TACFIT is an official training program for

  • US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)
  • US Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center
  • US Marshals Service Training Academy
  • US Army 3/160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

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Better Prepared...

… than the challenges you will face? Act now and become a member of RMAX International TACFIT® Team - USA’s 1st tactical-specific physical preparedness system.

"Bigger, Faster, even Stronger is not Better. Better is Better. That is why We are First In and Last Standing." - Scott Sonnon, RMAX International Faculty Director, TACFIT® Founder, USA Police Grappling (Sambo) Team Coach, Conditioning Advisor and Subject Matter Expert for security, fire, police and military personnel.

"Coach Sonnon is truly an original. As a pioneer in both the application of the newest sports science and as a connection and filter to the best techniques of the past, he has made an immeasurable contribution to our program of instruction here at the Army combatives school. By combining an intimate knowledge of biomechanically efficient movement, the physiological capabilities and weaknesses of the human body, and both fighting and fitness, he is helping to revolutionize the modern combatives world." - Matt Larsen, NCOIC U.S. Army Combatives; Author: US Army FM3-21.150

"Scott Sonnon's training technologies represent one of the most effective marriages of tactical efficacy and psycho-physiological efficiency that I have seen yet. With his unique program design and delivery methods, I see Scott Sonnon as one of the most important figures in the tactical training community." - Mike Gillette, President of Threat Metrics, former Training Director of the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, former Field Training Officer, Tactical Team Commander, and Chief of Police

What is the Mission of the RMAX TACFIT® Team?

RMAX International holds a two-fold mission: to promote tactical conditioning and integrated physical and morale training to professionals on a global scale, and to support our members in targeting the general and specific needs assessment of their team, company or unit. Our vision - “Surpassing ouRMAXimum Potential Together” - provides tactical conditioning specialists with a professionally tested and trusted, cutting-edge scientific resource to meet the needs of those who have the courage to move toward danger so that others may move out of harm’s way.

Core Values

Join Our Team

As a member of the RMAX International TACFIT® Team, you’ll be among the brightest minds in the field of tactical conditioning, and its founder, Scott Sonnon - the most-acclaimed martial arts conditioning coach in the world.

Consider why security, law enforcement, fire and military personnel worldwide enlist Coach Sonnon’s surgically-accurate training guidance. Overcoming physical, biochemical and psychological obstacles, he knows more than merely how to be fit: he knows first-hand exploiting his true strengths and mitigating his weaknesses until he transforms them into advantages as well. And named the "Coach’s Coach" - he teaches you how to replicate this process with 100% success, regardless of circumstances or pitfalls.

The RMAX International Faculty Directors, coming from all branches of tactical operations - military, law enforcement, security, intelligence - guarantees that you receive perfectly optimized training standards in the areas you need.

As a result, to ensure that you receive the correct educational platform, we offer you multiple levels of certifications:

Departing RMAX International Certification, you will feel 100% confident that you possess a comprehensive toolbox to surpass youRMAXimum potential, and ensure that your teammates and clients do as well.


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