After being hospitalized during his youth in a children’s psychiatric ward due to the severity of his developmental learning disabilities, Scott B. Sonnon went on to be inducted into Mensa, The High IQ Society, as their keynote speaker at the National Conference, magazine cover feature of the Mensa Journal, and was voted “Most Notable Mensan of the Year” for his contributions to Human Performance Optimization.

The grave influence of his early childhood experience with brain dysfunction and language impairment lead him to a career in mobility. In the 1990s, he taught mobility to brain damaged and mentally ill children at the Center for Neurobehavioral Health, where he and the lead psychologist studied the impact of mobility and respiration upon restoring function in brain damage, as well as studied their impact upon improved examination scores on university students. The studies published in the Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (Volume 25, Number 4 / December, 2000 Pages 247-271).

To share his insights into the neuroscience of mobility, he began teaching publicly, not only for the brain damaged, but also for the public at large, looking to augment their capabilities.

A 20+ year performance industry veteran,
Scott Sonnon founded, operated and grew a global corporation over the past two decades,
RMAX International.

Scott Sonnon

As a Researcher, he has published 50+ books / instructional manuals on stress physiology, including university textbooks; and has published 1,000+ articles in multiple human performance disciplines. As an Inventor, he has been awarded 3 design and utility patents (USPTO).

As a Program Manager, he has selected, trained and supervised 4,000+ subcontractors over 20 years; and has designed, managed and has taught 5 multi-tiered nationally-recognized certification courses, which have been included into qualification courses for Special Operations Forces, and which have been distributed to over 50,000 federal law enforcement agents.

Despite his early motor difficulties, obesity and joint disease, he went on to become a five-time international wrestling and martial arts medalist at Pan-American Games, World University Games, World Games and World Championships; as well as a United States National Team Coach for over a decade, and an inductee into 3 Halls of Fame.

Now, as the science advisor for senior U.S. National Security staff, Special Operations Forces, Fortune 100 Executives, the nation’s top surgeons, self-made and legacy millionaires and billionaires, Professional and Olympic Athletes, Scott provides the “smartest” advances in brain- body augmentation and longevity strategies.

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