.” - Wayne SCRAPPER Fisher

“I'm 30 and my back hurts. My hips move like my grandmother's. My shoulders make some fascinating noises and frankly, I hate it. Last night I did my deadlifts and such. Got home and watched the WW tape. 25 minutes of some easy to follow mobility drills. I went to sleep. Woke up feeling like I always do, put in the tape and moved thru it. My back did not hurt on the walk to the shower. My shoulder hardly made that noise reaching for the coffee, and my hip doesn't pop. “ - Vince Brown

“Doing Warrior Wellness is the best part of my day and has me feeling years younger! It’s hard for me to explain to allot of people that I know, the wonderful feeling that can be felt on a daily basis because of Warrior Wellness.” I’m only 22 years old and even for me the program has been a huge surprise and a big success. I’m always being asked how come your neck moves so much??? lol, I’m quick to say. every where I walk I use my body in a hole new way. I’m becoming a well oiled machine and the information from Scott on movement is there for life. I would like to say thanks as well on such a fun and powerful full body movement program. Warrior Wellness has become a habit, and I haven’t missed a day, in fact I won’t feel like my self if I don’t do it now to develop more great habits.” - Max Andranov

“I got my Warrior Wellness tapes last week and started with the beginner's program right away. Overall I'm starting to feel my joints "opening" up and some of the aches and pains are starting to subside. All in all, I can see why so many people here recommend it. I'm using it daily in the morning and sometimes at night before bed, it really helps me relax after a day of hoisting appliances and furniture at work. The increase in my ROM seems to have improved my overall strength as well, I have a better sense of coordination when lifting. The spine and hip exercises are a godsend!!!” - Mike Quon

“Last Friday I got my Warrior Wellness tapes. I do the entire WW beginner program in the morning after half of my protein shake, then 5-10 min. of some circles after each meal. It feels soooo good to move again. It seems to be the perfect execise/movement for me.” - Anne Marie

“It IS warrior wellness, and yes, they are energized! It’s that even in a very first session they are getting insights and it is all so new. One lady figured out a shoulder imbalance from her being a tiny person with a very big briefcase. !! First time she put those two together somehow - it is because of the shoulder circles in WW.” - Connie Brown

“I've been doing my Warrior Wellness for a little less than a week now and I am really enjoying it. I can already feel my joints reacting to this activity. I truly believe I made a wise choice purchasing them all as so far I see that to deepen your practice of one you need the other to fill in the blanks. Thanks for selling gold in a pyrite market Coach.” - Brian Bales

“I am relatively new to CST but am having a great time training and learning. My progress on Warrior Wellness has been outstanding. I can bend backwards and 'walk' down the wall almost to the floor. The last time I did that was at least 15 years ago - it feels great.” - Bradshaw

“I have been doing the beginner program of the Warrior Wellness program for over a month now and am recovering a sense of freedom and wonderment I cannot remember having since I was a child. I can't tell you how much it means to me that Coach Sonnon has been gracious enough to share his discoveries with the world. Thank you very much.” - David Hansen

“At 57, I have had transient arthritic flareups in my finger joints since 1982. I had also let my other joints fall into disuse; my neck was reflexively stiff from injuries in the 70s, and my knees very reluctant to go from flexion to extension. Now, even since I added grappling to my 'hobbies' 3 years ago, I have good finger articulation, freedom of neck motion, and full ROM under-load (power X range) in legs and arms. I've been using Warrior Wellness almost 3 yrs.

Everyone's put together a little differently, and responds differently. Warrior Wellness provides the best natural range and freedom of motion that is possible given the individual's biochemistry and structure. The alternatives fall far behind; not only do they address symptoms rather than cause, and restore no functionality, but they also have nasty side effects... NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen) can cause hemorrhaging... enzyme inhibitors can cause muscle-wasting and even death... and steroids typically cause very undesirable hormone and metabolic changes. Warrior Wellness costs considerably less than one-month's worth of Celebrex (Celecoxib). “ - Rick Bibbs

“I have recommended your tapes to my patients to regain lost range of motion and to maintain proper range of motion and posture.” - Bob Kustra

“My name is Kevin Teagle and I am a Chiropractor. A friend of mine introduced me to the Warrior Wellness a year ago through the Warrior Wellness series. I experienced so many incredible changes in my own body that I began using some of the exercises in the Warrior Wellness program for my patients. That is when it began. I showed one patient, a long time chronic shoulder strain patient a few exercises. Two weeks later I began getting calls from people I had never seen as patients. These people were getting relief in joints that had not had relief in years. The exercises these people were doing were by word of mouth. No one had yet even seen a tape. This excited me so much that I ordered 10 tapes of the beginning series Warrior Wellness. These sold the first week. I am now seeing results on a higher level of healing.

Severe arthritis patients are getting warmth in places they that used to hurt. I am seeing Chronic low back pain disappear, The energy level in those patients have increased. We now gather once a week together and go over these exercises and critique each other. Let me tell you, that is one happy class. My style of practicing has changed dramatically in the type of rehabilitation I recommend. The one largest result that I see is in the speed of recovery. If I can convince my patient to perform those crazy circles, I know that patient will recover faster than those with less severe injuries. This system is solid and non-invasive in it's approach. I am comfortable knowing that I will not injure my patients with this system. Do the same thing that I tell my patients. Just try it once and tell me I am wrong. . . so far I haven't been wrong yet...

“We currently encourage Warrior Wellness to seniors in our town. (above the age of 50). Most of our current participants can move better than their children thanks to this material... "I have been very pleased with the results of this program, and have actually used some of the exercises in my treatment recommendations with patients...” ” - Kevin Teagle, CST

“I am the Fitness Director at a luxury gym in Los Angeles. Last year I learned of RMAX and Scott Sonnon. As I looked deeper I started to become curious. Since I could exactly call Scott up and ask questions, I made the next best move…I started to study with him. Not directly unfortunately, that’s the next step, but I purchased a simple 3 tape series called “Warrior Wellness”. The write up on the material claimed it aided in relieving many of the common ailments that today’s American suffers from. What caught me was that it mentioned improved range of motion and flexibility without stretching. Even though I am 6’ and 210lbs, I have enough flexibility to scare most Yogis, but range of motion…that was something that I KNOW I didn’t have. Many injuries during sports, recreational activities and Martial Arts left my low back, knees and left elbow suspect.

