Admission Requirements

Personal (non-practicing) certification does not require pre-requisite professional certification. Professional Licensure applicants are strongly recommended to have successfully completed professional trainer certification, strength coach certification or accredited physical therapy licensure.

Professional Licensure applicants must acquire CPR certification prior to attendance and maintain it for the duration of their licensure.

If English is not the applicant’s native/first language, specified language proficiency requirements must be met.

Application Process

RMAX International offers a rolling admission in which there are two cohort starts per year as follows:

VIP Application Deadline Program Start
November 1st Fourth Saturday in February
June 1st First Friday in October

Applications must be completed and submitted by the deadline, regardless if a notice of intent has been submitted. Applications may be expedited after deadlines on a case by case basis. For questions please e-mail or call 1.678.867.RMAX (7629) for assistance.



A. Core Couse Work: Requirements for Certification (Courses held at in-person training)

BMOB 4500: Biomechanics of Joint Mobility I
RESP 4420: Respiratory Effects of Immobility I
NSMOB 4540: Neuroscience of Mobility Assessment I
NMAP 5000: Evidence-based Practice I

B. Capstone Exams: Requirements for Licensure (Exams conducted at in-person training)

NMAP 6001: N-MAP Personal Assessment and Certification
NMAP 6002: N-MAP Capstone Examinations and Professional Licensure

C. Elective Courses: Post-Certification Professional Follow-On Courses (Exams conducted within one month after in-person training, through on-line written examination)

SFTE 5110: Emergency Response N-MAP Course for Athletic Trainers
SFTE 5120: Pre and Post Natal Care
SFTE 5130: Sport Specific Programming for Strength Coaches
SFTE 5140: Pediatric and Scholastic N-MAP Course for Physical Education
SFTE 5150: The Aging Athlete: N-MAP Course for Mid-to-Late Year Changes
SFTE 5160: Tactical Fitness N-MAP Course for Occupational Professionals
SFTE 5170: N-MAP Course for Dance, Cirque and Performance Art
SFTE 5180: N-MAP Corrective Mobility for Mobility and Movement Programs

* Elective Courses: student chooses two electives for plan of study, or submits proposal for course design on self-directed elective courses.

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Registration Price - $599


Early Registration Price - $1,500