Scott B Sonnon was born on October 11, 1969, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Upon starting school, teachers said that Scott was unlikely to succeed at anything. From an early age, he became "legally" blind due to myopia and eventually Thygeson's disease. He spent his youth crippled in pain with what doctors could only describe as Osteochondrosis disease, shredding the connective tissue throughout his joints and weakening the development of his growth plates. When he first began "mirror-image" writing, he was labeled as "retarded" by undereducated teachers from his suffering an array of learning disabilities such as dyslexia. But as Scott will say, these "defects" were a blessing which allowed him to see, feel and think about the world in a wonderfully unique way.

Despite Physical and Mental Challenges,
Scott Sonnon earned his sport's highest athletic distinction:
Honourable Master of Sport.

Despite incredible obstacles, his trek across the world learning alternative methods of health improvement led him to become a USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion earning him the former USSR's highest athletic distinction: "Honourable Master of Sport." His personal success led him to become subject matter expert for members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, the National Hockey League®, National Football League® and Major League Baseball®. Despite mental obstacles, he currently serves on Graduate Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University and has earned his membership into Mensa® - the International High IQ Society.

His love for helping others improve their quality of movement, health and life was born out of his need to learn each remedial step, of never being able to take for granted what came naturally to everyone else. But due to poor nutrition, conditioning and aging, now children and seniors alike suffer pain similar to what Scott encountered and overcame. Once an adjunct Professor of Physical Education for Penn State University, his programs were originally designed to prevent accelerating aging of joint and connective tissues, and to give people of even Scott's genetic challenges, access to the physical and psychological mastery which can only be described as "flow."

Now known around the world as The Flow Coach™, he has become an inspiration to thousands of people by his incredible story of triumph and his passionate dedication to helping others. As a world-acclaimed public speaker and author, has taken his world-class fighting skills off the mat to the fight against the core issues behind childhood obesity and the accelerated aging leading to arthritis. Scott serves as fitness advisor to organizations such as the International Youth Conditioning Association, the National Active Aging Council, the Radiant Recovery® Ranch, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, the National Strength Conditioning Association, the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, and has spoken at esteemed institutions such as Wake Forest, Dickinson, and Western Washington Universities.

Scott will tell you that his greatest achievement had nothing to do with himself, though. He explains that we cannot do alone, what can be achieved together. He assembled a "think-tank round-table" of experts from various fields around the world. Founding the RMAX faculty and Coaching Staff, Scott surrounded himself with a powerhouse team of doctors, therapists, explorers, writers, and leaders from industries outside of fitness. As a child, he dreamed that it would be possible, but at his speaking engagements you will regularly hear him gush with pride at the cadre that has formed to bring his work to the people around the world who need it most.

Scott's array of patented equipment - such as the Clubbell® - have become legendary in their unique effectiveness. His Circular Strength Training® System and the global wellness society known as RMAX International can now be found in 58 countries worldwide and counting, earning Scott a place in the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame.

Scott publishes a FREE e-mail newsletter on his website at that you are encouraged to sign up for. And of course there is the World-Renowned Scott Sonnon Core Cadre including FREE VIDEO Newsletter and FREE subscription to the longest running fitness ezine on the net. Scott has been featured in Men's Journal, Men's Fitness, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Oxygen, Cleo, SpaAsia, Slimming and Health, Muscle Media, Boomer Times, Sly, Yoga International, Flex, Black Belt, World of Martial Arts, Grappling, Blitz, Martial Arts Illustrated and many other publications throughout the world.

Reserving Public Appearances with Scott Sonnon

Public Speaking Presentations

Mr. Sonnon is available for outside speaking engagements in 2010 on a very limited basis. His schedule for 2011 is rapidly becoming full of his sold-out appearances as well. Please send email for speaking fee.

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Private Consulting

Mr. Sonnon is generally unavailable for private consulting with those outside his coaching groups. On those rare days that he is, his daily fee runs between US$6,500.00 - $10,00.00, depending on the nature of the visit. Mr. Sonnon is also available for consulting on an hourly basis on a strictly limited basis due to the intensive format of one-on-one consultation.

