Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength - VHS/DVD

"Scott Sonnon's Circular Strength Video and Clubbell is the best thing I've run across for pertinent training in many years. The re-birth of the use of Clubbells will go down as Scott's brainchild. He has managed to not only resurrect a nearly lost exercise program, but has managed to bring it into the 21st. Century. The video is very precise; the exercises perfectly displayed and articulated. He has managed to lay a solid foundation for all of us to build on. The Clubbell is simply a great design and concept. Scott has managed to take safety into consideration and constantly emphasizes the importance of proper handling, not for the sake of the bell (for it's TOUGH) but for the sake of the practitioner. You cannot help but get a tremendous workout from these units. I whole-heartedly recommend these to not only martial artists, but strength athletes looking to hit those hard-to-get-at muscles." - Tony Cecchine, World's leading authority on Catch-as-Catch Can