I ordered and within several days (kudos on such a swift delivery) I had my physical future in my hands. I sat and watched all 3 tapes in succession. I was blown away with what I saw. If this guy can do this then so could I!! I heeded Coach Sonnon’s warning and started with the Beginning tape. I practiced at home every morning until I could do it cold without watching (this took a little longer then I would have liked). I decided to use W2 Beginner as my warm-up. The first test was my low back. I had thrown it out Wrestling in high school and have never really recovered. Every once and a while my low back would just grab me and pull me to the ground, writhing in pain. At first I had to move at a snails pace to get through the hip circles. I felt like a dweeb! 1 month later, I could swing those hips like a Tahitian Dancer!!! HOT DAMN! TEST 1: COMPLETE

My next test was my Neck. My neck is long and has been prone to over work for years. It became very back 4-5 years back when I took up Olympic/Power lifting. Snatches and Cleans can destroy your neck if you can’t relax a little. So, in comes the “Chicken Dance” (that’s what my fellow trainers call the Neck Exercises) the tilting, turning, pushing and pulling went on for a while. It felt like forever. Then one day, prepping for my workout, I start off and my neck is moving like it has no bones!! I was laughing hysterically (of course, everyone around my thought I had lost my mind). I had opened my Neck!!! I put in the Intermediate tape a month later to just try the neck figure-8, and I opened up even more!!! LOOK OUT WORLD; THE CHICKEN MAN IS COMING TO GET YA!!! TEST 2: COMPLETE

My elbow. This is my biggest problem. When I was 12 or 13, I can’t really remember, I was riding my bike with friends and I hit a car that jump out of know where!! My right knee took stitches, but my left elbow for some reason would not move. The X-Rays showed nothing, but the elbow was immobile and in pain. Assuming it was a hairline fracture, I was released. The elbowed healed and “normal” movement returned. Over the next years I trained hard with my left side and I regained my lost strength. It wasn’t until I started to do Martial Arts in college that I noticed something seriously wrong.

I couldn’t do certain holds with my left arm and my striking power maybe half of what my right arms was. I was and orthopedist. He said that I had severed muscle tissue in/on/around the elbow. He said that was limiting my mobility and I would just have to live with it. Fast forward to May 2004. It wasn’t until May 2004 when I regained all but (this is my best guess) 80% of my range of motion, total strength, and mobility in my left elbow. I am working on Elbow Figure-8’s. There are still some kinks, but they are work there way out. TEST 3: COMPLETE.

My knees and ankles had some wear and tear on them due to Basketball, Wrestling, and Martial Arts. They were fine…at least I thought. After starting W2 I noticed and instant improvement in flexibility, range of motion and balance. It scared me!! Needless to say “Warrior Wellness” had made a profound impact on my life. Thank You Coach. You have a life long student in me. I count the days I can learn from you face to face. Until that day, I wish you and the rest of the Knuckle dragger Tribe the very best.” - Travis Gordon, Fitness Director, Spectrum Club of Rolling Hills

“Coach, You have been a great help with a lot of my training and health since I've discovered your products. You were very kind in helping me with my job. I work a rotating 12 hour swing shift and you were very helpful with some breathing exercises that have really helped me adjust my sleeping patterns and energy levels at 3am. Your Warrior Wellness have helped me immensely with 4 herniated discs in my neck/back”  - Joe Lennon

“Seven years ago I injured my wrist in martial arts class. No amount of rest or normal exercise seemed to cure it, and the one thing that worked was... Warrior Wellness™. Started doing it a year and a half ago, and as long as I remember my daily practise, my wrist is great! Just got the Warrior Wellness™ DVD, and wanted to say "well done" to all concerned!” - Steve Barnes

“I write today to thank you, for this health system has begun to turn my life around. For the last 5 weeks I have gotten up each morning at 0330 hours to perform the WARRIOR WELLNESS conditioning program. I saw this program as my last chance to overcome the debilitating effects of chronic tendonitis and bursitis of the shoulders, upper-arms, and elbows. The pain and resultant weakness made exercise difficult. I have been involved in martial arts for over 30 years and it was beginning to seem as though I might have to give it up.

This problem, coupled with having had back surgery in 1990 to repair a herniated disc which left me in constant pain, had me gulping anti-inflammatory by the handful. For almost 15 years I have tried many different methods of self-treatment involving herbs and many varied supplements. All that happened was a lessening to my pocket book. My doctor had told me that there was basically nothing more to do outside of cortisone shots and neither he nor I wanted that. Then along came WARRIOR WELLNESS. In the short 5 week time frame that I've been performing this morning ritual I have felt years of pain, immobility, and weakness just melt away.

I find that I am now able to undertake a more challenging workout regimen. Pains that I had thought would be a way of life until the grave, that had been part of every moment of every day for 15 years are disappearing. And that's not the end of the story! So far it shows no signs of stopping as each day brings slight improvement. Gentlemen, I put forth to you this, that I praise God, for He is the great healer and revealer of the secrets of healing; and I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR SHARING THESE SECRETS!!!! In effect, you have given me my life back. God Bless you! There are so many people among us living in much pain; they need to know that there is a way out!” - Phil Buechner

“I had just turned 49. I'm 6ft tall and weigh 160lbs. I have three herniated discs in my lower back. L4 straight down to S1. The result of several car accidents, and some bad choices in in exercise and recreational activities. Also, sometime in early 2003, I managed to screw up my left shoulder. I still have no idea how I did it. I've maintained my weight through a combination of regular exercise, and good genetics. So much for my history. Time to move up to the present.