Questions for Mr. Sonnon

Each day Mr. Sonnon receives hundreds upon hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls, many which request and/or demand his expert guidance. Spending all day personally responding to the requests/demands is not possible, and so, in order to continue to serve you while also continuing to maintain and foster a balanced, healthy lifestyle, Mr. Sonnon answers a selection of questions and comments in his daily email tips. However, he does NOT and CANNOT respond to you personally, by email or by phone. Please do not demand that an exception be made for you. If you'd like Mr. Sonnon's on-going monthly guidance, as well as the support of many other Sonnon-Loyal, we suggest you consider becoming a Scott Sonnon Core Cadre.

Scott Sonnon's MasterShare Joint Venture Paths

Once a year Mr. Sonnon accepts requests for entrance into his exclusive success coaching programs. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member of Mr. Sonnon's Mindshare Joint Venture Paths - send an email to our USA Office.


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What other professionals are saying about Mr. Sonnon

"Scott is the most relaxed of all the fighters and has the best conditioning I have seen." - Shawn Liu, Shaolin Monk, FMR. USA National San Shou Team Coach

"Scott presents in a clear, concise, and thorough manner, offering anyone involved in sports related to grappling and/or self defense exercises material that can be directly applied to their sports-specific training." - Tokey Hill, USA National Karate Team Coach; WUKO/WKF World Championship; 6X National Karate Champion; Six Time AAU All-American

"Highly recommended, especially for coaches." - Neil Ohlenkamp, USA National Judo Team Coach, Head Instructor of Encino Judo Club

"I love [Scott Sonnon's] work and am very impressed with what he has done. He is a walking testimony to RMAX." - Steve Maxwell, World BJJ Champion and World SOMBO Champion

"Most of the sports conditioning information out there is nothing but the same rehashed stuff. I dare you to find Scott Sonnon's unique material in another source! Sonnon is without doubt one of the top conditioning coaches in the US, the thinking man's coach. He is the hologram man. Try and hit him and he disappears." - Pavel Tsatsouline, fitness guru, former USSR Special Forces SPETSNAZ PT Instructor

"Coach Sonnon is truly an original. As a pioneer in both the application of the newest sports science and as a connection and filter to the best techniques of the past, he has made an immeasurable contribution to our program of instruction here at the Army combatives school. By combining an intimate knowledge of biomechanically efficient movement, the physiological capabilities and weaknesses of the human body, and both fighting and fitness, he is helping to revolutionize the modern combatives world." - Matt Larsen, NCOIC U.S. Army Combatives; Author: US Army FM3-21.150

"Scott Sonnon's training technologies represent one of the most effective marriages of tactical efficacy and psycho-physiological efficiency that I have seen yet. With his unique program design and delivery methods, I see Scott Sonnon emerging as one of the most important figures in the tactical training community." - Mike Gillette, President of Threat Metrics, former Training Director of the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, former Field Training Officer, Tactical Team Commander, and Chief of Police

"Sonnon has won international competitions and amazed experienced martial artists around the world with his liquid-like movements and precise manipulations of his opponents’ body parts." - Robert Young, Editor of Black Belt Magazine, Published in SEP 01 issue

"Scott Sonnon is pioneering a unique approach to martial arts." - Kirik Jenness, North American Grappling Association Commissioner, Author of Fighter’s Notebook

"Scott presents a system of living concepts, yes, even beyond JKD." - Master At Arms, James Keating, renown knife-fighting master and teacher

"Scott Sonnon is an encyclopedia of all things Russian, martial or otherwise." - Dr. Brett Jacques, Chief Instructor of, Creator of Street Sambo (Paladin Press)

"After training with Scott, I am a convert and can't wait to do more." - Elvis Sinosic, UFC Veteran Winner, NHB and Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion

"I have NEVER, EVER come across better information than Coach Sonnon's" - Bruce Carleton, 2002 Pan-American BJJ Champion, Portland SWAT Tactical Paramedic

"Coach Sonnon has added to my improvement with mere sentences!" - Jason Keaton, RSF Superfight Champion, Gracie World Champion HW Runner-up

"Scott Sonnon is the creator of the best work in the profession that I have seen." - John Davies, Renegade Training International