The Clubbell® Equipment


"Hoist heavier barbells, burn more fat & burst with more power playing sports!" -Stallone's SLY Magazine
"Join the Club!" - Men's Journal Magazine
"A hell of a workout!" - Testosterone Magazine
"Stimulates more growth and recruitment than in the short, isolated range offered by dumbbells." - Men's Fitness Magazine
"A High-Octane Pump!" - Muscle Media Magazine
"A lung-searing, heart-bursting, fat-burning workout for outside-the-box muscle power!" - Washington Post
"Clubbells for totally awesome forearms" - Muscle Media magazine
"...resurrecting old exercise philosophies and obtaining significant gains in cardio conditioning, muscle tone and strength... Slavic Retro Fitness Craze" - Marty Gallagher, 
“I have to credit my Clubbell® Training. When I do Clubbell® Training two or three times per week it improves my cardio for my fight, my grip, and my forearm and shoulder strength for fighting. Clubbell® deserves special thanks” – Andrei Arlovski, Current Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion 
“Since receiving the Clubbells™ we have been experimenting with them ourselves as Coaching Staff as well as with our athletes. The Clubbells will be great for sports such as wrestling, tennis, baseball, softball, golf and soccer. And we are sure all other sports will be able to use “Circular Strength” developed by the Clubbells. The parts of the body we experience strength gains are: hands, wrists, forearms, upper-arms, shoulders, rotator cuffs, upper back, upper chest and especially the core of the body…
At this time, our offensive line coach, Steed Lobotsky(all-American lineman from Air Force Academy) has been using them twice per week. Steed loves the clubbells. Steed was also a pretty good wrestler in high school in California… Scott, I see a great benefit from using clubbells. We can't wait until the lighter weights come out for our female field hockey and tennis players to use.” - Ethan Reeve, Wake Forest University Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
"Thanks. We love the Clubbells™ for baseball training for both pitchers and hitters. I have the Clubbell Training for Circular Strength book, video and the 5 and 10 pound size clubbells. The exercise program works well for developing grip strength and rotational power both of which are vital for baseball players." - Charles Slavik, NSCA-CPT, ISSA-YFT President, Eagle Baseball Club, LLC Tampa Bay's Finest Baseball & Softball Training 
"Clubbelsl™ are excellent for combat athletes to develop and improve specific strength & endurance." - Coach Stephen Maxwell, World BJJ Champion & World SOMBO Champion,
“I am enjoying the Clubbell® training very, very much. I am a military history enthusiast, and am delighted that every time I pickup my clubbells for my workouts it is as if I am connecting with those warriors of old from India and Iran (Persia). I am a practitioner of both Pentjak Silat and Filipino Kali, and I can very confidently state that clubbells and Warrior Wellness™ have both impacted my performance in a very positive manner. Gone are the stiffness associated from disjointed weight lifting; working one body part at a time. I love the double benefits of strength and endurance training that I get from my clubbell workouts. Worth every dollar spent. Clubbells now constitute the main form of resistance training for me. Look forward to my next batch of orders.” – Amir Talib
"I've since been experimenting with them [Clubbells™] for about a month and a half and have noticed viable non-related performance enhancement within my job activities as a SRT Police Officer. I feel the leverage based grip enhancement has allowed me to maintain both a firmer, yet more relaxed grip in my firearms training, as my personal clubbell training tends to move in the same direction as felt recoil, with the end result being more accurate fire. Furthermore, after being on an operation three nights ago, I did not feel the fatigue normally associated with posting on a door with a long arm in the ready position for over and hour, due to some of the static hold training that I've been trying. Will clubbells make me bigger? I don't know or care. I made the conscious decision to focus on practical performance goals rather than aesthetic appearance when I realized that being bigger simply meant more target area for my adversary..."  -
Devon Reynolds, SWAT Tactical Officer,
"I'm very impressed by the quality, weight and design of the Clubbell®.  I can't wait to get the video to learn what exercises to do with it."  - Harry Fuller, U.S. Secret Service National Fitness Coordinator
"Well made and useful. It would be useful to have various sizes. I also think that two would be better than one." - SFC Matt Larsen, NCOIC of US ARMY Combatives