I had originally purchased the Beginners tape for Warrior Wellness back around Tried it for a few weeks, didn't think much of it and sold the tape. Hey we all make mistakes. The last year or so I have begun rethinking a lot of my previous concepts about physical fitness. I still lift weights but I've ceased being stupid about it. I stick to lighter weights and BW calisthenics. Both my shoulder and my back had been showing their appreciation. However i decided to try and ramp things up a bit. So I purchased the Warrior Wellness series and decided to give it another try. After about 2 months on the beginner program, i began to notice improvements in both my shoulder and my lower back.

Now at the 4 month mark, my shoulder/neck seems to be as good as new. My back is definitely more limber although it does still bother me. Not as much as it used though. I've also noticed a definite improvement in my hip mobility. I've begun to do the Intermediate Warrior Wellness program for my upper body, however I'm still working the beginner program for my legs. (ie:the 4CBD) I usually do the Warrior Wellness™ every other day, and on the off days, I have a degree of tightness at the top my gluts and coming around the sides of my hips. However, after i've gotten out of bed, taken a shower and started to move around, it loosens up and passes.

I still have occasional back pain ( the damp weather here in NYC the last couple of days has been a b--ch) but he improvement has been noticeable. My current workout schedule is for three days a week. It consists of about a 5 minute warm-up, followed by the Warrior Wellness™, then some conventional calisthenics, and some weight-training on every other workout. The routine times vary from 35 to 45 minutes. So that's my story. Coach, all I can say is thank you. The Warrior Wellness tapes have so far been a big success story for me, and I intend to stick with them…The results have been well worth the time and effort, and at this point I've easily recovered the original purchase price of the tapes in money saved by NOT buying so much Advil…The bottom line is that Warrior Wellness™ worked way beyond my expectations ” - Joe Sullivan

”Scott, Just wanted to let you know that the MPPT you suggested I do several weeks ago has been really helping the "strange" / weak feeling I was having in my hip. I went to the chiropractor again today, and she even mentioned something about it. She asked if I was doing my psoas stretch, and I smiled and told her I was. She said she could tell...she tested it today and it didn't test weak...she said it usually doesn't clear up this fast. So, a big thumbs up for MPPT...and it has really helped my low back pain too! Thanks a bunch” - Colette

“I was involved in a kayaking accident in which I herniated a disc in my neck. I visited a couple of specialist and attended a physical therapy session. I realized that a lot of what the therapist was prescribing was what I already was kinda of doing through Warrior Wellness. The neurosurgeon wanted to fuse the vertebrae in order to alleviate the pain. I decided to go on a 6 month Warrior Wellness mission! I am proud to say that my neck has NEVER been as flexible, pain free and strong as it is today! I attribute this in large part to the Warrior Wellnessexercises.” - Dave Snyder

“Comrade Scott: I want to thank you for putting out warrior wellness. I was impressed with your joint mobility. You see, I have aworn disc on my lumber spine and I have that back problems over fifteen years. I think that I got it from practicing TKD while back esp. with high kicks. I did your exercises and it is best thing I ever done for my spine and it will save me a trip to a local chiropractor. I paid about forty buck per visit and the visit were worthwhile in most part but my health insurance won't cover it. I plan on doing warrior wellness everyday.“ - Craig Culver

“For joint-health you should work on your ROM (range of motion) using exercises that address this issue. You may want to check into Warrior Wellness. These tapes address joint health and recovery of your ROM specifically. I've had chronic shoulder problems in the past and have been doing Warrior Wellness (and some other exercises) for about 8 months. My shoulders are mostly pain free and I attribute this to my daily WW routine (takes about 15 - 20 minutes).” - Kempo Guy

“I just had to post today. I have been doing Warrior Wellness each day for the past 3-4 days and it's just sooooo wonderful! The first day I did each part of the tape after a meal for 5-10 min, but by today I HAD to do the whole tape this morning, it feels too good! I may have to do it all again after lunch, LOL. What I'm noticing , is the freedom of movement in my body. There have been some tenderness in areas which make perfect sense. My hips are talking and I'm flashed back to the 7 years I've carried kids on my hips, mostly my left side. I feel like there have been problems there for years that are just starting to release, yeah!  - Heather Dillon

“When I started the beg Warrior Wellness in June one of the things I notice was lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. I don't have pain in my neck and shoulders anymore. So I just wanted to say, Scott is right! Do the circles and you will get results, wonderful results. I already knew that with other parts of my body, but this seemed even more significant. Tension chains, it's real!” - Heather Dillon

“I started Warrior Wellness™ because of back problems, 2 herniated discs and 2 knee surgeries on the right knee. The results have been great, not only for my back but the whole body. It's been worth it's weight in gold”. - Bret

“I would like to tell you thank you. I was in a car wreck 5 years ago that left me walking with a cane for 4 years. I have been off the cane for 1 year and 1 month and the clubbell has been the ONLY training modality (besides bodyweight) that has not hurt my back and has allowed me the chance to train at high intensity. Before the wreck I did crossfit, now I use clubbells and bodyweight and am loving the results”. - Corey Hatton

“I've been following this program (and the 'Body-Flow' series) for about 4 months or so, and, despite a large amount of competitive injuries from earlier martial arts work, I'm moving with no pain, stiffness or those problematic 'popping and cracking' of my joints. It's not a miracle- it does require work and dedication- but in a short time, with some earnest effort, Scott Sonnon has presented a program to renew both your body and mind.” - Roger Siggs

“After injuring my back on Wed in a friendly competition, my hips were completely locked and I could barely walk or even sleep for that matter. So Thursday morning I was up early to put W.Wellness to the test crawled out of bed completely locked from head to toe and started my ankle circles than to knee holding on to something for balance.

