Ageless Mobility™

“….. the benefits I gained from the Ageless Mobility™ program. My body has never felt so alive, free, fluid, and supple. And it really does happen instantly and effectively. I felt a difference immediately after my Ageless Mobility™ practice… What I love about Coach Sonnon's presentation is that he guides you every single step of the way. Coach walks you through proper form with instruction on performance goals for breathing, movement, structure, as well as effort and discomfort for the full 80 minute program. I find it helpful to hear instruction on how the movement or pose will make my body feel. This reassures me that whatever discomfort or quakes I'm feeling is part of the practice and that I'm performing the movement correctly… I got to say, this is another winner from the Coach!” - Jeffrey Samson

Just got Intu-Flow® and Ageless Mobility™; just wanted to say that they are the stuff. The way I felt after doing Ageless Mobility™ was unbelievable. I felt complete refreshed. “ - David L Turner

“When I got the DVD I didn't touch it for a couple of weeks. I finally tried it last week, and wow! I am bubbling with metaphors: Scott Sonnon is truly to fitness what Eric Clapton is to a guitar… I only did the first few exercises, but let me tell you, it's somehow like yoga but standing still, like a self-administered massage, but way more fun. Can't really describe it, but this fella Scott is indeed unique in the way he manages to make this whole field progress in a smooth, simple, yet... sophisticated way...” - Peter Nguyen

“I bought this as a present for my Mom but she will have to wait until I am done with it LOL. The neck and thorax are stretches amazing for me...LOVE it. The shoulder rolls are great as well as the elbow rotations while holding a 5er.These will make excellent additions to my Intu-Flow® routine.” - Christopher Fowler

“I've had two session of Ageless Mobility™ so far and I keep on being amazed with it. What a perfect program you've constructed coach. I've got at least 4-5 people I want to get a copy of this for. I absolutely am sold on this program and I am finding it to be the ultimate in active recovery for me… All I can say is wow! I found cracks and releases I did not know I had. I think this may just be the crowning achievement of Coach Sonnon’s career(at least so far). I don’t care who you are; this program will be of use to you. … I am already feeling its benefits. Get Ageless Mobility™! This is the new standard for movement health or (maybe especially) active recovery.” - Brian Bales

“I have noticed immediate improvements after only going through this DVD once” – Miykael

“As someone new to and strongly needing mobility training I have to say that for me this is so much more effective for me. The prompting into the nuances of the movements by Coach Sonnon is Extraordinary! The sequencing of 'stretching'to dynamic mobilization to yoga-type mat movements with integrated breathing cues has had a profound impact compared to the others... Kudo's Coach!” - Tim Morrison

“Even some of us who've been practicing Circular Strength Training® for awhile noticed changes after the first time through Ageless Mobility™. To paraphrase what someone said at [seminar], "The first time I did it, I noticed 'holes in my program'." That was my experience too - any area you haven't been reaching will start talkin' to you!” - Jeanne Gostnell, CST Instructor

When Coach Sonnon ran us through Ageless Mobility™ at [seminar], it really kicked my butt in an unexpected way. I was totally beat the next day because my body experienced periods of opening up that were completely amazing. I train a lot and for something to impact me that much, it has to be something powerful.” - Geoff Dixon, Certified CST Coach

"Scott, Thanks so much for allowing me to attend your class. I also wanted to thank you for the DVD. I have used it several times and I love it. I compete at the open/pro level in handball, and there are many things that are helpful to my training. I am certainly not very good at many of the movements. I have a hard time isolating muscles and movements. This is no doubt a problem many athletes have since most sport movements involve culmination of forces. Regardless, I can certainly see and feel the benefits." - Dr. LeaAnn Martin, Ph.D. Dean of Department of Physical Education Western Washington University

"Mobility and thinking that it wouldn't be much of a challenge. Well after all, the people on the cover looked to be a lot older than I was. I kinda thought it would be a watered version of Intu-Flow®, I should have known better. Now, the real mistake that I made was in not getting this program the moment it was released. Much thanks to Joseph David of this forum for mentioning it to me in a program he shared with me. Scott again amazed me with his movement, instruction, and solid material. In just the few times that I have done the program my back has felt better than it has in years! I couldn't believe the amount of challenge the program was giving me, especially in the hip and back area. Scott, thank you for this and all of your incredible programs." - Shane Holley