" I am seeing my Clubbell® opening up a new corridor of fitness. It is very different from any type of exercise I have done before. The heavy circular motion stress the shoulders in a positive way. Once I get my wrists stronger this thing will fill in gaps the kettlebells miss. It's nature is different from anything else I have worked with." -
Chuck Fair, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor,
“I just wanted to say thanks for the clubbells. They are awesome!!!! Worth every penny!! Going to go great with my kettlebell workouts. Thanks.” - Joel
“Clubbells look awesome and the other products I have purchased from you have been exceedingly useful.” – Brad Woods
“Coach Scott Sonnon has produced a variety of Clubbells™, along with information resources. One thing I immediately liked was the range of weights available, from 5 to 45 pounds. With clubbells, you want to err on the side of much less weight than you think you can manage. Ten pounds doesn't sound like much, but when you're
swinging it in one hand, it suddenly feels like two hundred.  After some discussion about correct sizing, Sonnon suggested I try both the five and ten pound versions.  This proved to be a good idea. The five pounder was ideal for the lighter swinging motions, while I could manage the ten pounder for easier exercises like cleans.  The difficulty of the Clubbell® can also be adjusted by the hand placement on the handle: the closer to the weighted end you grip, the easier it is, and vice versa.” –
Krista Scott-Dixon (
“At the age of 39, most people tell me that I should retire from Mixed Martial Arts competition. I recently suffered a loss to Shooto Champion Matsonuri Suda and it seemed like those that doubted me came out in full force with their opinions on why I should retire and let the "younger" generation of fighters take over the sport.
 I didn't become a two-time World Racquetball Champion, two-time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, and Superbrawl Champion by listening to those with negative things to say. Instead of listening to the arm-chair "coaches" I stepped back and took a hard look at my training program to see if I could find any weak links.
 One day I was talking with Wayne “Scrapper” Fisher and told him what I felt I needed to work on for my game plan in the ring. He immediately walked over to his car and pulled out something he called "Clubbell®". After flowing through a few demonstration exercises he handed me the Clubbells with a grin on his face. They looked deceptively easy until I actually tried to control them throughout the movements that Scrapper had so easily demonstrated. The Clubbells were much harder to control than I initially thought and I could immediately feel that these were going to be vital to strengthening the weak links in my fight game.
After only two weeks of working with Scrapper and heavy Clubbells I can already feel like I'm hitting much harder than I ever have. I've always believed that hand and grip strength is directly related to "heavy hands" or how hard you can hit your opponent and my training partners are definitely feeling the effects of the Clubbells.
 Scrapper told me that his goal is to make my opponent feel as though he's been hit by a freight train when I connect with my punches and I am definitely on the way to accomplishing that. As for the rest of the fighters at Grappling Unlimited, they only needed to see me go through 3 sessions with Scrapper and the Clubbells before they wanted a piece of the action as well.
 At this stage of my life I've tried almost every fitness gimmick and training protocol out there that promises miracles and quick fixes for your problems. Clubbells along with Scrapper's intense motivation and innovative manner of combining exercises with sports specific drills have replaced ALL of my traditional weight training; i.e. squats, deadlifts, bench, Olympic Lifts, etc.
If you are looking for the key to having your training fully cross over to your chosen sport, Clubbells are definitely the way to go!” - Egan Inoue, US Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year, 2X World Racquetball Champion, 2X World Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion, NHB/MMA Champion
"Clubbell athlete Ray Seraile defeated Travis Fulton in a unanimous  decision. If you're not familiar with MMA (No-Holds-Barred fighting), Travis Fulton is known as the "Iron Man" because he literally fights almost every week, and has a record of around 130 wins and only 8 losses. Ray transformed from almost 300 pounds (a couple years ago) to coming in at a strong 240 pounds for Superbrawl's fight."
