(October 6-7, 2017 Los Angeles, CA, USA)

seminar photo

This N-MAP system will change the way we uncover and treat mobility and exercise. This is much more than a remedial treatment of problems. This is a pall way to performance.

Bruce McLaughlan

If you want to evolve how you and your brain approach your training, I highly recommend attending the next N-MAP seminar.

Peter Mitchell

The N-MAP course has given me a better understanding of how the body, brain and breathe are connected to create movement. Using a systematic procedure one is able to see and access the limitations of an individuals movements and gives a clear plan on how to solve those issues. I would highly recommend N-MAP to anyone who wants a better understanding of what is happening in our bodies and ways to work towards correcting fixing them.

Peter Morales

Feel completely connected. It was overwhelming 1st day, BUT I got it. 2nd day simplified. And liked how, we kept simplifying. I like the Simple Fast Tool, and I feel comfortable adapting to my profession as a Pilates teacher with specific 'Pilates movements so simple its adaptable.

Alysa Farrell

A lot of very useful information. I liked the hands on learning.

Lara Farnsworth

Fantastic depth of knowledge.

Damien Dufourd

Very detailed!. The application of this method is going to add ineradicable value to my services and help me help many others become pain free and move better. Much needed seminar in this system and the health and fitness system.

James Acevedo

The N-Map seminar gave me the insight into effective & efficient assessment protocols. These protocols allow the coach to give added value to the client. Scott is brilliant in his work and presentation style.

Irvin Avilez

Excellent seminar that can be expended.

Edward Coughlin

Great content!

Jeffrey Samson

Amazing range of information presented. At the end of day I felt like I had too much information YET it all came together excellently in a coherent method. Sure, I need to study it more but I definitely feel I have a useable method here. Glad I attended.

Michael Fogarty

Breaking down my own failures in technique - using the process to directly improve technique in the movement. I look forward to my next opportunity to learn and participate in these seminars.

Chanon Finley

Blow my mind! An eye opener.

Salvador Valencia

Content was exceptional! Appreciate of toggling back to real world examples.

Steve Bott

Very informative. I appreciate the coaches detail in instructions and procedure. I have a definite thorough understanding about assesing now, and I feel more confident in my practice.

Daisy Lozano

Very eye opening! I wish had this information and the patience to apply it 10 years ago. I am excited about using the knowledge to help myself and my clients.

Billy Fletcher