My hips didn’t want to move so went up to neck and worked down to shoulders, elbows, wrist, & fingers than it happened BAM things started to let go (something about finger circles really opens everything up for me).So I started in on my upper torso, hips and lower back and by the end I was virtually pain free still felt a little tension but pain free. I know what W.W. does for a healthy strong body because I do it at least 5 to 6 times a week but what I experienced on Thurs was simply amazing. Fri got a dose of W.W. as well as a little B.B. The same on Sat and by Sun I was running hill sprints. W.W. passed a huge test for me I am a lifer.” - Ryan K.

“I had a very enlightening moment the other day! For some time I had been doing Warrior Wellness™ most days to help my back (Matt and I had a car accident in 2003 when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and smashed into our car). Although I knew it was definitely helping I didn't realize just how much. About three weeks ago I stopped doing Warrior Wellness™ - I have been so flat out at work that by the time I struggle home at 8 or 9pm I am too tired to do anything but cook some dinner and sit down.

Each night when I came home I needed a hot water bottle and quite often an aspirin (which is very unusual for me as I never take anything). Well I started back on Warrior Wellness™ about three days ago and last night for the first time in about three weeks I didn't need a hot water bottle, I didn't need any aspirin and I could move freely! This is a very long way of saying how happy I am that I have discovered Warrior Wellness™ (because lets face it I was a little sceptical at first that moving your limbs around would make you pain free) but it really does!!!” - Judith Jones

“I love the finger circles part of WW beginner where he says "The largest allocation of your brain is in your hands, e-x-e-r-c-i-s-e them!” Love that - and it stays with me. I hear him saying it at regular points of the day and whenever I think of it I do finger circles. As a result the pain in my left hand I thought was arthritis and that I was stuck with has practically gone.” - Claire Scott

“Joints need lubrication. If you are over 30, your joints cannot be lubricated with synovial fluid unless they are moved. Arthritis is something that can be tamed by movement. I have arthritis in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It used to be a challenge to get out of bed...even when I was in my 20s. Now, almost forty, I'm moving as well as well as I ever have with the use of Warrior Wellness, joint articulation. Doing movements like waves, multi-planar back arches have given me freedom from pain and freedom to move.” - Robert Verdell

"I was surprised by the reduction of palate pain after just a few simple movements. I didn't know how much the limping around with pain while the sprain & fracture were healing threw off the rest of the body. It had taken months to "sort of" heal and I still have range of motion limitations and pain flare-ups. I just didn't connect the dots to other body pain sites. This is "cool"! Once again, thank you!" - Rick Huse, RKC

" I just received Warrior Wellness™ the other day and it is great. I released some back pain that I had pretty much assumed to be a permanent fixture in my life. I could never stretch it or twist it to get the pain out, but the sideways thorax exercises for the spine did the trick. My back feels like it's "bubbling" if such a thing is possible. Thank you Coach Sonnon. Sincerely" - James Linn

“…the courage to share my little Warrior victories. Please don't be offended but after a month of hand, neck and shoulder rolls (from WW beginner tape) I was able to put on a bra by myself for the first time in 3 years. Since that day this former bra burner is wearing a bra at every opportunity, just because I can. Now for drum rolls coz' this next accomplishment is huge for me. Recently I have been thinking about driving (I have not driven for over 3 years), dreaming about driving, remembering the wonderful freedom and sense of autonomy I had when I drove. Unfortunately, despite 7 months of physical therapy, I still did not have the flexibility and strength to drive. After my energizing cry and doing my afternoon circles I asked my stunned Dh if he would like to be my passenger as I was going for a drive.

He started to protest and I convinced him that I was going with or without him. We drove for 90 minutes. I drove to the main places that I need to go to every week, PT, 2 super markets, my MD and practiced getting my Wheelchair in and out of the trunk. While I was engaged in this exciting new activity I felt elated and powerful, a true Warrior! I'm home now and all my muscles are shaking and in spasms, Dh had to get the WC and haul me out of the car as I could not stand without support. I know my muscles will scream in protest and pain tomorrow, I know I overdid it, know I should have exercised more caution but still I'm outrageously happy that I went out and took that first step.

I got a taste of how glorious it is to be at one with my body, to have movement, fluidity and freedom. I understood a tiny bit more about why Scott and others push the envelop sometimes. This is a profound moment in my life and recovery and I owe it to the vision of Scott… Sure, with physical therapy and hard work I would have eventually been able to put on a Bra, walk, drive, exercise and resume my normal activities. Regaining my ability to move is awesome but the greater gift is the connection I have made between thoughts and action, the exuberance, the joy, and mindfulness that RR and WW have given me for life and movement. “ - Melodie

"I wanted to write and express how grateful I am to you for Warrior Wellness. In July, I decided that I needed to finally start watching and performing beginner Warrior Wellness on a daily basis. To keep my self motivated, I sent my mother a copy, and we challenged each other to perform the exercises daily. Hey, my 60 year old mom didn't want her son calling her up and giving her a hard time for not exercising. Here's our progress. I had sore achy shoulders.

My back was sore and sometimes kept me from getting to work on time because of back spasms. My hips would ache and keep me up at night. My mother had a shoulder that was so sore that it was hard for her to reach back and pull on a blouse or jacket. She has also struggled with neck pain. Now, both of us feel great. Most of the pain has left. We feel better than we've felt in a long time. My mom says that she still finds herself bracing for the pain, when she pulls on a blouse, that isn't there any more. And, IT'S ONLY BEEN A MONTH! Pretty amazing stuff. Can't wait to progress to the intermediate and advanced tapes.

Coach, the other day, I had a thought/feeling come to me out of the blue. I wondered if I could fall backwards by bending my knees, and catch myself before I hit the ground. I made sure that my hand was turned back towards my feet, so that my arm would bend, to cushion the impact. There was some initial fear and reluctance, so I practiced by falling back to a chair. Then, I just let myself go. I fell back to my right side, caught my self easily, and then pushed myself back to a prone position. Then I repeated it on the left side. I've gotten to where I can fall back to my right side, catch myself, and instead of going back to the prone position, I push myself up enough to pivot and fall back to the other side. I go back and forth a few times before I stand back up again.

