Prasara Instructional

"Today, having eagerly awaited , I received Coach Sonnon's newest DVD, Prasara Instructional Series "A" Flows. I must say that he and RMAX have done an outstanding job with this video. The amount of detailed instruction is exemplary. Every flow is broken down into their most basic movements. I think of a bicycle chain and how every single link is paramount for the bike to work. The same goes with this instructional DVD. I have done all the flows of Prasara in the past, but now I feel that I can go out and nail it, to "Wow" onlookers who've never seen Prasara Yoga in its most artful flow. I am deeply impressed Mr. Sonnon. To you, I give a thank you." - Kevin Lee Dougherty

"My background is in yoga, and I find Prasara to be intensely unique. I had been experimenting with my own combinations of poses and transitions (along with weight training )for a while, opting to get out of taking yoga classes altogether. When I stumbled upon Coach Sonnon's work, I was highly impressed with the elegance of his yoga practice and with the way he elucidates the age-old concepts in a more modern vocabulary. We desperately need more of that!" - Philip Walter,