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As one of our founding directors, I'd like to welcome you to RMAX International - a global peak performance community of teachers and students daring to "know, grow and flow" in our lives, individually and collectively. Our namesake reflects our mission: "Surpassing ouRMAXimum Potential Together." The RMAX mission evolved from my own personal development. As a child, I was burdened by physical and learning disabilities. In order to overcome those disabilities, I sought out mentors in alternative health education, forming the earliest incarnation of my "team" - a personal empowerment university, if you will, who helped me reframe my negative circumstances into positive opportunities, and transform my liabilities into talents. Without the aid of these critical allies, I would surely not have overcome my childhood obstacles, and without the very tall and broad shoulders I stand upon, I would never have tasted the incredible accomplishments with which I've been graced.

Leveraging my achievements in martial art, fitness and public speaking, I combed the world to recruit a tightly knit team of entrepreneurial minds. I sought out those who embraced my radical "team" concept. Enlisting their aid, we officially formed the CST Faculty and Coaching Staff with the singular intent of reproducing the positive impact we have each experienced in our individual lives by helping others, like you, develop inner circles of success advocacy, so that you may unlock your physical, mental and emotional abundance.

Over 14 years of growth, RMAX has attracted an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life and 68 countries around the world. Each day, we co-create this community of "give support - get support" where all members actively participate in our collective evolution and individual empowerment, led by our health-first fitness flagship: The Circular Strength Training System®. RMAX International evolved from this tribal "give and let give" mentality. I hope you'll join us and become a part of something truly dear to my heart. Now, let's get started!

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