Have I learned a little about letting go of fear reactivity? Of letting go of fear to try something that most adults, who are sedentary, would not do. Before Warrior Wellness, I would have never tried anything like what I did. And yet, there is an energy to the exercises. A recapturing of youth. A sense of days gone by. What I did was something a child would have done while playing. I'm not even sure that what I did was even safe, smart or even productive. It just felt damn good to think of performing something a little off the wall and accomplishing it. I'm looking forward to the months to come and the progress that I know I will make with Warrior Wellness. I know my mother is grateful that I sent her the tape...Thanks again." - Dennis Littlefield

“…some good news. I am slowly, but surely, sharing information about Warrior Wellness with people within my sphere of influence. My manager is a longtime runner, has tried martial arts with his son and in what most people would consider in "great shape". He told me that he has never been "flexible" and felt that "in order to be really in peak condition that he should have good cardio, be physically strong and be flexible. I let him borrow my beginner tape of WW overnight and the next day the first thing he said was, "These guys have something here."

He has been trying to incorporated what he remembers from the tape into his routine. I told him that if I found out he had copied the tape I'd Ro Sham Bo him... Another coworker of mine is a woman in her 40's who doesn't exercise very much, but wanted to start some sort of program. She has been listening to me expound the virtues of Warrior Wellness for the last few months and wanted to try the beginner tape. I lent her the tape overnight and she came back to ask me where she could buy it.

She loved it and said it was exactly what she was looking for. As for my progress, I continue to do the beginner program in the morning and am working on the movements of the intermediate program and integrating those into the workout. I use the beginner movements to warm-up before class. My range of movement has increased greatly and mypush kicks and high Thai kicks (to the neck area) have greatly improved.” - Travis McHugh

"Warrior Wellness™ is hands down the main reason that I can continue to ride flatland BMX. After 21 years of riding, (I'm in my later 30s) my body has absorbed quite a bit of abuse. A daily riding practice session whips up an industrial strength dose of residual muscular tension, as this type of riding puts you in many awkward positions. Combating this with Warrior Wellness allows me to recover between riding sessions and training, and not miss days due to injury or soreness. I only wish that I had found out about it sooner! My back actually feels better now than it did when I was in my teens. " - Scott Hagnas, CST

"So, I went on vacation with my family last week to Pennsylvania and did something I hadn't done in three years. I went Whitewater rafting. Why hadn't I gone in three years you ask? Well, scheduling was part of it, but mostly it was the fear of having my lower back "go out" halfway down the Lehigh River Gorge. A situation that would not only be inconvenient, but potentially dangerous to myself and anybody else in the raft. Seeing as how, for the first time in several years my lower back was actually working again I decided to give it a try. And thanks to Warrior Wellness, the trip ended not only with my wife & son grinning from ear to ear, but I had NO back pain whatsoever. No tightness through my shoulders or neck! What I DID have was a great time. Another Warrior Wellness success story. My amazement never ends at the versatility of the Warrior Wellness program. Thank you Coach Sonnon!" - Joe Sullivan

“My wife and I have been incorporating Warrior Wellness into our Lifestyle for the past few months. What we have discovered is that Warrior Wellness is not a set of exercises or program that you will follow three days a week to burn calories inorder to lose weight or burn fat. Warrior Wellness helps to make you more efficient in your movement and breathing in turn enabling you to exercise/train/move in an optimal manner.

For instance, a few months ago a 10 mile hike would have seemed impossible, but we have been going on 10-12 mile (moderate-strenuous) hikes in the Shenandoha Valley every weekend and looking to go farther. In those hikes we have been incorporating aspects of the Warrior Wellness tapes - breathing, alignment and movement. Results? Through changing our diet and hiking/exercise I have dropped 16 lbs. and my wife has dropped 10.2 in the last 6 weeks. So, although Warrior Wellness hasn't directly made us lose weight (fat) the incorporation of Warrior Wellness into our Lifestyle has.” - Travis McHugh

“Monday, morning was a good learning experience for me here in Cleveland,OH. As many of you have seen on the weather channel the midwest U.S. was rocked hard with snow in late April! There was over a foot of snow in my driveway which means I had to shovel the driveway so my wife and I could get to work. I woke up an hour early to get this task done and I am not really a morning person. Of course I started my morning with Warrior Wellness™ and then I went out and shoveled the snow off my driveway.

When I finished it occurred to me I didn't have an aching back from shoveling and I felt no soreness! In the past, I would have a sore back from shoveling snow early in the morning and that really effected the rest of the day. I am happy to say I had a good day. I was able to go to work without any aches or pains, play with my dog, go swimming, and walk home from the health club pain free. I really appreciate being agile and pain free! In a nutshell, I have noticed some not so obvious ways Warrior Wellness™ has benefited my life.

1) I have been able to deal with mornings a lot better because a Warrior Wellness™ session creates a momentum to get me a non-morning person going. Which has allowed me to get up and do things like go swimming in the morning or walk my dog instead of after work. In the past I just didn't like getting up and it was a bit of a struggle for me. Now I know in my heart that if I do Warrior Wellness™ I can do what I want or need to do like Shoveling snow.