- Wayne "Scrapper" Fisher
“Just recieved the pair of 25s, and wanted to drop a line on a fantastic product!!  These are much easier than the Bruisers, but do provide a lung-thumper that is much needed.  Keep up the great work” – Chris Lancaster
“While the Clubbell® is a "fixed weight", the length of the handle allows your hand to be various distances from the Center of Mass on the Clubbell. So, while the weight is technically the "same", the intensity that your nervous system is feeling can be infinitely adjusted by a few different ways: 1) Obviously moving your hand further down the handle will make the exercise more intense. But what if you master the basic movements with a Zero Choke grip? Then you move on to option 2: 2) Sophisticate your training methods. Too often, we learn a new exercise and as we get in better shape we simply add more reps, more volume, more intensity, more duration, etc. By linking several exercises together into one chain, learning more explosive movements, learning the new CATCH system Scott's coaches are coming up with, or implementing my High Intensity Interval Training ideas combining bodyweight drills and Clubbells, you can use the same Clubbell and continue to improve your strength, endurance, and coordination. The limit here is your imagination.” – Coach Wayne Fisher, former Navy Driver and Training Specialist
“If you want to work on integrating control and movement of an apparatus with your RMA, I highly recommend Sonnon's Clubbells™. They allow you to move in combinations of the spirals and hour glass motions that are so important to RMA while also gaining the benefit of "lifting". Its a fantastic product, and I think, IMO, much more useful to RMA skill development than kettlebells. Though kettle bells are awesome too.” – Arthur Sennot 
“As you can tell I was anxious to get my 20 lb clubbell. I received last night. Today I did a grueling workout. I’m seeing major improvements. Thanks!” – David Faustino
“..the first week I just sort of narrowed my eyes at my 15 pound C-bell which was sitting on my desk...couldn't do more than 2 reps of each exercise. Lo and behold, after a week of just being thick-headed and doing what I could until I felt I was about to get to my failing point - I was swinging the C-bell around without much of a problem. Fast forward about a month (jeez, I guess I've had them for about a month!!), and I am up to a 40 minute workout. It's like nothing I've ever done before. A few years back, I severely over trained for a period of time. Several sets of my joints went to hell, most notably my knees, in addition to having a horribly unbalanced back strength/ab & chest strength ratio. This pulled my body out of alignment in a really bad way, all the time. Since I stopped going to the gym about a year and a half ago (I did a balancing/toning down workout for a few months after I noticed how I was treating my body), my tendons and joints have had some time to recover. Systema had helped my recovery in a big way, but when I started working with the club bell, everything good seemed to speed up and everything bad seemed to fade away. My stabilizing muscles (which were almost completely untrained, compared to my overtrained/unbalanced antagonist muscles) jumped in strength...I could do whole-body exercises which had been extremely difficult only weeks before with relative ease. My knees stopped hurting. My hip joints, which had been really killing me on and off for a while, just sort of sat there and didn't bother me. I feel better than I have in a LONG time, and I feel this is sort of a godsend to help me make up for the stupid stuff I tried with exercise before I was ready.” – David (from

”Yesterday I began my first Training session with my new 25lb. Clubbell®. I didn’t know what to expect as all I knew was what I had “heard” about the Clubbell® but I was determined to find out for myself. There are far too many “hyped up” pieces of exercise equipment in this world and I wasn’t sure if this was another of those “Magic Bullet” gadgets or the real thing. However, I found that there were quite a few people I highly respected who were swearing up and down that Clubbells® were the real thing. The first thing I noticed about my new Clubbell® was how heavy it felt as compared to a 25lb. weight plate for example. I mean this thing felt like it was 50-60lbs. easily. I had to weigh it to be sure they didn’t send me the wrong one but sure enough it was 25lbs. right on the money. First, I purchased the Two Handed Clubbell® Training DVD so that I would have an idea of how to train with the Clubbells®. This DVD was very well put together and gave me plenty of great information to get started. I made sure to go easy as this was to be my first workout and not knowing what to expect, I played it safe. To begin the workout session I performed a set of 20 Front Swings for each grip (Right and Left). At first this felt easy but I was quickly sucking wind. I thought to myself “how could a simple movement such as a Front Swing hit me this hard and this early?” I quickly realized the importance of “Performance Breathing™” and paid careful attention to it for the rest of the workout! I then did a set of 10 reps for each Grip (Left and Right) of “Cleans to Flag Position”. I found these exercises really began to affect my grip as my forearm muscles were starting to ache. I followed up with “Side Swings to Guard Position”. I performed 20 reps Right Hand Grip to Right Hand Guard and then 20 reps of Left Hand Grip to Left Hand Guard. Again, at this point I could barely feel my forearms and I felt like stopping the workout. However, I knew that I hadn’t done much work at all as far as workout sessions standards go so I kept moving forward. I finished up my workout by performing “Gama Cast’s”, I figured these would be a piece of cake, boy was I wrong. The “Gama Cast’s” were incredible! The feel of working them was so different than traditional workouts I had previously spent my lifetime doing. It was somehow “primal” in its nature and thus gave me a sort of “Caveman” like feeling about myself during their execution. When I had finished I was winded but yet I really felt, well, better. This was the end of my first Clubbell® workout. About an hour after the workout I started feeling really good. This may sound strange but I felt powerful in my forearms and upper back, pumped up I guess you could call it. Anyhow the first workout went rather well and although I went easy in order to adjust to this new type of workout I still got a great workout! The next day is where I truly felt the results of my first training sessions with Clubbells®. My upper back and Hamstrings were very sore, not in a bad way, on the contrary, in a way as if had a great productive training session the day before (which I did). This is when I realized, “wow, I need to do this more often”. I truly am going to incorporate Clubbell® training into my workout sessions from here on in. I’ve always used Sandbags, large stones and the like in my workouts and now I’ve found a real “Primal” workout tool that offers something I hadn’t felt before! Clubbells® seem to have a more Three Dimensional feel to them than simply pressing a weight up and then back down along a linear path of motion. These are multi-joint movements that require complete Core Activation™ to perform them properly. Clubbells® are the next evolution in my Physical conditioning!” –
Bill Cogswell
“...I went ahead and got myself a pair of 10 pound Clubbells about two weeks ago. I had initially thought of purchasing a couple of 15's, as I couldn't quite believe Arthur's story that 10 pounds were going to be a good start. But trust won out on that one, and I'm glad I followed Arthur's advice. It's amazing! At first I couldn't believe these things were only 10 pounds. I still have a hard time believing it sometimes! After the first couple of days when my wrists were screaming at me, I started thinking I should have gone for a couple of 5 pounders!! Anyway, I wanted to report that my wrists have apparently strengthened up. As some of you might remember, I displaced my clavicle about a year and a half ago which left me with this big apple of a bump on the right side of my sternum and the AC joint in my shoulder really out of place, ruining my sleep like I couldn't believe for almost a year and pretty much ending my kettlebell lifting (as well as a lot of other things). The shoulder's been slowly coming back into place with the help of a lot of chiropractic Active Release therapy, slow pushups and a lot of stretching work done on my pecs along the lines of the 7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution book. But I have to say the progress has--up to now--been very slow. That is, until I started working the Clubbells. I actually started slowly swinging the bells in a low circle around my head, one way and then the other, using at first a right grip and then a left grip. I then violated the basic Clubbell safety rules and swung both Clubbells around my head in the same fashion, being careful not to whack anything and being especially careful to monitor my grip strength, quiting when I wasn't totally confident I could hold onto the things for any longer. Well I have to say that my shoulder pain is close to 100% gone… The Clubbells are really neat! So I want to thank you Arthur for recommending them to me. Because of my shoulder injury I never would have bought them without your recommendation because I figured I wouldn't have been able to use them. But I was wrong. And I've been having a lot of fun.” –Larry (from 

"If you've looked at athlete's strength routines for any period of time, you'll notice that one ofthe most neglected areas of training is grip strength. I've seen massive bodybuilders of 240lbs+ of solid muscle who do pull ups with wrist straps. Take those straps away and they can barely muster one pullup. The constant overemphasis on the "showy" muscles involved in the pullup/pulldown has created an athletic imbalance. Their forearms/hands simply can't the weight that their lats, teres major, rhomboids, and biceps can. This is further exacerbated by being obsessed with the amount of weight they can pull. They utilize the lifting straps and break the pulling chain at the grip. This is a big no-no for practical strength. Clubbell® movements address this issue. You have to engage your grip in every Clubbell® exercise. This ensures that an athlete's strength develops in a balanced manner- the whole pulling chain of the upper body is equally stressed. Injuries due to muscular imbalance (adjacent and/or antagonistic muscles being weaker) are prevented and a balanced strength development occurs with no weakness in the chain. As a grappler and climber, this is a godsend to supplement training with intense grip work" - Jeff Higgs, BJJ Black Belt

"RMAX has changed my life. I trained bodybuilding for 23 years, coached three bodybuilders to Taiwan national champions and one Asian cup 10th place. 4 years ago Body-Flow and then Clubbells totally changed my paradigm of exercise. I now train CST exclusively. I still have a complete free-weight gym in my 4th floor. Great paperweights. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you for your inspiration. Sincerely," - James Linn