2) Warrior Wellness™ has helped me become a more productive person in my personal and professional life simply because I feel good after a Warrior Wellness™ session. Objects in motions tend to stay in motion. I just thought I would share this with all of you. Many of us are martial artist and other type of athletes but we are also workers, spouses, parents, etc. these things deserve our ability to perform our every day life activities well too. Warrior Wellness™ is a great high performance vehicle to ride daily!” - Steve Lardieri

"I would recommend Scott's warrior wellness program to anyone regardless if they are a fighter or not, the program provides excellent techniques for exercise from cardio to joint and ligament treatment (i.e stretches and such) as well as provides a unique perspective and out look on physical fitness the program has my full support....ok enough technical jargon Scott's system rocks!” - Rick "The Madman" McChristian

“I'm convinced that joint strengthening exercises like the ones in Warrior Wellness are essential for martial artists (or for anyone concerned with strength and health). I don't think there is any way better to simultaneously develop flexibility, mobility, and connective tissue strengthening. I'll likely continue to lift weights, but I'm making the Warrior Wellness exercises part of my daily routine. I'm also considering buying the first tape for my wife to use at home; I'm convinced it will help her with all her aches and pains she brings home from sitting in an office chair all day.” - XJD

"Coach, I wanted to share a nice piece of information. This afternoon one of my young basketball players was trying to beat his personal best vertical jump (important no, motivational yes!). He was stuck at 28 inches until I had him perform several of the foot mobility drills. Just seconds later he hit a 31 inch vertical! Shocked, enthusiastic, and a lot more interested in doing those "weird looking" drills, as they call it:)" - Josh Henkin

“I purchased Warrior Wellness around December 2004 and have been a devout practitioner ever since. The first few weeks into my practice I must admit to being sore in parts of my body that had not been moved in some time. I experienced the six degrees of soreness, but eventually I began to experience the six degrees of freedom with gradualness and passion. One month in and Warrior Wellness became a joy to do and a great way to start the day. I am now into my fourth month of the beginning Warrior Wellness tape, and I would like to share with you how Warrior Wellness has helped me as a swimmer. Noticeable benefits I have attained while swimming as a result of my daily Warrior Wellness practice:

• The head and neck movements have helped me learn to move my neck smoothly while alternate side breathing. Previously I whipped my neck from side to side -- not the best thing for neck health. It’s a common mistake made by a lot of novice swimmers, as was pointed out to me by Coach Karen. • The shoulder circles have helped me to coordinate and expand my range of motion while doing various swimming strokes. Extending your range of motion is a big advantage in swimming. Russian world swimming champion Alexander Popov had a habit of always having one hand in front of his head to lengthen his body and give himself a competitive advantage, as noted in the swimming book Total Immersion by Terry Laughlin. This is a really good example of the importance of getting a full range of motion while practicing Warrior Wellness. • The chest pull and push up movement helps to get a better range of motion while doing the breast stroke. • Hip circles and tilts help you move more fluidly from side to side while doing flutter kicks. • The spinal thrust back and forth has helped my range of motion while doing flip turns. • Knee lifts and knee circles have improved my overall range of motion while kicking in the water. • When I achieved a decent amount of balance doing the four-corner balance drill I also achieved balance while doing the backstroke. This had been the most difficult swimming stroke for me. • I am able to transition much easier from one movement to another as a result of Warrior Wellness. I have stronger joints and a greater range of motion.” - Scott

“Just thought I'd share a minor incident that could have been a fairly major one. The other night, I was lying on the floor in position to begin doing pushups on my fists. I was tired and not paying attention (mistake!) so that as I pushed up my left wrist buckled, nearly bending at a 90 degree angle in an instant. I flopped to the floor and fully expected to have torn ligaments or something. It was not the case, however. I felt no pain as I gingerly did a few wrist circles, so I went ahead and did my fist pushups with no problem. I paid attention to what I was doing this time.

The incident reminded me of times when I have turned my wrist when punching a heavy bag or sparring partner. Anyway, I give credit to the wrist strengthening of CST and increased ROM of Warrior Wellness. A small thing, I know, but it would have most definitely put my CST training on hold for some time had this happened some months ago.” - Robert Brown

“I have a long list of injuries- I’ve popped both my knees, ganked my back, got an ankle severely hurt from an ankle crank, and had a four year period where any training was almost impossible due to back and neck problems. Add to this flat feet and a job that requires standing in one place all day long, and Warrior Wellness has been a lifesaver. I have MUCH less joint pain now than I did when I began Warrior Wellness about six months ago, by knees are much more stable than before and rarely hurt me, my back and neck are likewise very much improved. I cant recommend Warrior Wellness highly enough.” - Jimmy

“Warrior Wellness got me over stiff neck from a series of injuries dating back 30 years, stiff knees dating back 20 years, jacked elbows and shoulders from grappling,)pulled shoulder tendons from inappropriate use of weights, partial heel hook, shoulder dysfunctions from nerve pinches. That's just the list of cures. No telling what all it's prevented. Then there's the overall ease and synchronicity of motion I enjoy, entirely inappropriate for a 57yo by cultural standards (but not by tribe standards). I recommend Warrior Wellness for anyone who has joints, no matter what you're doing with them.” - Rick Bibbs

" Coach Sonnon's earlier comments about injury afflicting soft tissue and stop wasting your time focusing on the injured spot itself but look for the kinetic chain...PLUS...a joint mobility protocol specific to the problematic kinetic chain...has produced wonders. Oh, there's some tenderness, tightness, and some weakness, but I have ROM and strength that I haven't felt since January. I still have a ways to go for full rehab, but at least now I know a way to get there and will listen to my body closely to stay the course and apply the diagnostic and recovery principles discussed earlier in this thread. This CST-"stuff" works. And once you get an idea of how it works, you can figure out how to make it work for you. It's the old teach a man to fish parable. Thank you, Coach Sonnon." - Ken Harper, RKC

“I have been using Warrior Wellness intensively for several months now. Warrior Wellness presents a routine to work your body from head to toe, in that order. It is by far the best technique I have ever learned for increasing biomechanical and CNS efficiency. Ever since starting [Warrior Wellness], I don't hit performance plateaus in my dancing. I just continue to learn and absorb and apply the material. “ - Judy

“Today we played golf for the first time since I have received the Warrior Wellness tapes. I've been doing the beginning circles and when we were waiting on the first tee, I did some neck stretches and shoulder rolls. I proceeded to play the best 9 holes of golf I have ever played. My husband just kept saying how well I was hitting the ball. I told him that I think it has to do with all the circles I am doing. I think I must have released some stuff that now allows me to swing more freely. Tomorrow we are playing in a golf tournament, so I will do the entire tape in the morning to loosen up and see how I do. This is sooooooo cool.” - Vicki Gold

“Now I can add that I think doing circles contributed to my awesome tennis match tonight! :-)) This was my first match after a solid week (and a little more) of doing beginner Warrior Wellness. Today in particular, I did the circles with tennis in mind Tonight, as part of my match warm-up, I did some of the neck, shoulder, arms. We had to rush our warm-up because the tennis center lights were going to go out at 9pm sharp, so we wanted to get started on the match quickly .Anyway, I felt so good. I felt more coordinated, agile, and quick. I usually have quick hands and slow feet, LOL, but my feet even felt quick tonight. I'm so stoked! My game has been flat for the last two seasons, and I felt a spark... the very spark that makes me love whatever sport I happen to be playing. Oh, yah, we won too. :-)” - Martha

“This is happening to me as well. All of these things! And in the pool when we do water aerobics and I cross country ski from one end of the pool to the other? -- I am extending my legs and "paddling" or "ski poling" with my arms like I mean business! LOL I am amazed. And I am NEVER body-weary after a day of work. I have to do extra head & shoulder circles and neck slides to make that so, thru-out the day, but it's becoming an everyday experience now. I am smiling and smiling.” - Mary Lou

“I've noticed this change in posture too. And this morning when I was drying my hair, I noticed that I don't have to hyperextend my lumbar region in order to reach the back of my hair -- my core is strong enough to keep me upright, and I now have enough range of motion in my shoulders to reach the back of my head without swaying my back!!!” - Val

“I noticed something yesterday and again today that kind of blew me away. When I was doing the dishes and at Whole Foods this morning, I noticed that I was standing up straighter and that I was moving more fluidly. It felt great!!! I know it is from doing my circles daily. Life only gets better and better!!!!!!!!!”  - Elaine Arnold

“I've been doing WW faithfully every day. I've noticed improvement in my posture since starting Warrior Wellness. It's still lousy when I'm sitting, but when I'm standing, my shoulders aren't as rounded. I have better balance and flexibility in my yoga class. My shoulders and neck aren't as tight, and I haven't had serious pain in a while. Last night I convinced my mother to try WW. I'm going to loan her my tape. She's fallen a couple of times in the past couple of years, and I think this would help her have better balance and coordination.” - Allison

“I had my annual physical today. When I stood against the wall to have my height checked, I was told I was 5'5". I said, "Are you sure? I've never been taller than 5'4"." So she measured me again and came up with 5'4.5". Now, I know my skeleton hasn't grown taller. So it's got to be posture.” - Allison

“… your rountines from Warrior Wellness™ and let say they are fantastic! My workouts have gotten better, once I started my warm up using your principles. I feel great and that joint pain I had, is now gone. Also my allergies haven't been bothering me as much, I use to get bad headaches and fatigue during the day, but not anymore. Thank you for coming out with such useful and practical information.” - Dave

“Since I started WW and especially since I started swinging clubbells, I am not biting my nails at all. Not even tempted. Weird - it is a terrible, intractable habit. But I don't think about it, do it, feel anxious or compelled in any way...” - Maggi

“My insight the other morning, the one that got me smiling while I worked the movements, was realizing that Warrior Wellness is self-defense against the daily events that are most likely to damage me that this self-defense is as important a practice to my welfare as any martial art I've ever studied. Warrior Wellness is range-of-motion exercises, we know that, but it's also about balance, and because it's range-of-motion, it's also about judging the distance to nearby objects.

This is superb practice for real life, where my risks are mostly about balance and objects not being quite where I expect them to be. For me, this is especially true when I'm tired or rushed or irritated or distracted, because that's when I'm most likely to be injured. That's when I need to be defending myself against my own inattention, a crack in the sidewalk, a sudden sound, misjudged balance, emotional strain -- the list of potential distractions is long. With this in mind, I sent tapes to my elderly relatives along with encouragement to practice daily.

Think of the pain they could avoid if they simply failed to fall. Warrior Wellness is self-defense. It's so simple, so profound, and so about gravity. Never mind the other guy, it's gravity you have to watch out for. Or -- never mind gravity, it's you who will hurt you the worst when you're not paying attention. :)” - from CST Forum

“I have been very taken with the Warrior Wellness and have been using it ever since you have made it available to me, though I doubt I'm very good. All I can say is WOW! This is wonderful and I just wish I had known about it many years ago when my roommate and I were doing yoga, etc. The non-impact nature of the routines are just what the doctor ordered for many people (professional dancers, dance instructors as well as seniors), not just athletes.” - Tom Woodrow, Guide to Running/Jogging (

“I love this way of moving! It doesn't feel like exercise, I don't have that feeling of dread when I think about scheduling 25 minutes of this, like I do when I think I should be doing a Pilates class or something. It doesn't feel like hard work, it just makes you feel good. So I'm going to do the beginner tape every morning when I get up. Scott, this stuff is so cool!” - Claire Scott

“I have often dreamed of having my own movement "practice" (I don't mean professionally) that doesn't depend on a gym or it's schedule. I tried Qi Gong and I tried Yoga. I love these 2 practices but I love WW more. Proof to me is that I am still doing it. Could be the approach... baby steps and all, but I am excited about this form of exercise.” - Lucinda Bush

“In my humble opinion I would recommend leaving the yoga for a while and just focus on your Warrior Wellness. One of the most important parts of back rehab is the process of trying only one or two things at a time (like the scientific process of elimination). If you do your Warrior Wellness and see your back getting really good you could then decide to pick just one yoga pose and try it for a while. If that pose feels good you could then progress to another etc. I've found this process of "one thing at a time" has been extremely valuable for both me and my clients in regards to back rehab.” - Matt Jones

“I like ww/cst because when you start it, you aren't TOTALLY stiff and feel really cruddy for the first three or four weeks. One of the things I HATED about new exercise programs is that I hobbled around or felt really out of breath for several weeks when I started things. This is just so comfortable - I know I am moving forward and making progress, but it isn't this HUGE leap into things that are a shock to my body.” - Maggi

”First off let me tell you little about myself. I have been a foreman at a local construction company for about 8 years (P.H.D.=Post Hole Digger) My muscles have been really developed from all the hard manual labor that goes with the job, and that being the case my range of motion is now just pathetic (if I lace my fingers behind my back I could only pull my arms about 1 to 2" ) away from my back. Now I work a desk job fixing computers and all my joints have stiffen even more because they are now longer used they way they were for so long.

Enter Warrior Wellness. Picture a scale of 1 to 10 when you wake up in the morning as the number 1 ( a little stiff and clumsy) and now picture the number 10 as how you feel after a medium workout (warm, smooth, more mobile). Well after the first week of Warrior Wellness everyday my body felt like it rested at about the 8 mark ALWAYS. It is hard to describe the feeling but I feel my range of motion has GREATLY increased, there is a natural warmth in my joints, I feel more fluid, relaxed and graceful, my joints always feel like they have been warmed up.

What does all this mean........? Let me give two examples that are small but I can say are the after affects of Warrior Wellness. I was at work and I tripped carrying something..... normally I would feel that jolt as my mind commands a sluggish leg to catch me from falling , this time my leg moved to catch me like nothing (like I had meant to do it as part of some crazy dance) I could feel the joint and the smooth transition it made. Another example is when I am driving and I look over my right shoulder to check my blind spot, it is a smooth action no longer feeling like a rubber band stretch, (loose, tension, more tension, tight, aaaarrrrrgggghhhh).

Lastly and the most important. Its FUN. I have done Tae Bo, Yoga and some other home fitness courses and have found that the problem is wanting to continue with the program after a few weeks. You always say things like "er, I will do it tomorrow I had a long day, or I don’t feel like getting all sweaty right now maybe tomorrow. But usually tomorrow never comes. I think there is a longevity to Warrior Wellness. I want to continue because I LIKE IT and I can see results. I can see my self continuing with Warrior Wellness until the day I die. In closing I highly recommend this series weather you are an athlete or just someone who would like to IMPROVE there health. You will not be disappointed.” - Mac Hege

“I have been practicing Warrior Wellness™ for awhile I am very addicted. I do it almost everyday. My core strength is increasing incrementally. I am often amazed at the mobility that I have in my spine, more so than what I have noticed from my yoga practice.” - Dianne Germain

“I remember wanting to hurl Jane Fonda's video out the window after watching it a few times some years ago, but felt no such compulsion about Coach Sonnon's taped demos. Liked him better with each viewing. I strongly recommend this for any adult who would like to maintain and improve movement and quality of life as they age”. -  J. Gostnell

“Today I felt like it was time to start again. Don't know what triggered it, but I am grateful for the time away. I have to say I felt amazing. Yes, my joints were gravely, and my wrists cracked like broken dry spaghetti, but something else happened. I *felt* it everywhere. I felt my spine loosen during the spinal twist. Literally felt connected to each and every vertebrae, felt them connecting to the muscles around.

I felt every part of my ankle circle and move. It kept happening during each exercise and each region of my body, and I hadn't realized there was such a disconnect before this! Sure I'd felt warmth here and less tension there, but never before did I feel my body move with such agreement and so in tune. And then I had some of those aha moments that I usually get only while playing the piano or washing the sink (I'm a kinesthetic thinker LOL) and I felt my history open up and talk with me. The issues there are too private to share, but trust me when I say it was powerful. So here I am, back doing WW and feeling wonderful.” - Heather B

“Yes, when I got Warrior Wellness memorized it became a lot easier – and more fun too. Now I put on a CD of music and “dance” through the movements. Somehow for me with music on the movements “become” me. Or maybe they already were me but they flow more. And yes, it is kind of a listening to your body thing”  - Patti

"I also finally did Warrior Wellness for the first time this morning. What a difference it makes in the morning! It's going to become a daily ritual" - Wade Mason

"Within the last couple days, I had a flat tire. While trying to change the lugs, I greatly exacerbated a lower back problem (just right of the spine and runs down into my gluteal area). Little did I know that the lugs were "frozen" to the wheel. In my efforts to change the tire, I actually bent the lug wrench, eventhough it was too short for any sufficient leverage. Sounds negative right? Wrong.

Sure, I hurt my back, but I learned some very interesting things from it: 1. I could sense when my body was bracing itself, my abs would remain flexed unless I took notice of them. Is this close to fear reactivity? (I have not begun Body Flow yet, I wish to focus more on basic recovery of movement.) 2. I have learned to trust my body even more. Intuitively, I have been allowing my body to move and change direction gently. My transitions between everyday movements have become more fluid as I am now relaxing into my movements. 3. Although my back is injured, my daily Warrior Wellness™ practice has become deeper and I am "feeling" my movements even more.

In the past, when I would injure my back or any other body part, I would be focused on the pain and diminished capacity for functioning. Not now. I have learned so much about my body in the last couple days that I wouldn't pass up this "injury" for anything. Emotionally, I have no fear and can smile just fine. I attribute this change in persective to my daily practice of Warrior Wellness™. I am still suprised at the difference this program has made in my emotional life. Just wanted to share this with the tribe...   Thanks Coach for the tools of empowerment and all of you; your stories and posts inspired me to return to this path of self-discovery. " - Ryan Talbert

"Today I did Warrior Wellness for the first time and was blown away by what a fun gratifying experience it was. Scott's stuff makes sense to my body." - Rebecca Rhyne